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1. Before we start:

(About our terms and conditions; who's who and what's what in our terms and conditions; contact us and questions)

2. Your Haven holiday:

(Your booking; group bookings; other guest restrictions; Haven Holiday Protection; Choose Your Holiday Home)

3. Planning for your holiday:

(Who's coming; important information and updates; bringing a baby; bringing your kids; guests with a disability; food allergies; dogs and other pets in our parks; bringing a vehicle to the park; touring and camping; special requests)

4. Paying for your holiday:

(What you'll pay; current prices; our price promise; how to pay; deposits and when to pay; what if we accidentally undercharge you or overcharge you)

5. Changing or cancelling your plans:

(How you can change your booking; cancelling your booking if you have Haven Holiday Protection; cancelling your booking if you don't have Haven Holiday Protection; if we have to change or cancel your booking; refunds)

6. When you're on holiday:

(Checking in and checking out; the fun stuff; activities; Haven Wi-Fi; keeping you safe and healthy; personal belongings; filming and photography; smoking, drugs and offensive weapons; illness and contagious diseases; cutting your holiday short; damage to accommodation; if you leave something behind)

7. Our promises to each other:

(Our promises to you; your promises to us)

8. If you need to complain

9. Our accommodation guarantee and service charter:

(Our accommodation guarantee; our service charter)

10. The small print:

(The holiday agreement; validity of terms; identification requirements and electoral register; when things are our fault; things beyond our control; English law; using your personal information; the accuracy of our website; access to our parks; copyright) 

1. Before we start

a. About our terms and conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as, together with your booking confirmation, any conditions we refer to on our website, any additional special offer terms and conditions, and anything else we agree in writing, they make up your agreement with us. These terms and conditions apply to bookings made online, by phone, in person or through a booking agent. These terms and conditions do not apply to private lettings made directly with a caravan holiday home owner. Holidays booked through 'The Sun' newspaper may have separate terms and conditions for you to read in full prior to your booking.

We may also need to update our terms and conditions but you can always find the latest version online at https://www.haven.com/support/terms-conditions.aspx. The terms and conditions in force at the time when you make your booking are those that apply to your booking, unless we provide you with a copy of our new terms and conditions. Please remember to read and check the terms and conditions each time you make a booking with us as they may have changed since your last booking.

If we make a significant change to our terms and conditions after you've booked but before your holiday start date, you have the option of cancelling for a full refund. If you're not happy with our terms or have any questions about them, please contact us, otherwise we'll assume you've accepted these terms.

b. Who's who and what's what in our terms and conditions

Just so everything's clear, here are the definitions of some of the things we say in our terms and conditions:

'you' and 'your' - the lead guest who makes the booking;

'we', 'us' , 'our' or 'Haven' - Haven Leisure Limited, which is a company registered in England and Wales at 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4YL, with company number 01968698;

'we both' - both Haven and you;

'agreement' - the contract between us based on: (i) these terms and conditions; (ii) your booking confirmation; (iii) any conditions we refer to on our website (iv) any additional special offer terms and conditions; and (v) anything else we agree in writing;

'party' - those persons named on the booking confirmation and any person added later;

the 'park' - the holiday park you've chosen for your holiday; and

'lead guest' - the lead booker and contact point for the booking who must attend the holiday booked. 

c. Contact us and questions

To maintain our high standards of communication, selected calls are monitored and recorded as specified by Ofcom. Calls to 03 numbers are charged at standard UK rates and count towards any inclusive packages. 

For guests who have speech and hearing impairments, we welcome calls through BT's Next Generation Text (NGT) service. To access this service, download the NGT Lite app and follow the instructions. For further information on this service, please visit the NGT website http://ngts.org.uk/.

To make a Haven Holiday Protection claim or to discuss amending or cancelling a booking:

By telephone: 0333 202 5435 
Please be aware we have limited team available during our opening hours which are Mon-Fri 9am - 9pm.


We've put together answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions at https://havenholidays.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb . You can find FAQs relating to a Choose Your Holiday Home booking here.

2. Your Haven holiday 

a. Your booking

When you receive your booking confirmation, please contact us or your booking agent as soon as possible if any of the details contained in it are incorrect. It will detail any extras you have purchased such as Haven Holiday Protection and any other relevant information alongside your booking confirmation. 

Please note that you are not allowed to re-sell our holidays or act as an authorised agent.

b. Group bookings

Members of the same family and/or friends who book multiple accommodations at the same park on the same date and are: (i) previously known to each other; (ii) travelling together; (iii) reside at the same address; or (iv) travelling for the same purpose such as a local event, will be considered as a group for the purposes of these terms, irrespective of whether separate bookings have been made.  Please contact us if you want to travel as part of a group that would occupy five or more caravan holiday homes or pitches.  Please be aware that we don't deem all our parks to be suitable for groups and may, therefore, reject your booking.  If you haven't made a group booking and arrive in a group, or are pre-known to each other, we may tell you to leave the park, without a refund.  If we do accept your group booking, we may ask for a pre-paid deposit prior to your arrival.  If you do visit one of our parks as a group and are unruly or antisocial, we'll tell you (and your entire party) to leave the park immediately, without a refund.

c. Other guest restrictions 

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive holiday operator and aim to provide a great experience for all families and couples.
In order to achieve a friendly, family atmosphere for all ours guests, we reserve the right to refuse or cancel bookings (without refund) from:

  1. persons under the age of 21;
  2. hen, stag or any other parties that disrupt other guests;
  3. solo travellers (if we feel the reason for your stay isn't in line with our family focused values); or
  4. anyone else who we think might be disruptive to other guests

We don't knowingly allow any guest to use or visit our parks who: (i) has an unspent criminal conviction; (ii) has an entry on a criminal register (including the sex offenders' register); (iii) has any record of any order indicating antisocial behaviour, violence, abuse, public disorder, or criminal damage or any other form of antisocial behaviour; (iv) is a convicted sex offender, subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003; or (v) is subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Notice. If you don't disclose this information about yourself or any other member of your party, and it later becomes known to us, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and require that you, and the other members of your party, leave the park, without refund.

d. Haven Holiday Protection

When you're looking forward to a holiday, it can be disappointing to have to cancel because something has happened.  That's why we offer Haven Holiday Protection. Knowing that your holiday is financially protected should you fall ill or lose your job is reassuring, and Haven Holiday Protection allows cancellation due to: (i) redundancy; (ii) sickness; (iii) jury service; or (iv) death. Haven Holiday Protection is only available within 48 hours of your time of booking and can be booked directly with us or via your booking agent. Protection for each caravan holiday home costs £16 for five nights or less, £24 for six to nine nights, or £40 for ten nights or more.  And for touring or camping guests, protection's just £5 for one to four nights or £10 for five nights or more per pitch.

e. Choose Your Holiday Home 

Choose Your Holiday Home is a scheme for our guests to select their location on park, if there is availability in your chosen grade.  If you are eligible for the scheme, you will either receive an email or a box will appear in 'My Haven Holiday' inviting you to pre-book your chosen location on your park, after you have completed your holiday booking.  There is a separate charge for Choose Your Holiday Home and payments must be made, in full, at the time of selecting and booking your holiday home, in order to guarantee your location on the park and your selected holiday home.  If you change your mind about being part of the Choose Your Holiday Home scheme, or wish to cancel your holiday, you are entitled to a refund on your Choose Your Holiday Home charge, refunded onto the card you paid on.  Please call the relevant park to arrange for your refund and quote your booking reference.  You should be aware that by cancelling your Choose Your Holiday Home reservation, you have not necessarily cancelled your holiday.  For guests using the scheme, there may be incidences where we have to move your pre-booked location due to a fault with your holiday home, or circumstances beyond our control.  We will endeavour to ensure that you are informed of this change and find you alternative accommodation of the same level as you booked or offer you a full refund on your Choose Your Holiday Home charge.

3. Planning for your holiday

a. Who's coming?

Please check your booking confirmation as soon as you receive it because it's only the people on that confirmation who can occupy our accommodation and use our facilities.  Please make sure you tell us as soon as possible if any of the details of your booking change after you've booked.  If anyone not on your booking confirmation is found in occupation, we will cancel your booking and all guests on your booking, as well as the unauthorised persons, will be asked to leave the park immediately and without refund.

The total number of people coming with you (including children and babies) mustn't be more than the capacity of your caravan holiday home.  In most cases, this will be 6 or 8 people maximum so please check your confirmation carefully.  If you do go over the maximum number then we'll, unfortunately, have to turn away any extra people at check-in. 

You and members of your party who are 18 or over may be required to provide photographic identification (valid driving licence or passport) at any time during your stay.  

b. Important information and updates

Wherever possible, important information updates about your holiday, and our entertainment guides, will be published and available for you to view online and in your 'Haven What's On' app (Google Play or App Store) prior to your holiday. Please check your emails and our website in the lead up to your holiday. To avoid disappointment, we would recommend pre-booking your activities where possible.

c. Bringing a baby

If you need a cot or highchair, you need to ask for it when you book, and we'll do our best to get you one. A hire charge is payable for these items and a £10 deposit is required which will be returned to you at the end of your holiday. While our holiday homes are quite spacious, most won't be able to fit a standard sized travel cot in the bedroom. Most of our guests find that the living room is the best place to put them.

d. Bringing your kids 

There's plenty of exciting indoor and outdoor stuff for kids to do at Haven. Our activities are very popular and fill up quickly, so you'll need to book activities either before you go or as soon as possible after you arrive. Please visit https://www.haven.com/parks/haven-experience/ for more information on how to book activities. We'll do everything we can to keep you and your little ones safe at Haven, but your kids remain your responsibility at all times and you must make sure they do what our team say. Please note that services and facilities for children are not childcare facilities, and kids aged 8 and under may not be left alone without full adult supervision.

e. Guests with disabilities

We've built our caravan holiday homes and facilities to suit a range of access needs. If you have a disability or are travelling with someone who does, please let us know at the time of booking. We will do our best to meet your requirements, but they cannot always be guaranteed. If your special request is a necessity for you to be able to take a holiday, or any member of your party has restricted mobility or access requirements, please contact our disability advisers to book your holiday. They can give you advice and information about our parks, caravan holiday homes and facilities – and they'll do their best to design you a great holiday. 

We do, of course, accept accredited guide dogs in all of our caravan holiday homes and in all areas of our parks. This does mean we can't guarantee that we've never had any dogs in our accommodation. 

f. Food allergies

All our team members in food and beverage are trained in food allergen awareness.  If you have a food allergy or special dietary requirement, please talk to one of our team members before ordering your food.  Our food is all handled and prepared very carefully.  We will give you as much information as we can about the ingredients and how the food is prepared so you can make an informed decision about whether or what to order in our venues.

g. Dogs and other pets in our parks

We welcome (well-trained) dogs in different grades of our caravan holiday homes and on some of our pitches in all our parks except Burnham-on-sea, Riviere Sands and Lydstep Beach for a small charge. Up to two dogs are welcome in designated accommodation at an additional cost of up to £60 per week or part thereof. Dogs with touring and camping guests will cost £1 per pet per night. We don't accept dogs listed under the Dangerous Dogs Act which are: Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and Japanese Tosa. We can sometimes take other types of pet - but you'll need to ask the General Manager at the park before you book. If you have a dog that's noisy or behaving badly, we may ask you to take them away, so please keep your dog on a lead and make sure a responsible adult is looking after it. Please bear in mind that you won't be able to take your pet into our entertainment venues, restaurants and public areas, including outdoor pools.

h. Bringing a vehicle to the park 

We'll do our best to give you a parking space next to your caravan holiday home or pitch – but we can't guarantee this.  If you're planning to bring something that's not a car with you (a lorry, van, motorbike, jet ski or boat, for example), please check with your park before you book – some parks don't have the space, and some can't accept large or noisy vehicles.  Branded vehicles or vehicles with signage on the side are not allowed on park and may be turned away.

We're really happy that some of our guests are using hybrid cars to help protect our lovely environment.  Whilst we're working on ways we can help you charge your cars while you're staying with us, please don't use your caravan holiday home electricity to do this.  Many of our caravan holiday homes are owned by families, just like you, so we want to make sure they don't end up with a surprisingly big electric bill.

i. Touring or camping 

Our standard pitches are 6m x 6m – big enough to suit most units.  You can only bring one tourer, motorhome, tent or trailer tent onto each pitch.  If yours is on the large side, we'll do what we can to help you fit in – but please let us know when you book so that we can confirm that we can accommodate you.  There is a charge for extra or larger units – and you must tell us when you book so that we can check the pitch is suitable.  Some parks can't accept awnings with annexes, for example – and in some, you can't sleep under an awning. Please be aware that if you choose to remove the Utility Service Charge from your pitch booking, you will not be allowed to use your own electricity generator while staying with us.

j. Special requests

Please let us know when you book if you'll be celebrating something special while you're with us, and especially if you're planning to have a party or to wear fancy dress. We want to make sure your plans will fit in with the environment of the park, so we need to approve this before taking your booking. If there's anything else you'd like or need for your holiday, we'll always do our best to get it for you. Please tell us when you book and put your request in writing to enquiries@haven.com, remembering to give us your phone number.  

4. Paying for your holiday

a. What you'll pay

Like most things to do with travel, the prices of our holidays change depending on availability.  If guests book their holiday very close to arrival then fluctuations in price will occur on a much more frequent basis, so it is advisable to book early.  You'll find up-to-date prices on our website, although we can only confirm the exact price of your holiday when you book.  Any quotation obtained prior to booking is subject to change.  All pricing is subject to promotional availability at the time of booking your holiday.  We guarantee that the price shown on your booking confirmation for the accommodation and party size, plus any supplements, is the amount payable by you but we reserve the right to raise or lower our holiday prices and other charges at any time before booking.  Once you've booked and paid your deposit, we won't change your holiday price unless the VAT rate changes, or unless we both agree.  VAT will be payable at the prevailing rate on the date on which payment is made.  Although we will confirm to you at the time of booking the price for the holiday including VAT at then current rates, if the VAT rate increases after we have confirmed your booking but before the start date of your holiday, we may ask you to pay an additional amount to cover this increase. 

b. Current prices

Our latest published prices can be found at https://www.haven.com/. Guests are reminded that the prices displayed on the website are subject to change and may go up and down in response to changing market pressures. Haven offers are subject to limited promotional availability and, due to the increasing popularity of Haven holidays, offers can run out or may be withdrawn at any time.

c. Our price promise

You will be eligible for our price promise if: (i) you have booked your holiday directly with Haven prior to 31 January in the year that you will be taking your holiday; and (ii) your booking confirmation states that you are eligible for our price promise.  If you satisfy the aforementioned conditions then please get in touch if, prior to your holiday start date, you see us advertise your holiday at a lower price and one of our team will investigate your query and apply the relevant adjustment if the price remains available.  The adjustment is subject to the holiday being for the same park, dates, duration, accommodation type, number of guests and there still being availability to book.  Our price promise only covers the original holiday booked by you.  Third party promotions, for example newspaper offers where you collect tokens, are excluded.  All claims must be made by the start date of your holiday.

d. How to pay

Debit or credit card: the easiest way to pay for your holiday is by debit (preferred) or credit card on the Haven website or over the phone. We accept: Mastercard and Visa. We do not accept American Express, Delta, Diners Club, Maestro, Visa Electron or Solo. At the time of booking we will require: (i) the long card number; (ii) the last 3 digits of your security code; (iii) the expiry date; (iv) the cardholder's name and address; and (v) for web payments, additional verification. Our current charge for card transactions is 0%, however this is subject to change. 

Chequesif you are paying for your booking by cheque, please write your holiday booking reference on the back of the cheque and make it payable to Haven Leisure Limited and send to: Haven Leisure Limited, 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4YL.  Cheques cannot be accepted for holidays starting within 30 days of the booking.  We cannot accept cash payments, so please do not send cash.  There is a £20 administration charge for dealing with cheques refused by your bank.  Post-dated cheques are not accepted.  Any bank charges incurred for these cheques are solely the guest's responsibility.  If you book through a booking agent, cheques should be made payable to them. 

Electronic bank transfer: please call us if you want to make payment via electronic bank transfer and we will give you our bank sort code and account number along with the account name. We will also give you a payment reference to use. Please note that an electronic bank transfer can take between three to five working days to clear and, if making a deposit payment, your booking will not be confirmed until we are in receipt of the payment.     

e. Deposits and when to pay 

If you book more than 10 weeks before the start of your holiday, you can either pay the full amount or a deposit. If you book 10 weeks or less before the start of your holiday, you'll have to pay in full at the time of booking. If you book any holiday less than 30 days before the start of your holiday, you (the lead guest) will need to make payment via electronic bank transfer or with a debit or credit card (in your name only) either over the phone or at https://www.haven.com/.

Your booking will only be confirmed once your deposit has been paid, and deposit payments are non-refundable and non-transferable to anybody else.  Your booking confirmation will show your balance due date(s).  It is your responsibility to pay the balance when it's due and, if you don't, we'll cancel your holiday and you won't get your money back.

f. What if we accidentally undercharge you or overcharge you

If we find out we've undercharged you because of a mistake on our part, we'll get in touch to put things right. We'll give you the choice of cancelling your holiday for a full refund or paying the full price. And if we've overcharged you by mistake, we'll give you back the difference in price.

5. Changing or cancelling your plans

a. How you can change your booking

We know that people's needs change – and we want to give you the best holiday we can.  So, if you decide to change your booking, we'll try our best to meet your needs.  Unfortunately, what you want may cost more or may not be available.  There's also a minimum £20 admin fee for any changes.  It may be possible for you to add more guests to a booking or change a name on the booking, but this will be subject to certain identification checks and may be subject to further charges.  It should be noted that we cannot change dates from one calendar year to the next.  Please bear in mind that any changes made within 56 days of the start date of your holiday may count as a cancellation.  We will, where possible, try to accommodate changes to your accommodation or holiday dates but this may incur additional costs. If changes aren't possible and you don't want to keep to your original booking, or you're unhappy with the additional charges and don't want to keep to your original booking, this will be classed as a cancellation. 

Please note that all requests to change your booking must be made by telephone by you (the lead guest) or your booking agent only.  The request(s) should be made as soon as possible.  We will correspond in all matters relating to your booking or party with you or your booking agent only.  You act as representative for all members of your party.

b. Cancelling your booking if you have Haven Holiday Protection 

We always hope that you don't need to cancel your holiday booking but, if you do, please follow the below steps.

  1. Call us as soon as you can or, if you booked through a booking agent, please call your agent.
  2. We will then cancel your holiday. If you require a refund, then we may ask you to send written proof of why you need to cancel such as a doctor's certification or court notification. If so, please send a scan or photocopy of the evidence using the Contact Form within 48 hours of our request and prior to your holiday start date.
  3. If we've requested written proof of why you need to cancel, then please wait to hear from us regarding any refund due - and the amount (which may be reduced by bank charges). 
  4. Wait for us to pay your refund (which may take up to 10 days). Please note: Due to COVID-19 this process may take up to 35 days. 

Cancellation charges are calculated from the date we receive your verbal instructions.

If you have our Haven Holiday Protection and you are cancelling for sickness, redundancy, jury service or bereavement

Number of days before the start of your holidayWhat you'd get back
2 days (48 hours) or moreFull refund 
2 days (47 hours, 59 minutes) or less30% refund of your total holiday cost

If you have Haven Holiday Protection and you are cancelling for any other reason:

Number of days before the start of your holidayWhat you'd get back
70 days or moreFull refund minus any deposit paid, and any amount paid for Haven Holiday Protection 
69-43 days70% refund, minus any deposit paid, and any amount paid for Haven Holiday Protection 
42-29 days50% refund, minus any deposit paid, and any amount paid for Haven Holiday Protection
28-8 days10% refund, minus any deposit paid, and any amount paid for Haven Holiday Protection 
7 days or lessNo refund

c. Cancelling your booking if you don't have Haven Holiday Protection

We always hope that you don't need to cancel your holiday booking but, if you do, please call us as soon as you can or, if you booked through a booking agent, please call your agent.

Unfortunately, we will not issue a refund and you will need to claim back through your holiday insurance provider.

d. If we have to change or cancel your holiday 

We do everything we can to provide the great holidays we advertise on our website.  But very occasionally we find we can no longer offer the holiday people have booked, or, in exceptional circumstances, find we need to cancel your booking.  If this happens to you, we'll advise you or your booking agent as soon as possible and offer one of the below options.

  1. A replacement holiday that's the same as the one you booked.
  2. A replacement holiday that's less expensive than the one you booked at the original booking date (together with the price difference).
  3. A full refund 

e. Refunds

If we issue you with a refund, we'll return your money in the same way you made your original payment - back to the same payment card, for example. If you've used coupons or vouchers to pay for your holiday, we may be able to transfer them to another holiday with us but, unfortunately, we can't refund coupons or vouchers.


6. When you're on holiday

a. Checking in and checking out 

We'll always do our best to give you the exact accommodation that you booked. But if you book a 2-bedroom caravan holiday home and we don't have one available during your stay, we may put you in a three-bedroom caravan holiday home of the same grade instead. 

Most of our facilities will be open but, just to make you aware, we don't run as many activities on check-in days.  If you're planning to arrive after 6pm or are running late, please let the park know so we can make arrangements for you.  Check-in times will vary dependent on the accommodation type that you have booked – please see below.  Choose Your Holiday Home guests check-in at the time according to the grade you have booked.

*Due to COVID-19 and to ensure guest safety, our normal check-in times have changed. You will receive a new check-in time via email/SMS prior to your arrival on park. Please keep a look out for arrival information updates. Your arrival slot will be sent by email 7 days prior to your arrival day.

Please bring your booking confirmation reference number (which can be quoted rather than showing the full document).  Your payment card must be presented, along with a form of photo identification, before accommodation keys can be issued at check-in.  Fully paid accommodation will be held until 12pm on the day following your holiday start date.

Check-out time is 10am and we reserve the right to remove any items remaining in your accommodation after this time.  Please remember to give us back the keys and always leave your accommodation in a clean and tidy condition.

b. The fun stuff

Check your booking confirmation to confirm you have purchased entertainment passes, giving you access to our swimming pools and most other leisure and entertainment facilities at the park during your stay. 

Some activities cost extra or need a deposit, and some may not be suitable for everyone – you can find out more about these at www.haven.com/parks/activities or in your 'Haven What's On' app (Google Play or App Store). Please note that our entertainment and activities may be reduced during off-peak times.

The information on our website about acts, shows you what we've got planned for your holiday.  If we advertise a certain act, we'll always do our best to make sure you see them.  But if they can't make it, we'll replace them with similar acts.  We'll do our best not to, but you should bear in mind that we might make alterations to or withdraw certain amenities, facilities, activities and/or entertainment shows, if required for reasons outside of our control.

c. Activities

You can pre-book and pay for activities with the latest version of the 'Haven What's On' app (Google Play or App Store) by using a debit card or credit card. There are no pre-paid activities at Far Grange. You can pre-purchase up to 2 hours prior to the start of the activity and all activities are subject to availability. Activities are not transferable to other parks and are valid throughout the 2020 season only. You can cancel your activity via the app up to 48 hrs prior to the activity start time, after which any cancellations or amendments must be done by the on-park Activity and Leisure team. The activity cost will be refunded the same way as you purchased it. Please allow 5-10 working days for it appear back in your account. We cannot refund or transfer any missed sessions. Activities booked via the app will only appear on the app. Activity bookings will not appear on your booking confirmation or on your 'My Haven Holiday' account. For full terms and conditions please see the app, (Google Play or App Store).

d. Haven wi-fi

Only devices with a web browser and the ability to connect to a public service can access the network – please check your device for compatibility.  All connections to the complimentary wi-fi will be subject to a 'fair usage' policy.  Device exclusions apply.

e. Keeping you safe and healthy 

We do everything we can to keep you and your party safe (and, of course, we have to do what the law, Health and Safety Executive and local authorities say).  That could mean offering different activities or even, in the worst-case scenario, closing our facilities at short notice – if we needed to mend a roof urgently, say, or it was too windy for the outdoor pool.  We'll always try to tell you as soon as we know.  And if there's an issue at a certain park that we know about before you book, we'll warn you.  It's important that you always follow our advice for staying safe while you're with us.  We don't put lots of silly rules in place just for the sake of it, but we do have a few important ones designed to keep you safe.  And here's one of them: if you're under 8 (or you can't swim) and want to use our swimming pools, you must always be in the water with a responsible adult.  One adult can be responsible for up to two children under 8 and must make sure that non-swimmers or beginners don't go out of their depth.  We also ask that everyone in and around the water does exactly what our team ask, because your safety is our number one priority.  Only competent swimmers may use certain flume rides.  Loose items, including goggles, cannot be worn on the flumes.

Our venues are subject to maximum capacities set by the local fire officer and, as such, entrance to venues is not guaranteed.  Because our venues are so popular, seating cannot be guaranteed or reserved.  Please be aware that some entertainment shows use strobe lighting.

We want you to have fun at the park, but we need to ensure that we keep you safe.  For that reason, we do not permit owners or guests to fly drones at the park.  Similarly, in line with legislation and in accordance with health and safety advice, we only permit the use of segways, hoverboards or balance boards if they are part of an organised, on-park activity.  

f. Personal belongings 

We take all reasonable steps to safeguard our premises and hope you will have no cause for concern during your holiday, but guests remain responsible for looking after their own belongings.  Please remember to secure any vehicles or bicycles and try not to leave any valuable items on display.  If you are bringing anything valuable on holiday you should check it is adequately covered by your insurance.  We cannot accept any liability for loss or damage to your belongings unless it is due to our negligence. 

g. Filming and photography

Please bear in mind that you're not allowed to film or take photographs in our swimming pools and changing areas. Due to the popularity of Haven, we get requests from TV and other companies to film/photograph on the parks, many of which we accommodate. We also take our own Haven promotional films and photographs on the parks throughout the year. They could be shooting anywhere in the park, but we'll try to make sure the filming doesn't affect your holiday and that you always know what's going on. With this agreement, you give us the rights (free of charge) to anything containing your image (or the image of the other people with you) that's made while you're with us. (This doesn't affect your own photos or videos of course!) So, if you don't want to be in shot, please try and stay away from the filming or photo shooting area. And if you or someone in your family does stray into a photo or video without meaning to and you want us to remove it from our library, we'll do our best to do so.

h. Smoking, drugs and offensive weapons

There's no smoking of vaporisers, e-cigarettes and tobacco in any of our public buildings or accommodation, and we do our best to make sure guests do not smoke in these areas.  We do have outdoor smoking areas, and these are clearly signposted.

We have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs, firearms and offensive weapons.  If you take illegal drugs or any other illegal substance or are in possession of a firearm or offensive weapon, we will ask you to leave the park, without refund.

i. Illness and contagious diseases

Let us know if you come down with something that you think will affect any of our other guests.  If we become aware, or have reasonable grounds to suspect, that you have contracted a contagious disease or illness that has the potential to infect many people quickly; you and your party may be asked to go home.  If this is not possible, then restrictions will be placed upon your activities and movements to prevent the disease or illness being transmitted to other guests.

j. Cutting your holiday short

We hope you'll have such a great time with us that you don't want to leave. But if you do end up going home early, we won't offer you a refund. 

k. Damage to accommodation

We hope you don't have any mishaps while you're with us.  But if your accommodation is damaged by you or someone in your party during your stay, we have the right to recover the cost of this from you, including any extra cleaning costs.  We may also go into your caravan holiday home at a reasonable time (and on reasonable notice) during your holiday to check the state of things.  Any damage to your accommodation could result in your booking being cancelled, with no refund.  If there's an emergency, we can come into your accommodation without warning.

l. If you leave something behind

Let us know as soon as you realise you've left something behind. We'll do all we can to find it, although we're not liable if this isn't possible or if it's damaged. If we find it we'll return it to you, but you will have to cover the postage costs.

7. Our promises to each other

We want you to have a great time with us. So here are some promises we'll make when we accept your booking. And because it's a two-way street, you'll also be making promises to us when you book.

a. Our promises to you

  1. We'll do our best to give you and the other people in your party a great holiday.
  2. We'll do our best to give you the holiday we've described on our website and in our agreement.
  3. We'll do everything we can to prevent things going wrong.

b. Your promises to us

  1. You'll disclose all information required by us and tell us who's coming with you to the park.
  2. You'll only let the people on your booking confirmation use our caravan holiday homes, facilities and pitches.
  3. You'll look after our accommodation and facilities so that other people can enjoy them after you. And if you cause any damage, you'll tell our Reception Team straight away, so we can sort it out.
  4. You won't spoil things for other guests by being loud or antisocial.
  5. You - and everyone who comes with you - promise not to break any of our terms and conditions. If you do, we'll ask all of you to leave the park immediately. No ands, ifs or buts. And no refunds.

8. If you need to complain

Even though we'll do all we can to give you a fantastic holiday, things do sometimes go wrong. Here's what to do if you need to complain:

  • When you're on holiday: If there's something wrong with your holiday, tell the Reception Team at the park straight away so we can try to put things right. Claims may be reduced or rejected if we have not been given the opportunity to put matters right or investigate your concerns. 
  • If your holiday is over, and you're still unhappy please, within 14 working days of your departure date, either click here and fill in the form as instructed or if you prefer to write to us you can send your letter to: Guest Relations, Haven, 1 Park Lane, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP2 4YL. The form and the letter must be completed/written by you (the lead guest) as you're the person we made this agreement with. Please make sure you write your booking reference number on your letter and include your daytime and evening phone numbers. 
  • We will contact the park to find out what happened, and we'll try to write back to you within 14 working dates of receiving your completed form or letter.

9. Our accommodation guarantee service charter

a. Our accommodation guarantee

Because we're so sure of the quality of our caravan holiday homes, we guarantee our accommodation.  If you're not happy with your accommodation (acting reasonably) when you check-in (with its condition or cleanliness, for example) and you're still unhappy after we've tried to put things right, you can leave on the first day of your holiday and we'll give you a full refund.  But please let us try to sort it out first, otherwise we can't give you your money back.

b. Our service charter

We're always working hard to make sure everything is as you'd expect when you're on holiday with us.  In the unfortunate event that you have an issue, we promise to resolve it as quickly as we can.  If you have an emergency issue such as loss of electricity, gas or water, or a major water leak we'll work with our service providers to make sure your services are restored as soon as possible.  We promise to fix it within 1 hour – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If we're not able to fix an emergency issue within the time promised, we will give you a £50 compensation payment.  Unfortunately, problems of this nature caused by external suppliers or regional outages are out of our control and won't be subject to this compensation payment.  

If you arrive at your accommodation and find any of the following essential issues:

  • cleanliness issues with the inventory (such as plates and cutlery), carpets, upholstery or the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or living areas;
  • problems with your boiler, cooker, fire, toilet, TV or shower; and/or
  • you need replacement bed linen, pillows or duvets;

We promise to fix it within 3 hours during our office opening hours (9am-5pm, 7 days a week). If we're not able to fix an essential issue within the time promised, we will give you a £25 compensation payment.

10. The small print

a. The holiday agreement

When you make a booking request, you're offering to buy one of our holidays, and you're agreeing to follow our terms and conditions.  We do have the right to turn down your booking request – if, for example, we don't have the space, or we think you'd spoil things for our other guests.  The agreement between you and us starts when:

  1. We accept your booking and deposit – and give you a booking confirmation; or
  2. We confirm your booking online or by phone; or
  3. Your booking agent confirms your booking.

Our agreement is with you, as the lead guest.  Don't forget that you're making an agreement with us on behalf of everyone coming to the park with you.  It's up to you to make sure that they all know about these terms and conditions and accept them.  The agreement lasts until you and your party leave the park.

b. Validity of terms 

If a court or a similar organisation questioned any of these terms, the rest of the agreement would still be valid.  It would also still be valid if we allowed you to do something that we wouldn't normally allow under the agreement.  

c. Identification requirements and electoral register

We require evidence of identity and address details for all guests aged 18 and over.  We reserve the right to check that any guests who are resident in the UK appear on the electoral register.  Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you provide full and accurate names and addresses of all guests aged 18 and over so that a check of the electoral register can be carried out.  If either your details or the details of any member of your party do not appear on the electoral register or the guest is resident outside the UK, we reserve the right to contact either you or the relevant member of your party before arrival to ask you/them for evidence of identity and address ("Alternate Checks").  A bank or credit card statement no more than 3 months old must be provided for proof of address; and an item of photographic identification (valid driving licence or passport only) needs to be provided for proof of identity.  If we do not receive evidence of identity and address within 14 days of contact, we reserve the right to cancel the booking, without refund.  Please note that due to timescales of administration tasks, bookings made within 30 days of the holiday start date will not qualify for our Alternate Checks and bookings may be declined if the guest details provided when booking do not appear on the electoral register.

You and members of your party who are 18 or over may be required to provide photographic identification (valid driving licence or passport) at any time during your stay.  Failure to provide identification may result in termination of your holiday and you being refused entry to the park or being asked to leave, without refund.

d. When things are our fault 

We'll do our best to give you a great holiday, and we accept responsibility for things that go wrong that we should have foreseen or prevented when you booked.  We'll deal reasonably and proportionately with any claims for loss or damage that are our fault, and we'll never try to avoid responsibility for things that the law says we can't.

e. Things beyond our control

Unfortunately, we can't take responsibility or pay compensation if we cancel or change your booking in any way because of events beyond our control.  Neither can we accept any liability for any injury, loss or damage you suffer because of events beyond our control.  Some of the things we mean by 'events beyond our control' are fire, flood, explosion, storm or other weather damage, break-in, criminal damage, riots or civil strife, industrial action, natural or nuclear disaster, epidemics or pandemics, adverse weather conditions, war or threat of war, actual or threatened terrorist activity, and unavoidable technical problems with transport.

In the event of adverse weather, your booking will only be refunded if your chosen park is closed in the interests of health and safety.  If you cannot travel on the day to your chosen park due to adverse weather, we will do our best to move your booking to an alternative date and/or different park, but refunds will not be provided.  We recommend taking out appropriate insurance.

f. English law

Our terms are subject to English law – which means that if it ever came to it (and we hope it never would), we both agree that English law would apply to this agreement.  And if things went really wrong, we both agree to allow the English courts to make the decisions.

g. Using your personal information

When you book with us, you'll be giving us some personal information about you and the other people coming with you.  We may use and process such personal information in accordance with our privacy policy which can be found at https://www.haven.com/support/privacy-policy.  You may choose to provide us with information about your health or the health of members in your party, so we can assist you with any disability needs.  This information will only be used for the purpose(s) for which you provide it to us.

We'll only talk to you (or your booking agent) about your information.  By booking with us, you're agreeing that we can use the information in accordance with our privacy policy – and you're confirming that everyone who's coming on holiday with you has also read and accepted our privacy policy.  If you're using a booking agent or other provider, make sure you look at their data protection policy to find out how they'll use your information.

h. The accuracy of our website

We do our best to make sure that the information on our website is accurate when we publish it, but the parks don't look exactly the same – and the photos, layout plans, artists' impressions and so on are there to give an impression of what it's like at Haven.  So please don't take them as gospel.  Some facilities may vary between the parks – please read park-specific information carefully.  Accommodation décor, size and layout may also vary between parks.  Not all accommodation is identical to the pictures shown on the website.

i. Access to our parks

We reserve the right of entry to our parks, and the right to refuse entry to our parks without notice.

j. Copyright

You can't copy anything from our website (even photos) without our written permission.  Nothing in our agreement gives you or the people who come with you any rights over our trade marks or other intellectual property.  And you promise that you won't acquire any rights to any of our trade marks or intellectual property.