Holiday inspiration

We’ve all been there. You’re itching to go away and booked some time off, but you can’t quite decide on where you want to go. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Allow us to point you in the right direction with a bit of inspiration. We’re passionate about the entire Haven experience, from our offering on parks to the wonderful sights and sounds along the brilliant British coast. Sit back, relax and explore all the ingredients needed to make your staycation that little bit more special.

Inspiration for your UK break

Weekend breaks at the seaside
Weekend breaks at the seaside

This special range of seaside destinations have been handpicked for time and convenience. They’re just a couple of hours drive from major cities dotted up and down the country.

Weekend breaks at the seaside
Exmoor National Park, Somerset
Best UK weekend breaks

This enticing set of counties each offer their own unique set of warmth and vigour when they host you for a much needed break away from it all.

Best UK weekend breaks
Lulworth Cove
Best coastal walks in the UK

With thousands of miles of coastline, Britian is blessed by a stunning variety of coastal vistas from rugged cliffs to golden sandy beaches. Take a look at our selection of some of the best coastal walks Britain has to offer.

Best coastal walks in the UK
Couple breaks
Most romantic getaways

You don’t need to jet off for romance. Take a peek at our quintessential list of the UK’s greatest escapes for some love and affection with your other half.

Most romantic getaways

Dog friendly pubs

This set of pubs tick every box for humans and dogs alike. Head for these hideaways, grab a drink and rest safe in the knowledge that your best friend will be well catered for.

Best coastal breaks for couples

Treat your loved one to memories that will last a lifetime with this shortlist of seaside towns for the pair of you to visit. North, south, east and west are all covered in the special set.

Inspiration for your next break

Glamping at Haven
Glamping with us

Glamping has been the holiday trend of the past few years. Come and see the different glamping options we have at a whole host of our parks dotted up and down the nation.

Glamping with us
Summer activities at Haven
Summer holiday activities

There’s no better way to mark a sporting summer than by having a go yourself. We have a whole host of sports covered at our parks. Find out our favourites here.

Summer holiday activities
Static caravans
10 reasons we love caravan holidays

Nothing quite says seaside like a classic caravan holiday. In this piece, we delve into why we love this timeless staycation space that’s been welcoming guests to the beautiful British seaside for decades.

10 reasons we love caravan holidays
The caravan holiday checklist
The caravan holiday checklist: Your essential guide to packing

We’ve all been there. You’ve booked your next great escape from the hustle and bustle but are unsure what to expect when you arrive. Use our handy checklist so you’re prepared once you arrive.

The caravan holiday checklist: Your essential guide to packing

Things to do in the UK

The country we call home is full of enticing experiences that are the ticket to memories that last a lifetime. You’ll find awe-inspiring, all-encompassing and all-embracing attractions dotted up and down the landscape, with one of our prestigious parks never too far away.

Beaches in the UK

Our parks and the regions that host them are home to the best beaches the UK has to offer. Discover our series of beach articles and be inspired to book your next break by the seaside.

Top caravan parks and destinations

Top UK holiday destinations for families

Our team of writers have compiled the ultimate list of places to go on holiday with the family. Every corner of the country is covered in this list that will have you planning your next trip away with the loved ones.

Our top dog friendly caravan holiday destinations

A holiday should be a great occasion for all, including the furry one in the family. In this piece we round up the best places to bring your pooch, with one of our 33 dog friendly holiday parks never far away.

Best UK holiday parks for toddlers

We’ve complied our list of the best Haven parks to bring your toddlers to. A range of activities, events and places to visit make these the cream of the crop, guaranteed to keep little ones entertained.

Best UK holiday parks for teens

Finding the right holiday for everyone in the family can be a challenge, but fear not, you’ve come to the right place. Here we list our best parks for teens to enjoy, with great memories all round.

Best UK holiday parks for couples

This set of prestigious parks are just the ingredient needed for a romantic getaway with your better half. Located north, south, east and west, you’re never too far from one of these seaside masterpieces.

Activities for all ages

Lake Kayaking
Top activities on park for adults

We’re welcoming an ever-increasing number of adults of all generations heading on a break without kids, so we thought we’d round up the best Haven activities to add something extra special for adults.

Top activities on park for adults
Aerial Adventure at Hafan y Mor
Top activities on park for teens

The best experiences for teens on our parks all in one place. Head here for thrill seeking activities that make memories that last a lifetime. Everything from Aerial Adventure to Archery is featured here.

Top activities on park for teens
Nature Rockz
Top activities on park for kids (5-12)

Sometimes it’s a hassle booking activities with loads of different age restrictions. Here we round our best activities up and down the country for kids aged 5-12. Variety in abundance is guaranteed.

Top activities on park for kids (5-12)
Mini Aerial Adventure at Hafan y Mor
Top activities on park for little ones (0-5)

Whether it’s their first holiday or they’re already a seasoned campaigner of beautiful British getaways, our activities always add something extra for the youngest in the family. See why here.

Top activities on park for little ones (0-5)

Terrific types of activities

Top creative activities on park

Our activities don’t just entertain our Haven guests, they educate them too. We’ve compiled the best of the lot that are guaranteed to get the creative juices flowing on any staycation with us.

Our best UK water parks

Our swimming pools guarantee our guests a great time, and some parks go even further with some of the best water parks in the UK. Have a peek and find the best one for you and the family.

Top thrill-seeking activities on park

We’re all about making memories that last a lifetime, and nothing does that like a thrill-seeking activity or two. Find out our favourites here and start planning your Stay+Play break with us!

Halloween activities

Celebrate the most frightful time of the year in style with our team’s favourite set of activities. Find out what makes Halloween at our parks a spooky source of fun!

Outdoor activities

See the activities we just love to host when we step into the great outdoors. From Junior Segways to Aerial Adventure, see why we just love these fun-filled experiences at our parks.

Indoor activities

When the weather is rearing its ugly head, you need to take shelter! See this fantastic range of indoor activities hosted on parks, guaranteeing fun come rain or shine.

All things food

The dining guide: vegetarian

Find out how we bring vegetarian cuisine to the forefront of our restaurant offering in this article that tantalises the meat-free tastebuds and sets you up for a delicious time away.

The dining guide: vegan

We’re moving vegan delights to the forefront of our food offering and when you see the tasty dishes we preview here, you’ll be more tempted than ever to try a vegan treat or two whilst you’re away.

The dining guide: gluten-free

Our menus are full of flavour and we extend this mantra to our gluten free dishes. Clearly highlighted on our menus, simply ask a friendly member of the team to sort your gluten free greatness!