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Group holidays and team events

UK Group holidays and corporate team events

With 38 glorious coastal parks dotted around the country, Haven's perfectly placed for getting bigger groups of people together with plenty of accommodation to fit. Whether you're gathering up friends, family or colleagues, we've got holiday parks that are fab, fun and not too far away.

How to book a group break

If you need to book 5 or more caravans or holiday homes then our Group & Event service is perfect. Contact an advisor at, give us a call on 0333 202 5221, or read on for more information.

What we offer for groups

Whether it's a family reunion, a get-together with old friends, or a chance for the whole team to bond as a group, Haven is a great place to come together. If you book five or more holiday homes together, you'll get our dedicated group and event service.

Looking to reconnect with your team, strengthen the bond between you or just looking for a little downtime? We have loads of team-building activities available, from golf to our exciting Adventure Villages, all of which will get the whole team really working together.

If you're part of a charity organisation and need support organising multiple caravans or breaks then our dedicated team is at hand. We can help you arrange holidays and even help you organise annual agreements if your charity is a year-round fundraiser.

Group bookings

Large group sitting in a restaurant
Group celebrations and events

Our parks are just the thing if you're hosting a big family getaway. Our bars and restaurants, and all our facilities have so much room for groups – there's always space for one more chair. And you'll be spoilt for choice when you want to make new memories together. You can all pile down to the beach for sunny, sandy family photos, or learn a new game together, like archery or water sports – or just relax and spend precious time with each other.

Celebrate special occasions at Haven
Types of group events

Special celebrations - Celebrate a big birthday or special anniversary by getting away with lots of family and friends.

Special Interest clubs - From bump to baby clubs, coarse fishing to walking weekends, we're the perfect choice for your break away.

Special events - If you need to hire venues or facilities or need your stay to be tailor-made, then we can help you and take away the stress by organising everything for you.

Team building events

Team building activities on the beach at Haven
Team building activities & events

Team building activities are a great way to get to know your colleagues. With so many different activities available, our team here at Haven will make sure you leave with amazing memories. We can offer your company something unique: a break full of fun and excitement. You'll soon see your group start to relax. Help your team blow away the cobwebs with a fresh sea breeze, and remind them how important simple pleasures are. There's nothing more nostalgic than ice cream at the seaside. Why not give your team a work perk they'll remember forever.

Team building activities at Haven
Types of team building activities

Do you need to motivate your team with some team building activities? Do you want more from your team meeting than sitting around a conference table? Could that training happen on the beach? Do you want to improve team relationships? We can work with you to organise a unique team experience that everyone will really remember. Take a look at just a few of the activities your team can take part in:

  • Wall climbing

  • Abseiling and zip lining

  • Good old fashioned sports days

Need help arranging your event?

  • One-to-one assistance A personal advisor to support you all the way from enquiry to holiday arrival

  • Just one booking Keeping everything in one place with one payment, contact and all the details and requests

  • Experienced team Administrative support and guidance - we've been looking after groups for years

Contact an advisor at or give us a call on 0333 202 5221 today.

Frequently asked questions

For a booking of 5 or more caravans, contact one of our advisors at or give us a call on 0333 202 5221. We can also help arrange events for your group to make your experience even more memorable.

We're about more than just family holidays at Haven. There's so many activities to enjoy on an adult-only break! See the best activities on park for adults.

Up until 7 days before the start of your break you will be eligible to Choose Your Holiday Home for your break and its location on park, subject to availability.

Should your booking be eligible for Choose Your Holiday Home, you will receive an email from Haven inviting you to log into My Account and pre-select your location ahead of your break. This will only become available once a booking has been made and can be done anytime up until seven days before your holiday.

In order to access Choose Your Holiday Home, you'll need to have an online account via My Haven set up. Please use your password and email address to log in.

Choose Your Holiday Home is subject to availability and some exclusions apply. There is a separate charge for Choose Your Holiday Home and payments must be made, in full, at the time of selecting and booking your holiday home, in order to guarantee your location on the park and your selected holiday home.  Find out more about the benefits of Choose Your Holiday Home

There are two ways to secure a spot close to your friends and family with Choose Your Holiday Home, depending on whether you or your friends or family are booking their holiday first.

If you're booking your holiday first, you can:

Share your location with your friends and family

You can share your location by sharing your name and the accommodation code in your CYHH holiday summary in My Account.

If your friends or family already have a Choose Your Holiday Home booking, you can:

Add your friend's existing booking in Choose Your Holiday Home

Ask your friends or family to share their CYHH location as above. Then, simply click the 'add friends' option at the top of CYHH and add their details to choose a caravan spot close to your friends or family at your chosen park.*

See what else is great about Choose Your Holiday Home and get booking!

*Caravans are subject to availability. Choose from the vacant spots on park. We can't guarantee there will always be availability next to your friends and family.