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What blinds are best for a static caravan?

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Selecting your own static caravan blinds is a brilliant way to add a personal touch to your second home. There are so many options for you to choose from, so we're on hand to help in this article of inspiration.

When it comes to finding the best blinds for your caravan, it’s important to consider the functionality you want the blinds to perform, as well as their durability. Static caravan blinds are not only essential for ensuring your privacy but also for the control of lighting, the flow of air, and insulation. They are also a critical part of your decor and can have a role to play in the interior design and aesthetics of your caravan. In this article, we’ll consider several types of blinds - Vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, Roller blinds and Pleated blinds – and discuss some of the features of each covering, highlighting the benefits they offer as we go to help you make the right choice for your situation.

Venetian blinds

*Venetian blinds can be seen in the ABI Coworth bathroom and Willerby Seasons kitchen

Venetian blinds are probably the world’s most popular style of blinds, thanks to their versatility. They are horizontal blinds featuring horizontal slats that are attached together with string or strips of cloth known in the industry as “tapes”. As Venetian blinds are raised, the bottom slat is pressed into the slat above it. Venetian blinds usually come in aluminium, however, blinds made of wood are also widely used.

Aluminium Venetian blinds, sometimes called Slimline blinds or Micro blinds, are a popular choice for static caravans as they have a slimline profile, making them a good choice for narrow window reveals. They are also a budget-friendly solution and come in a variety of different colours to suit a range of different interior colours. Controlling light and privacy is easily achieved with a simple tilting of the slats, making them one of our top recommendations at Haven for static caravan blinds.

Pleated/Honeycomb shades

Pleated/Honeycomb shades

Pleated shades are a simple type of blind that is made of a piece of pleated fabric or paper which forms an accordion-like pattern. Pleated shades can be lowered or raised by hand from the top or bottom, but they cannot be adjusted from side to side, like other blinds. Pleated blinds fit flush to the window with little or no reveal and so they are a good match for static caravans.

Honeycomb shades (also called Cellular shades) are the more technically advanced sibling of the ordinary pleated blind.  They offer privacy, light control and insulation for the windows of your caravan. This insulation is provided by the long, open channels that trap air at the window, reducing the uncomfortable effects of baking summer days and chill winter breezes. In fact, with a well-fitted pair of blinds you can drastically improve the energy efficiency of your caravan and do your bit for the climate in the process.

Roller blinds

*Roller blinds can be seen in the Atlas Chorus bathroom , Willerby Sierra kitchen and Swift Bordeaux kitchen

Roller blinds are another classic option when it comes to static caravan blinds. They are available in several different styles that mount to the window in a variety of different ways and are usually made from synthetic or natural fabrics. True to their name, Roller blinds can be rolled up to or down from a tube at the top of the window frame to suit your needs. The ability to roll a blind up fully to enjoy an unobstructed view can work particularly well for those whose windows offer scenic treats.

Roller blinds also offer control light and privacy all throughout the day and they are available with thermal, sunscreen, light filter, and blackout linings or fabrics. You can enjoy extra insulation, instant privacy, as well as the ability to make your caravan completely dark, which is great if you’re the type of person that needs complete darkness to get to sleep. It’s these features that make roller blinds a great pick, and a top Haven recommendation for static caravan blinds.

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