Caravan kitchen

Static caravan kitchen ideas

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Having a kitchen is one of the biggest advantages of owning a static caravan. A private space to whip up delicious and comforting meals is one of the luxuries of caravan life. In order to make caravan cooking enjoyable, though, it’s important to have a static caravan kitchen that works for your needs. This is where the fun starts.

Although purchasing a caravan to call your own guarantees a stylish kitchen from the very start, we're out to offer some further inspiration. In this article, we’ve rounded up some of our top static caravan kitchen ideas so you can adapt your kitchen design. Whether you’ve bought new and are planning your dream kitchen from scratch, you’re in need of a caravan kitchen makeover, or you’re simply looking to add the finishing touch to your cooking area, we’ve got some suggestions for you. The beauty is, there's no one-size fits all answer to this design conundrum, but these are some ideas that you can incorporate to help you save space, accessorise, and improve the all-round look of this vitally important caravan feature. 

Maximise storage space

Maximise storage space

We all feel great after a little tidy up. Storage is key to getting rid of clutter and making your static caravan look neat. With less space to play with than in a conventional home, it’s necessary to come up with effective solutions to maximise the space you have. This is particularly true of the kitchen, a room which is full of utensils and ingredients, and in which counter space is the holy grail of a great meal.

Sidewalls are a great place to store things as having things on racks frees up storage space elsewhere. In fact, having utensils on display is actually on-trend, with many owners opting for open shelves over more traditional cupboards. Another tip for storage is rectangular containers for the pantry. These are the easiest way to store kitchen ingredients and snacks, coming in all sorts of square and rectangular sizes.  They slot into an overhead cupboard nicely and combine well with the “broom handle holder” spice holder method on the inside of a cupboard door, which can help you to organise your herbs and spices.


Repainting your kitchen is by far the easiest and one of the cheaper steps you can take when sprucing up your static caravan. This is perhaps the static caravan kitchen idea that will make the most difference for the least amount of time spent.

There are a huge range of colours to suit every taste and need, but a clean white finish opens up a world of opportunity elsewhere around the kitchen. The cupboard doors, can be an excellent place to experiment with other colours and finishes. Here you can give your kitchen an amazing pop of colour. Repainting your static caravan’s kitchen cupboards is nowhere near as expensive as buying new ones, so this is a great option for cabinets that need a little TLC.

Add some simple touches

Add some simple touches

Once you’ve added a dash of colour to your kitchen, why not match your kitchen appliances like kettles and toasters to your colour scheme? This will create added impact and become a real focal point for the interior of your caravan.

Even if you’re not out to redesign your caravan’s interior, accessories can be a great way to improve the look of your caravan, add convenience and save space. For example, roll-up drying racks are a great way to reserve room for other kitchen appliances. They’re easy to store when you want to use your sink - just roll it up and tuck it underneath! They’re also easy to clean and are dishwasher safe for those of you lucky enough to have one ready to go in your caravan. 

Invest in a fancy sink and taps

It might not seem like it, but something as simple as a caravan kitchen sink can make such a vast difference to the overall look of your caravan. You might not even recognise your own caravan once it’s been installed.

While some choose to just go with a conventional stainless-steel sink and leave it at that, there are other options, some of which could revolutionise your kitchen. For example, copper sinks can be one of the best caravan sinks for those with a real eye for design. For all this sink says about style, it's also got substance in adundance. The beautiful sheen reflects light, imbuing your kitchen with a stylish glow that will make it stand out from the crowd. If you have a primarily white kitchen, a copper sink can create a beautiful contrast due to the undertones of the material. Other static caravan kitchen ideas in the sink area that you can play with include vintage taps, stone sinks, and luxurious colour combinations such as gold taps with a black sink.

Decorate the wall with self-adhesive tiles

Make your caravan look fresh and contemporary with the addition of tiles to your cooking area. They’re a great, modern alternative to wood or vinyl fabric.

Stick on tiles are such a great option for a caravan kitchen as they’re much lighter than ceramic tiles, easy to install, and they come in a wide variety of different colours and patterns. Tiles can elevate your kitchen space in a great way, just make sure to smooth down the wall surface before application.

Massive tip from us: check the temperature inside your caravan before you stick the tiles down as the adhesive surfaces can be sensitive to heat or cold. Once they’ve been applied successfully, they’ll become a stylish addition to your kitchen walls that are sure to catch the eye.

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