Representation of the outside of a new Platinum with Wrap Around Deck at Wold Vale

Types of static caravan decking: a guide

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Static caravan decking is a much-coveted addition to any holiday home. But how do you go about finding a style that’s right for you and your loved ones? 

Welcome to our guide on the types of static caravan decking.

What are the benefits of static caravan decking?

What are the benefits of static caravan decking?

Before we go into what’s available, let’s list some benefits of static caravan decking: 

A practical outdoor space – there's no better way to enjoy a breath of fresh air by the sea than in an outdoor area all for you and your loved ones. Decking unlocks a world of possibilities, especially during the warmer periods of the year. 

A stylish outdoor space – whilst a stylish interior with any Haven static caravan is guaranteed, decking undoubtedly makes your static caravan’s exterior even more visually appealing. 

Greater rental yield and resale value on Silver and Gold models – although you have to invest a few quid in buying a Silver of Gold grade with decking, this investment is offset by the higher yields you can gain when renting your property, and a higher potential resale value too.

Haven static caravan decking

Here at Haven, decking is available to most grades of caravans for sale and pitches. Our higher-grade options – the equivalent of Silver models through to lodges, require a deck to be sited. With Saver and Bronze equivalents, decking is optional. 

All decking types are subject to spacing rules and regulations, so not every available pitch will fit your desired location. Nevertheless, our team of experienced experts at your chosen park will work with you to find a suitable location for both your caravan and desired decking.

Types of decking

Types of decking

We offer several different options with decking from front enclosed to full wrap around decks and we have a selection of accessible ramps for easier access to your holiday home. Let’s take you through them: 

Front enclosed – accessed from the living room, this decking is suitable for a table and chairs and is a great spot for a breath of fresh sea air. Our smallest version is 4ft long. This is available for holiday homes with front opening patio doors too.

Side – accessed from ground level and linked to the main entrance of your static caravan, side decking is much bigger and is brilliant for hosting extended family and friends. 

Accessible ramp – available through order, this decking offers easy accessibility in three different ways – with a single straight-line ramp, a a single ramp with a wider platform at the top for easier accessibility or a wider ramp for spaciousness. Each variation allows step-free access to the main entrance of your static caravan. 

Full wrap-around – the cream of the crop when it comes to decking. Accessible from multiple rooms, full-wrap around decking offers multiple perspectives and endless opportunities. 

It’s worth noting that all our decking types can be ordered in many different colours and as a glass option for an even more luxurious finish. We work with the following market-leading suppliers of decking:

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