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Beach holidays & coastal breaks in the UK

Haven is the home of UK beach holidays. Sit back and imagine the fresh sea breeze on a sandy stroll, the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the picture-perfect landscapes of our beach-backed parks. Craving a coastal holiday yet? See what we have in store for your next beach holiday in the UK and get planning the next adventure with your loved ones.

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What makes a UK beach holiday so great?

Direct beach access
Great for families

We’re unrivalled experts in offering family-friendly visits to the UK coastline. The beaches that neighbour our parks are places where you get away from it all and get that warm holiday feeling. Places like Perran Sands offer a range of water-based activities to make the most of your time by the sea.

Couple breaks at Haven
Places to visit

A trip by the sea isn’t just about the sand and scenery. Our parks are close to household names of the seaside where attractions, amusements and adventure are the order of the day, every day. Days out are always a delight when you head for the towns near us, just be sure to top it off in style with some fantastic fish and chips!

Swimming pools at Haven
Swimming pools

Each one of our parks is home to at least one swimming pool, and many have indoor and outdoor options for you to dip in. Loads have exciting extra features like lazy rivers, flumes and the all-important water slides. All you have to do is select a Haven Holiday, bring your swimming stuff and enjoy!

Entertainment at Church Farm

Sit back, relax and let us entertain you during your break. A Haven holiday gives you access to an array of shows and experiences that entertain every generation. There’s brilliant food and drink to keep you refreshed during the action too.

Best in the UK

Best beaches in the UK
Best beaches in the UK

This is the quintessential round up of everything elite when it comes to beaches in all four parts of the UK. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are all represented.

Best beaches in the UK
Best beaches in England
Best beaches in England

We’ve combined the best of north, east, south and west to put together the list of England’s greatest beaches. They’re spread evenly across the country, so you won’t be far from one.

Best beaches in England
Best beaches in Scotland
Best beaches in Scotland

Scotland is home to an endless amount of comforting coastal retreats. With just 1/10 of England’s population, you’re never far from a stretch of untouched seaside paradise.

Best beaches in Scotland
Best beaches in Wales
Best beaches in Wales

Home to some of the UK’s greatest scenery, Wales offers an escape from the hustle and bustle like few other places can. Head here for a roundup of the Welsh coastline’s greatest beaches.

Best beaches in Wales

Frequently asked questions

The vast majority of our parks are within walking distance of the beautiful British coastline, and a select group also have direct access to a beach. We run through them on our list of Haven holiday parks with direct beach access.

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