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Static caravan bedroom ideas

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Whether it's within the comfort of your own home or in your static caravan at one of our fantastic parks, for many of us the bedroom is arguably the most important room. It's a place where relaxation hits its peak, so we're here to offer some ideas to bring your static caravan bedroom to the next level.

Although you are guaranteed a great sleeping space complete with all furniture needed when you purchase a caravan with us, there's always room to add an extra bit of va-va-voom. As a caravan owner, you'll naturally notice ways to improve on what you have in the bedroom. In this article, we'll offer some advice and inspiration to help make sure the bedrooms are outfitted with anything, and everything required. From furniture to fabrics, storage space to floor space, there are several elements and factors to consider.



One of the first bed-related considerations is seeing how much space you have to play with in each room. From permanent single or double beds to delightful bunk beds (for those with small children), there are so many ways in which you can flex what's in front of you.

You might also fancy having single or double foldable bed frames, which of course offer the flexibility of being moveable, and are particularly useful if your caravan has freestanding furniture. The types of beds you choose will determine the types of mattresses and beddings that go with it, so you're killing two birds with one stone by thinking about the bed design.

Bedding and curtains

Bedding and curtains

From pillows and pillow protectors to duvets and duvet protectors, caravan beddings do not differ too much from ordinary beddings besides the fact that they have to be more durable to counteract some of the harsher conditions. Ideally, you will want to choose beddings that match your other fabrics and accessories, such as curtains and rugs, to really bring together the room and create a more relaxed setting for the holiday home you are designing.

Perhaps our top static caravan bedroom idea in this section is to have made-to-measure curtains or blinds. Getting specialised blinds as opposed to the average net curtains with your choice of fabric and pattern tailored to match your beddings can be the icing on the cake that is your bedroom. The same thought process applies to the choice of linen, bed throws and bed runners that you may or may not opt for. All these elements combined together contribute greatly to the general atmosphere of the bedroom.

Decor, accessories and storage 

Decor, accessories and storage 

Decor, accessories and storage is a static caravan bedroom idea that's a fine balancing act that we're on hand to help with. Caravan bedrooms are cosy and there's a need to maximise the space at hand as well as add your own personal touch in terms of style. We think these two challenges actually help solve each other.

A new headboard, that matches the different fabrics within the room, can dramatically impact the look of a room. A lamp can serve as a nice ornamental piece while simultaneously altering the lighting, and subsequently the mood, within a bedroom. Strategically placed mirrors have a similar impact, as they have the effect of making a room look bigger than it actually is while providing another eye-catching component.

Along with different accessories and decor concepts, a few storage hacks are also a crucial element of these static caravan bedroom ideas. Permanently fixed beds with drawers underneath, as well as wardrobes, provide conventional storage space for caravan bedrooms. Owners can also install cabinets above the bed for additional storage of smaller, lighter items. Over-door hangers and mounted fabric pockets, similar to those you would install in a bathroom, could also serve as additional, easy storage options, especially for hanging heavier winter clothing.

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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