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Static caravan makeover ideas

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Refurbishing a caravan for the first time can be both one of the most exciting things to do, and one of the most daunting times in the life of an owner. There’s no better feeling than seeing your static caravan reinvigorated by a splash of paint, a new piece of furniture, or a total layout change. However, many first-timers have no idea where to start.

Our caravans for sale are stylish from the moment you set foot in them, so refurbishment needn’t be a total overhaul. There are plenty of small upgrades and adjustments you can make such as replacing flooring, refreshing the wallpaper, or painting cabinet doors that can drastically alter the appearance of your holiday home without breaking the bank. We're here to share our decades-worth experience to help get you started on some tweaks. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of static caravan makeover ideas to start you on your way.

A deep clean and declutter

A deep clean and declutter

A thorough decluttering followed by a full valet to get rid of unwanted scuffs and stains can work wonders for your caravan before you even get around to making any major changes to the interior. Whether you choose to perform the deep clean yourself or enlist the services of a Haven professional (perhaps at the start of your letting season) you may find the results to be a pleasant surprise. 

You can clean a caravan much as you’d clean a house - use a vacuum cleaner on carpeted areas, sweep and mop hard floors – however, windows should be cleaned using a specialist caravan window cleaner that's designed for use on glass and acrylic windows. When this is all done, it’ll be time to put all your stuff back in place, treat this as an opportunity to declutter. The key is being ruthless. Recycle what you can or go to your local charity shop to see if they’ll accept anything you don’t want. You can then think about installing some more space-efficient methods of storage such as mounting fabric pockets in your bathroom, adding a corner shelf in the shower, or maximising the overhead cupboards in the kitchen. Whatever else you end up deciding to renovate, deep cleaning and decluttering is the best place to start.

A lick of paint

There’s a very simple way to make the interior of your holiday home stand out from the rest -giving the unit a fresh coat of paint. Two words: simple and effective. Whether you’re simply touching up the walls with a fresh layer of white paint or adding accent colours to brighten up the kitchen cupboards, using the right tone can transform the interior of your caravan. 

As with any paint job, make sure to cover the floor and furniture to avoid splash damage. Also, it’s best to choose high-quality paint, particularly for the kitchen and bathroom so it will be more durable to temperature changes and humidity. Your caravan will look brand spanking new when the job is finished, such is the wonder of a fresh coat of paint.

Changing blinds

Changing blinds

Curtains and blinds are a critical part of the decor in your holiday home and that’s why we’ve included a change of blinds on this list of the top static caravan makeover ideas. Depending on what type of blind you choose - whether they be vertical, Venetian, roller, pleated or traditional curtains – you can drastically change the interior design and aesthetics of your caravan.

A new static caravan doesn’t come with blinds, so for new owners the world is an oyster of options. If you're looking to replace older blinds, the process is often quite simple and new curtains, blinds, and shades can also be installed with minimal effort. This will change the overall look of your space without requiring a massive amount of effort.



After a few years, caravan furniture can look a little tired and while this may be testament to the excellent use that your holiday home is getting, it might also be worth looking at options to spruce it up. Often, it’s not necessary to replace the entire item of furniture, unless it's something like a foam cushioning that’s lost its support or a mattress that’s lost its spring. For the most part, simply replacing the upholstery will do. 

Give your old interior a new lease of life with a new fabric, pattern, or colour, but unless you’re confident with DIY you may want to entrust this one to experts. Many owners choose to visit a showroom before getting a quote and giving the go-ahead to any work. Another option for those not wishing to splash the cash is to simply add a loose throw to the sofa or try some new cushions.


A static caravan makeover idea doesn't have to be a massive project. You can simply add a piece or two, like a colourful floor rug or some scatter cushions can really brighten up an otherwise plain interior. 

You could go for some more practical accessories such as a microwave oven, a new bed light or a mirror in the right place to make the interior feel roomier. Replacing small features such as tap faucets, doorknobs and shower heads will refresh your holiday home without having to break the bank.  These small touches can bring a whole new feel to your home away from home.

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. Call us or request a call back, we'd love to hear from you. 

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