Guide to getting Wi-Fi in your static caravan

Guide to getting Wi-Fi in your static caravan

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Establishing an internet connection for your static caravan can be quite a complex task with a Google search rendering all sorts of results.

In this article, we’ll explore the various considerations needed for a reliable internet connection, and some options that should be your go-to hacks for holiday home Wi-Fi or the equivalent. 

Do our holiday parks have Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is available in our entertainment venues, restaurants and bars. Wi-Fi connectivity is free to all users at all our Haven parks. Our caravan owners also benefit from complimentary Wi-Fi in our caravan owners' lounges. The system that affords everyone on park Wi-Fi is called Wifinity. Wifinity allows for up to 60MB per account (which covers one holiday home). We have a fair use policy to ensure all our temporary and returning guests benefit from the best connection possible provided by us. In practice, this means that Wifinity accounts are allowed up to 10 individual devices to be registered with them, making a minimum of 6MB available per device. 

Our parks are in some of the most beautiful locations the UK has to offer, and as a result, debate rages amongst owners as to whether or not Wi-Fi is actually a priority. 

Dawn, one of our owners at Lakeland, asked herself this question: 

‘‘We have modern comforts in our caravan like an Xbox for our guests, but I ask myself: do I want to be contacted? Sometimes it's nice to go away and not have the internet accessible all the time.’’ 

So, before you even think about internet in your static caravan, ask yourself if you really need it in order to truly escape the hustle and bustle and get the most out of the stunning surroundings. 

The Wi-Fi set up on our parks

The Wi-Fi set up on our parks

As previously mentioned, Wi-Fi is available in our entertainment venues, restaurants and bars. Wi-Fi is also available in our caravan owners’ lounge. Many of our caravan owners take the opportunity to use the Wi-Fi to catch up on a show or reply to their emails in the most comfortable of surroundings. There are few better places to chill out, relax and enjoy the wonders of modern technology whilst you're down at your second home. 

Lindsay, an experienced owner at Hopton, touches on this lounge option: 

‘‘I’ve used my laptop at Hopton a million times, the owners’ lounge Wi-Fi is brilliant.’’ 

But what about when you don’t want to leave the comfort of your static caravan? Let’s touch on holiday home Wi-Fi and other options available to you. 

Using a router and boosting the signal in your caravan

Many of our owners do purchase a 4G router with a sim card slot so they can have exclusive access to holiday home Wi-Fi in their static caravan. For this to reach its full potential, it’s advisable to also install a signal booster in your static caravan that helps bring the speed up to something you’d expect in more densely populated areas. 

Lindsay also told us about her holiday home setup: 

‘‘Although I don’t want the kids on the Wi-Fi all the time we’re at the caravan because they can do that at home, we have put Wi-Fi and a router in our van. We’ve got a state-of-the-art aerial installed so we get a better signal. It’s important because most caravans have got features like Bluetooth speakers that work better on Wi-Fi than on mobile data.’’ 

Signal boosters vary on price but can generally be found for anything between £20 and £70 depending on the quality. We think they’re a worthwhile and savvy investment if you want the best Wi-Fi for static caravans possible. 

Using your mobile phone as a hotspot

There’s no additional paid for plan for in-static caravan services at our parks, so all Haven Wi-Fi comes under a single park-centric offering as already described (if you choose not to purchase your own router with a sim card). Many of our owners have unlimited data on their phone payment plans, allowing them to use their phone as a hotspot to get the greatest possible internet speed when they need to access something on their other devices. 

Using your mobile phone as a hotspot is a great option that allows you unlimited access internet in a static caravan in the same, if not better way than holiday home Wi-Fi could give you in the beautiful, but often remote locations where are parks are based. 

Even if your phone contract does contain a limited amount of data, you can always put a monthly cap in place to avoid a sudden gut-wrenching bill coming out of browsing the internet in your holiday home. 

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0333 202 1460 or request a call back.

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