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The best static caravan furniture

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Choosing furniture is one of the most exciting aspects of the journey towards owning your own static caravan. From the interior design to the exterior decking, everything about this home away from home is yours to tailor and tweak as you please. Here's our guide to securing the best static caravan furniture for your special space.

Although Haven's static caravans for sale come with all the furniture needed for the family, we're here to offer you advice and inspiration if you fancy a change. Caravans, with respect to indoor static caravan furniture, can be divided into two categories: those being caravans with fixed furniture and those with freestanding furniture. Both arrangements pose different advantages and disadvantages to the owner, in particular when remodelling. Let's dive into what we think you should be looking at when it comes to kitting out your static caravan.

Fixed vs freestanding 

Fixed furniture caravans are some of the most readily available models on the market and are easily distinguished by the fact that the furniture is built into the actual caravan, as the name suggests.

Here are the advantages of fixed furniture:

-The transformation process is quick and easy as you don't need to devote as much time to remodelling

-You already know what you've got to work with. You can focus on the core of the design, such as fabrics, patterns and colour schemes rather than the type of furniture

-You can cut costs by simply re-upholstering the inbuilt static caravan furniture as opposed to having to buy new sofas and beds

On the other hand, having the option of freestanding furniture also presents distinct advantages. These are:

-Go hard or go home. The possibility of changing the whole look and design of a room by being able to bring in all new furniture

-Save money. You can potentially move in furniture you already own from your first home to reduce costs

-Greater flexibility and choice. You can change the look and feel of your rooms and add an even greater personal touch and homely feel

Both routes have distinct ups and downs, but ultimately it comes down to what you consider to be the best static caravan furniture type.

Furniture, storage and accessorising 

The best static caravan furniture is also the best at maximising the space available. We love multi-purpose furniture such as an apothecary coffee table in the living room or a bedroom cabinet that can be remodelled into a comfortable lounge seat by a window. It's one of the greatest practical recommendations we can give you on your ownership journey.

Getting hold of smaller components, such as caravan stools, will offer smaller, moveable seating options while also becoming a big contributor to the decor of the room. Changing the pattern of the headboards, in particular to match curtains and other fabrics, will create a distinct difference to the atmosphere inside the bedrooms.

These are just a few interior static caravan furniture tips to account for whenever you choose to start remodelling your caravan that offer both style and substance in one package.

Outside furniture 

Purchasing a place to call your own by the coast is truly brought to life by the furniture in your outdoor space. That's right, we're talking about the coveted decking, a place to bask in the sun when the weather behaves and make memories that last a lifetime. To do so, you need some of the best static caravan furniture to boot.

The thought process around outdoor furniture is largely consistent. Whether you opt for conventional garden patio benches to position on your deck, or you fancy investing in something a little more quirky, a few small alterations could make all the difference to creating an even more relaxed vibe.

Some new, colourful cushions for the benches could give your outdoor seating area added vibrancy. Outside static caravan furniture is not bound by the same rules and strict colour scheme of the furniture inside, so feel free to experiment and have fun!

If you have questions about buying a holiday home, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.