How are static caravans made?

How are static caravans made?

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When you’re relaxing in the luxury of a modern static caravan in the beautiful surroundings of a Haven holiday park, it’s easy to forget that the holiday home you’re in was once in a factory. Ever wondered how static caravans are made? You’re in the right place. 

Holiday homes at Haven are designed to create the best holiday experience for you, but how do they come together? Well, static caravans are made at a factory and then transported and installed at the desired location. It’s the care and attention that goes into their production at factories that makes a truly quality holiday home stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a long-term owner or still just a potential buyer, it’s always good to know where your holiday home came from. In this post we’ll talk you through how static caravans are made, using one of our excellent suppliers as an example. 

The Components

Static caravans are built in a completely standard way these days and all models are constructed using the same four basic parts:

  • A galvanised chassis (less sensitive to rust than regular steel)

  • A wooden or plywood floor insulated with at least 60 mm of glass wool

  • Exterior walls made of wood (class 3) or vinyl

  • A tiled roof insulated with glass wool

Caravan assembly: a step-by-step guide

So, how do all these parts come together? The manufacturing of static caravans is very much to scale and they’re assembled on a large production line. To take an example, we’ll talk you through how our fantastic supplier, Swift goes about static caravan assembly:

Step 1

It all starts with the galvanised chassis that comes with a 10-year warranty. The process begins when the floor is fixed to the chassis. Two floor systems are used by Swift. For lodges they use a structural insulated panel, this provides enhanced thermal efficiency and therefore, all year-round use. In the case of static caravans they construct a timber-joisted floor with glass wool insulation and tongue and groove chipboard.

Step 2

The pre-assembled furniture and partition walls are then fixed to the floor by technicians before the outer walls are lifted and fixed into position, ready for the roof to be fitted.

Step 3

Swift uses prefabricated roof trusses made in a precision engineered jig for their core values of strength, accuracy and reliability. Ceiling board is then attached to this and holes are pre-drilled for the lights and vents.

Step 4

The roof is then turned 180 degrees and the wiring is installed before it is hoisted into place.

Step 5

After this, glass wool insulation is fitted into the spaces in the roof, covered with breathable membrane. Plastisol tile effect roof sheets are bolted into place, to keep you warm and dry from the British weather!

Step 6

The final piece of the exterior puzzle — the windows — are installed and the exterior is clad in either CanExel or aluminium. The entire construction delivers incredible strength that resists sideways deflection and can even withstand a snow loading of up to half a metre. While you’re unlikely to get this at any Haven holiday parks in the UK, it’s good to know you’d be protected if it did occur!

Step 7

The interior fit out starts with the ovens, fridges and heating systems. These vital appliances are all connected by train technicians with further testing being performed by
certified engineers further down the line.

Step 8

Professional fitters then install the domestic quality carpets, after which freestanding furniture, soft furnishings and mattresses can then be put in place.

Caravan assembly: the final steps

Caravan assembly: the final steps

Each person involved in the manufacturing and assembly process certifies their work on a detailed quality control document. A quality expert checks and scans the completed document for traceability before conducting a thorough inspection of the vehicle.

When approved, the holiday home is sealed, ready to be dispatched to one of our 38 wonderful holiday parks, dotted across the UK coast.

The connection to Swift does not end there as they continue to support you and your holiday home with a comprehensive aftercare parts department, so you needn’t worry in the unlikely event that something is faulty or breaks further down the line.

Static caravan construction continues to evolve to provide maximum comfort with maximum efficiency. A huge amount of expertise, pride and hard work goes into the assembly of a static caravan and this is reflected in the final product – the home away from home on wheels that we all fall in love with.

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.