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Static caravan curtains and bedding ideas

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Static caravan curtains and bedding are two great ways you can rubberstamp your own style on your second home. Both elements require a fair bit of thought and attention to detail, so we've put together this article to take you through some ideas.

The choice of curtains, beddings and fabrics can dramatically alter the vibe of a caravan, so let's get the creative juices flowing and take you through some of the possibilities. We'll also show you how to look after these delicate interior features during times when you're away from your van.

Curtains and blinds

Curtains and blinds

Curtains are an essential component of the interior design and decor of a caravan as they are the only element that literally impacts every room. The choice of what type of static caravan curtains to have, what fabric, pattern, design and colour is entirely dependent on what overall look and feel you aim to have in each room, as well as the furniture you have installed or bought and accessories you want to incorporate. You can always install some blinds too, these can be put up quickly and easily and really go a long way to changing the look and feel of a room.

Replacing old curtains, or old blinds is oh so satisfying as you immediately see the impact on the aesthetic of your rooms. Electing to have made-to-measure curtains or blinds as opposed to the average net curtains also contributes to this. With the option of having your choice of fabric and pattern, often tailored to match your specific needs, static caravan curtains and beddings prove to be one of the least thought about but more vitally important interior design elements to patiently consider.



Caravan bedding doesn’t vary too drastically from your ordinary home bedding. The main distinction lies with the fact that caravan bedding is designed and manufactured to last longer, so it can combat the inevitable wear and tear that’s customary with caravan fabrics. As previously mentioned, you will undoubtedly want to match your bedding with your curtains for decorative purposes, meaning it would be wise to choose these fabrics at the same time, especially if you’re able to have them all custom made and tailored. The same principle applies to whichever linen and other bedroom and bed-related accessories you may want, such as luxury throws, bed runners and scatter cushions.

Matching the colour or pattern will get all these components working in unison to provide a stunning bedroom vibe. Having devoted so much time and effort into your static caravan curtains and bedding, it’s only prudent to put a similar level of effort into understanding how and why you must protect these fabrics from mould which can be caused by condensation.

Combating condensation

Condensation is caused by high moisture content in the air. When warm air comes into contact with cold surfaces, the water vapour is turned back into a liquid. This phenomenon occurs primarily in confined spaces, meaning it presents a big problem in static caravans, and in particular fabrics. A few important points must be remembered and followed in order to protect your fabrics from the impact of condensation.

Lindsay, one of our caravan owners based at Hopton puts this perfectly:

"All curtains and fabrics should be moved away from windows to avoid them getting mouldy. In the event that they do attract mould, using (Milton's) sterilising liquid is the best solution… Vacuum seal duvets, or hang them up on doors, and remove all fabrics such as beddings from wardrobes and away from walls." 

Such sound advice from an experienced caravan owner could be the difference between successfully preserving your beautiful, custom made fabrics to having to replace them after every winter. 

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. Call us or request a call back, we'd love to hear from you. 

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