What to consider when choosing a static caravan site

What to consider when choosing a static caravan site

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Heading on holiday to the beautiful British coast is one fantastic way to escape the hustle and bustle, but buying a place to call your own brings the bliss to the next level. There are so many things to consider when making this bold move that often go beyond deciding which static caravan to purchase. 

Another massive question when you’re on the road to owning is choosing which Haven park to base yourselves at. There are a whole host of factors that will influence your decision, with different groups having different wants and needs. To bring some clarity to these key things to consider, we’ve compiled our list of factors you should be looking at when choosing a static caravan site to base your own holiday home. 

Your own preferences

Those of us lucky enough to have been on holiday a good few times with the family can use those experiences to reflect on what we want from our time away from the every day. You may see value in simplicity- a place to kick back and relax with not a care in the world, or you might cherish an all-adventure, action-packed time by the coast.  

Whatever floats your boat, answering key questions about your own wants and needs will go a long way to setting the scene for the perfect static caravan site to host you and the family throughout the year. If you’ve been on holiday with us before, reflect on your time at the park and take a broad look at things. Think about what you loved and what you felt could be improved and look at whether ownership at the park can plug those gaps and answer your questions. 

Only when you look within can you then begin to consider the perfect static caravan site to call your second home. Below we look at some of the external factors to take into account. 

The location

There are so many magnificent static caravan sites to choose from in the Haven family, from the cool coast of Cornwall in the South West all the way up to the northern shores of Northumberland. We’re not just based in England either, with a whole host of Welsh and Scottish sites to tantalise that craving for a permanent escape from the hustle and bustle. 

Our variety means you’ll never be too far from a place that’s both easily accessible and a complete contrast to where you’re routinely based. Nevertheless, location is a massive factor to consider, as this will undoubtedly influence the length, the spontaneity and the frequency at which you stay with us. A shorter distance from base makes your second home a lot easier to access, whereas a longer journey requires a tad more consideration and planning. 

Dawn, based in Manchester and one of our owners at Lakeland in the Lake District, sums the location factor up perfectly: 

‘‘My husband and I can head to Lakeland whenever and however long we want. We’re so flexible as the drive is only one hour and 10 minutes from door to door. We literally hop onto the motorway and we can be there when we want.’’ 

Dawn’s relative proximity to her caravan at Lakeland mirrors that of so many of our owners. Their easy journey to their chosen park means they can pick and choose when to stay at their chosen static caravan site without too much planning or hassle. 

The surroundings

We’ve lost count of the times the stunning backdrops to our parks have been the deal defining aspect for our then prospective owners looking for a static caravan site to call their second home. Our parks are just a stone’s throw from some of the most beautiful beaches the UK has in its arsenal, with a breath of fresh sea air guaranteed every time you set foot on the golden sand, that more often than not, is a matter of steps from your holiday home. 

The landscapes don’t end there though. Many of our parks are only a short distance from some of the most talked about coastal towns in the country, a stone’s throw from festivals of fun that quite rightly go down in UK holidaying folklore. Quite often, the route here is a picturesque one, giving you the best of both worlds and making sure you can avail of the stunning surroundings and awesome amenities in our neighbouring towns. 

Dawn offers some great insight. 

‘‘We love going for a walk amongst the beautiful scenery at Lakeland. We’re lucky to have a fantastic route along the coast that never gets old. It’s ideal for our dog, Ollie, to stretch his legs too.’’ 

The facilities

Facilities is another key consideration in choosing a static caravan site. The Haven family is full of different parks, each with their own character. The size and ownership-holidaymaker split also differs significantly across our parks, influencing the atmosphere within the facilities and across the site in general. 

Whether you’re looking to be enticed by our entertainment offering, get the adrenaline pumping with one our activities or satisfy your tastebuds at our range of restaurants and takeaways, a Haven park ticks all the boxes. What’s even better, as an owner, you’ll get access to 10 Privilege Cards that save you and your companions a whole load of cash when it comes to our paid experiences, allowing you to make the most of them time after time. If you’re looking for a place to stock up on essentials, you’re more than covered with our handy supermarkets just a stone’s throw from our owner communities on park. 

The owners-only features

Owners-only features undoubtedly play a role in any decision to purchase a holiday home at a specific caravan site. At Haven, we give our owners unfettered access to spaces that are exclusively for their use only. 

Whether you fancy lounging about in a smart space, taking a dip in a pool that you know won’t get too busy, or heading on a day out with like-minded individuals, our array of owners-only features is just another reason why ownership at our static caravan sites is so great. 

The community

You could argue that everything we’ve mentioned so far has a price. But there are so many priceless experiences and memories that come with selecting the right static caravan site. With Haven, you’ll be joining a real community with so many chances to get to know your fellow owners and create friendships that last a lifetime. 

Dawn shared her own experience of the warm welcome from her fellow owners and friends: 

‘‘As soon as we get to Lakeland, we’re always met with a warm welcome. Everyone says ‘hi!’ and our neighbours always wave at us and joke that we’ve finally turned up! After we’ve dropped our stuff off, we chill out on the decking and have a catch up with our friends over a glass of wine.’’ 

Community really is everything, and community is what you get when you select a static caravan site with Haven. 

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.