Are static caravans a good investment?

Are static caravans a good investment?

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So, you’re thinking of buying a static caravan? That’s great, you’ve made the first step. The first thing we need to say is that caravans are a depreciating asset, with their value falling in the same way a car's would. Yet the experiences they unlock are priceless. Here at Haven, we’re proud of the reasonable prices we put on our range of top-quality caravans.  

Even still, it might be a large chunk of your savings to splash at one time. You may well end up asking yourself – are static caravans a good investment? In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the various reasons that caravans are indeed a good investment! There are many positive aspects, from the money you’ll save on accommodation elsewhere to the lucrative income that can be earned from renting your holiday home out.

Resale value

Resale value

Buying a caravan is not a financial investment in the same way that say, purchasing a house on the standard property market is. In fact, a better comparison would be buying a car as static caravans, like cars, depreciate in value over time. This means that on reselling your caravan, you may receive a bit less than you paid for it. But owning a holiday home should not be thought of as a financial investment. It’s all about lifestyle and the priceless memories that come with it. Let’s see why. 

Investing in a new lifestyle 

Investing in a new lifestyle 

Imagine enjoying a morning coffee from your own kitchen while listening to the waves lap against the shore or cosying up on the sofa while it rains outside with no annoying check out times to think about the next day. This dream can be a reality if you purchase a caravan and secure a slot at any one of our 39 parks based in stunning locations up and down the Great British coastline. Investing in a static caravan doesn’t just get you a delightful property and a project to work on; it also gives you direct access to some of the most naturally beautiful areas of the UK. 

With recent uncertainty and added hassle attached to travelling abroad, owning a static caravan is becoming increasingly popular with an ever-diversifying spectrum of people. But this isn’t a surprise. Who wouldn’t want the ability to go away at the drop of a hat? As a static caravan owner, you’ll find that all the troublesome parts of going away are suddenly history. 

No more scrolling through hotel price comparison sites, cancelled flight anxiety and rip-off currency exchanges. Instead, you can enjoy the simple pleasures such as a home-cooked meal and playing board games with loved ones in your very own holiday home. What’s more, our holiday parks are dog friendly too, so you don’t have to worry about abandoning your canine pal at home! 

In what ways are static caravans cost-effective? 

In what ways are static caravans cost-effective? 

Booking your next getaway can be a real thrill, but nothing spoils the mood than looking at your bank account afterwards, having paid for an expensive hotel. This is perhaps the single greatest function of the static caravan: it is an excellent way to save on money that would otherwise be wasted on accommodation. 

Static caravans from Haven start at very competitive prices, and with Haven finance you only have to deposit 10% of the price. So, it’s often much more affordable than people think. More to the point, think of all the money you’ll save if you go to your caravan every weekend rather than splashing out on hotels. This is an especially good investment if you think of the lifespan of a static caravan which can be well over 30 years if looked after correctly. At Haven, we impose no limit on how long you can keep your caravan on our sites, so you can get every penny’s worth of enjoyment out of your investment over the years. 

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No site fees until 2031 when you Let2offset. Terms apply.

Renting out your static caravan

Renting out your static caravan

Another great way of seeing some monetary returns on your static caravan investment is to let it out to holidaymakers. At Haven, our letting service allows you to easily rent out your holiday home, in full confidence that our trustworthy team will organise the bookings and ensure your holiday home is cleaned and looked after. 

You can choose between our FIXED service that will guarantee income for every date that we agree to let your holiday home for you, and our new FLEXI letting service that gives you the chance to earn more in peak periods. Alternatively, you can also choose to let out your holiday home privately should you prefer the freedom that this affords you. Whichever route you go down, having this option of a passive income from rent to offset other caravan costs is certainly one of the main things that makes a static caravan a great investment. 

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0333 202 1460 or request a call back.

Important information

Let2offset - make no site fee payments until 2031

Let2offset is a contractual lettings product that offers eligible owners a guaranteed letting income at a preferential rate (calculated each year) in exchange for a stipulated number of letting breaks. It also allows eligible owners to pay their site fees and receive their letting income in 12 equal monthly instalments; the monthly site fee amount charged by Haven will be after deduction of the letting income.

‘Make no site fee payments when using Let2offset until 2031’ is available at 33 Haven parks excluding Burnham, Cardigan View, Far Grange, Garreg Wen, Lydstep Beach, Riviere Sands and Seaview.  The letting income received will vary by make, model and location. The monthly site fee payment does not include running costs e.g. utilities, rates & insurance.

“Make no site fee payments when using Let2offset until 2031” is applicable to new and existing customer purchases of new Atlas Sahara 3 Bed or equivalent or superior grade holiday home purchases made through Haven where customers have also signed up to Haven’s Let2offset contract. It is not applicable to private sales and cannot be used in conjunction with our free Site Fee promotion.  It is available across 40% of eligible Parks and applies when letting a new Atlas Sahara 3 Bed holiday home (or equivalent or superior grade for 15 weeks.

An example of how “Make no site fee payments when using Let2offset until 2031” operates under Let2offset is the purchase of an Atlas Sahara 3 Bed holiday home at Primrose Valley with a monthly site fee of £585.00 (includes purchasing discount of £45) and monthly letting income of £803.67. The monthly difference equates to £218.67, which will be credited to the owner's account. Both letting income and site fees are subject to yearly pricing reviews and the monthly site fee costs and letting income shown in the example are based on 2024 figures.

Modelled assumptions on expected annual site fee and letting income charges over the 7-year lettable life of the Atlas Sahara 3 Bed indicate that under Let2offset it is anticipated that these customers will continue to receive a monthly credit during this period, however, this is not guaranteed. The modelled assumptions are based on the historical performance of Haven over the past 5 years of trading.

Images are shown for representational purposes. Access to holiday home is subject to park opening times.

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