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A day in the life of an owner

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The idea of having a holiday home has evolved just as quickly as people’s desire to escape the stress of routine, everyday existence, giving rise to the modern-day concept of a ‘stay-cation’. Owning a caravan with us, at any of our exclusive parks dotted along the UK coast, provides you and your loved ones with an easily accessible, affordable holiday at a moment's notice. 

Allow yourself the luxury of being in total control of your local holiday experience, by being able to enjoy all the comforts of being at home, such as having your groceries delivered to your doorstep, while also being able to take in the beautiful sights, sandy beaches and serene environment with those near and dear to you, your pet companions and like-minded owners. A day in the life of a caravan owner truly provides a unique and richly rewarding feeling towards holidaying. 

From Northumberland to Kent, Scotland to Wales and many more beautiful places in-between, you are never situated too far away from one of our caravan parks, allowing you to map out your quick and easy getaway at your own convenience.

Take Dawn for example, a caravan owner from Manchester, as she talks us through an average weekend at Lakeland, one of our more remote and highly rated parks. 


Getting to the park 

Getting to the park 

Dawn and her husband, Martin, own a caravan in Lakeland, which is a park situated in the Lake District. It takes them just a little over an hour to get from their home to their caravan, a pretty easy and hassle-free journey from their lives in and around the heart of Manchester. She describes what a typical start to their weekend would entail.

"We're right by the Trafford Centre, so it takes us about an hour and ten minutes (to drive down to the park). We'd finish work, we'd have our bags packed and ready, get home and literally go in (work) uniform. Get to the caravan, have a shower, settle in and take the dog for a walk or sit outside (on the porch). We're that flexible that we can go whenever we want because it's (Lakeland) only an hour away." 

This feeling of anticipation for the relaxed vibe on our caravan parks is one that exists amongst many of our owners, with weekends particularly popular. Dawn also articulates:

"Normally we travel on a Friday night, and as soon as we get there, we'll find our neighbours, usually on their decks, waving at us." 

This communal atmosphere is something that’s a fabric of our owner’s time on our parks, typifying the common ownership experience. Let’s share some more.

The community

The community

With a variety of activities to suit all park-goers at each of our different parks, both on-site and in the surrounding areas, the one aspect of this experience that never changes is the friendly community of owners and park staff alike. It’s always more rewarding to be in an environment with like-minded people who have similar interests. 

A major part of the ownership experience revolves around socialising with your fellow owners, as there are certain amenities that are exclusively for owners’ enjoyment. Our dedicated staff value the ownership experience just as much as caravan owners themselves and aim to please. As Dawn points out:

"The staff that have been there for a long time treat you like royalty, it's a nice feeling. You're important and they treat you like you are important because you're an owner."

Looking after our owners is of immense importance to us, as it goes without saying that our owners are the ones who create the friendly atmosphere everyone enjoys at our parks. Not all owners will have the luxury of a short commute to the park, so we aim to make sure they can rely on us to control what we can control in a typical day in the life of an owner. We also understand that creating this level of familiarity aids itself in enabling a certain level of convenience for our owners, irrespective of how long they intend to stay.

The convenience

Once the commute to the park is completed and our caravan owners are on site, it is essential that owners are able to settle in with minimal hassle. We aim to make as many of these seemingly small but important elements of settling in as convenient as possible. For instance, by having Owner Cards our owners are able to get discounts and concessions on various things on site, from food and drink to spa access and anything else in between to suit every individual. In our interview, Dawn touches on some of these conveniences.

"When we go for a couple of days I can get a delivery from Grange, so I can book a delivery for shopping which is nice." 

In the event that cooking isn't an ideal option, there are alternatives, as she explains:

"We tend to get a pizza delivered, so for instance if we're making our way there (to the park) and we're gonna be late, we might ring up Papa Johns to get a pizza delivered or we can just go pick it up."

Our parks are also pet friendly, so if you want time away with your lovely K9 companions, we can guarantee that the dogs have just as enjoyable an experience as their owners. From the journey to the park, to settling in and exchanging greetings with other caravan owners to choosing your preferred method of relaxation, your furry friend will have a smashing time.

Be it through engaging yourselves in the many activities and sights at our parks, relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of your own caravan or taking the dog out for a walk, the typical day in the life of a caravan owner is always a delight.

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0333 202 1460 or request a call back.

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