How long does a static caravan last?

How long does a static caravan last?

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At Haven, we want you to get the best possible return out of your caravan. While this return will not necessarily be financial, it will certainly come in the form of year upon year of good times and memories made with your loved ones. This leads many of our caravan owners to ask the question that we will discuss in this article - “how long does a static caravan last?” 

The answer does of course depend upon the owner. Where some owners choose to keep their static caravan their whole lives, others might choose to upgrade after a while. This might be because the homeowner has their heart set on the latest snazzy feature or likes to follow the latest interior trend.  There are two other main reasons why an owner might choose to part ways with their holiday home. The first is that the caravan is past its best, while the second is that there may be a limit on how long a holiday allows you to keep a static caravan on pitch. We will start by addressing the latter. 

How long can I keep a static caravan on park? 

How long can I keep a static caravan on park? 

Most parks will determine how long you are able to keep your holiday home on park in their licence agreement. This figure can range from around 10 to 20 years, with lodges tending towards longer pitch licences than caravans. Make sure to ask your sales advisor to clarify the exact length with you before signing your contract. Generally, the length of time you can keep your home on park is determined by how long it is believed it can remain safe and in good condition. 

Park owners want their site to be as attractive as possible for residents and new customers, so keeping a row of smart, well-kept homes is in their interest. At the end of that period, your options going forward will be to renew the licence, buy a new caravan on the same site, go to the part-exchange, or move your property to another site. 

How it works with Haven 

At Haven, we do things a little differently. While the initial licence period for the occupation of a pitch on the park is 12 years, we let you keep your static caravan on our sites for as long as you want (no more than 10 months per year as most Haven parks are only open between March and December). This is because we want you to get maximum value from your holiday home and we don’t believe in parting our loyal owners from the caravan they love prematurely! 

In effect, you could keep your caravan indefinitely. Indeed, our oldest caravan is a 1980 model! The 42-year-old caravan is situated at The Orchards Holiday Park, Essex. This just shows what you can achieve with due care and maintenance. 

Average lifespan

The caravan at The Orchards is, of course, an outlier. Not all vans live for this long, but with regular TLC you can reasonably expect several decades of life from your holiday home. Bearing in mind you can almost replace or renew almost every part of a static caravan, it’s easy to extend your static caravan’s lifespan. 

We ensure the highest quality of caravan from all our excellent manufacturers and, Willerby, one of our lead suppliers, estimate that you can continue to use your home-away-from-home for thirty years or more. It’s important to remember however, that unlike a brick-and-mortar home, the average depreciation rate of a static caravan is similar to that of a car. This means that your holiday home could lose up to 15% of its value per year. So, buying a holiday home is a lifestyle investment rather than a financial one. 

How to increase the longevity of a static caravan?

How to increase the longevity of a static caravan?

If you choose to make the lifestyle investment of purchasing a caravan, we want you to get the most of it. So, it’s worth knowing how to look after your caravan to increase its lifespan. 

The static caravan’s worst enemy is water getting into places where it shouldn’t be and causing damage. Try to drain down and winterise your caravan before spending extended periods away. Other areas to focus on when preserving your caravan’s lifespan include: 

  • Replacing flooring or adding extra support under the unit if it seems to be getting bouncy or worn 

  • Inspect, reseal or replace skylights if you notice the area around one looking like it is wet or swelling 

  • Fit a skirt around the chassis to stave off the effects of salty wind and rain 

  • Keep the gutters clean to stop water pooling and rotting out the roof 

Static caravans will last a surprisingly long time if looked after correctly and doing so will give you tremendous value for money on your initial investment and those all important memories that last a lifetime. 

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.