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10 reasons we love caravan holidays

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Caravans have been playing host to holidaymakers for decades, and the popularity of these gems shows no sign of letting up. Events of the 2020s have made this much-loved escape even more popular amongst new and returning guests.

It’s no surprise to say we love a good static caravan holiday at Haven. After all, nothing quite says the seaside like the magnificent spaces that are on offer at our 38 caravan parks dotted up and down the UK. They’re the perfect place to base you and your loved ones and create memories that last a lifetime together. To celebrate the continued draw of the caravan holiday, we’ve crafted a list of reasons why we love the great static structures and show you why you should make a caravan your home from home on your next getaway.

Dog friendly holidays

Dog friendly holidays

What’s the worst part of going away? That’s right, leaving your furry babies behind! Worse still is the hassle of getting a kennel space or the neighbours to come round to look after your beloved pooch. Neither of these will be an issue with a Haven static caravan holiday as a number of our sites are dog friendly so you can enjoy your holiday in the company of man’s best friend. Two parks, in particular, Golden Sands and Hafan y Môr are known as dog paradises as they both house bespoke Bark Yard obstacle courses to keep your pooch occupied.


Our static caravan holiday parks are all found on prime beachfront and national park side locations. You’ll get the absolute best views and access to the natural beauty of the area without having to drive miles to find it. This will give you more time to enjoy your holiday and quality time with the family. Plus, after all, what’s better than rolling out of bed and heading straight to the beach?

Put the phone down

Put the phone down

Our lives are becoming ever more consumed by smartphones, computers and other electronics, gathering our data and stealing our attention. It’s a grim picture, but there’s no need for us to give up yet! All that’s required is a digital detox and a caravan holiday may offer up your best shot at this with plenty else to distract you and keep you entertained. Why not make a rule for you or your kids and use activities as rewards to encourage you to stop you reaching for your phone every few seconds?


You decide the level of intensity on your caravan holiday. Bring all your home comforts or go minimalist, keep it basic or indulge, throw yourself into water sports and 4x4 off-roading, or relax at the beach with a good book. With the Haven package, you can enjoy the great outdoors, adrenaline-boosting activities, on-site restaurants, and epic evening entertainment. However, if you’re just looking for a change of scenery, then our Haven Hideaway might just be the one for you, giving you your getaway with plenty of room to roam.

Precious moments with loved ones

 Precious moments with loved ones

Not many holidays offer the opportunity, so rarely found in modern life, to really concentrate on those who mean the most to you. Holidaying is a great chance to spend some quality time with friends and family. Whether you’re discovering the local surroundings, playing sports, cooking together or simply relaxing on the beach and sharing a cool drink, what matters is that you have time to enjoy each other’s company. The memories you’ll create together on a static caravan holiday will stick with you like no others!

Discover breaks in Lincolnshire

An image showing the piazza at Skegness Holiday Park

Skegness, Lincolnshire

4 nights from £49
Wild Duck self catering holidays

Wild Duck, Norfolk

3 nights from £49
Rockley Park self catering holidays

Rockley Park, Dorset

4 nights from £49
Weymouth Bay self catering holidays

Weymouth Bay, Dorset

4 nights from £59
Cleethorpes Beach self catering holidays

Cleethorpes Beach, Lincolnshire

4 nights from £49
Seashore self catering holidays

Seashore, Norfolk

4 nights from £49
Seaview  self catering holidays

Seaview, Dorset

4 nights from £49
Hopton self catering holidays

Hopton, Norfolk

4 nights from £49
Golden Sands self catering holidays

Golden Sands, Lincolnshire

4 nights from £49
Caister on sea self catering holidays

Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk

4 nights from £49
Littlesea self catering holiday

Littlesea, Dorset

3 nights from £49

They (and we) are everywhere

From Scotland to Cornwall, the UK’s coastline is dotted with caravan parks. Whether you want a break in the wilds of North Wales at the foot of Snowdonia or a sun-drenched beach break in Cornwall, we’ll find the right holiday park for you. We've got 38 holiday parks in total, 17 of which also offer touring. You're bound to find one of them just a two-to-three-hour drive from your front door so you can forget all the kerfuffle that comes with travelling abroad.

Immerse yourself in nature

Immerse yourself in nature

Replace the office surroundings with those of the natural world. Many of us go too long without breathing fresh air, taking a hike, or swimming in the sea, but on a static caravan holiday, you will find both the time and the space to truly reconnect with nature on a physical level. Haven’s holiday parks are always located in stunning destinations, well away from big cities, so there’s plenty to inspire the soul from rugged coastlines and magical waterfalls to the visible stars in the clear night’s sky.

Value for money

While Haven offers a wide range of fees that vary by park, pitch location and your chosen caravan, in almost every case your holiday is going to end up being better value for money than its hotel equivalent. Reap the benefits of self-driving and self-catering and reinvest the returns on activities in the local area. Additional activities are undertaken at your discretion so it’s completely up to you how frugal or how extravagant you want to be. Whether you're keeping it simple in a Saver caravan or going stellar with a Signature, remain safe in the knowledge that your accommodation will give you maximum bang for your buck.

Get away from it all

Get away from it all

There’s nothing quite like finding a remote getaway where you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This is easily done with a static caravan holiday. You can step away from your responsibilities, forget work and household chores because once you’re settled into your caravan park everything is taken care of and you can sit back and enjoy a change of pace.

Something for all ages

First and foremost, Haven caravan holidays are packed with fun. From kayaking to rock climbing there’s no end of adventure to experience. However, there are also opportunities to sit back and relax, with scenic beaches and quaint seaside towns on your doorstep in every Haven location. So, whether you are on your summer holidays from school and raring to try some water sports or a parent looking for some peace and quiet, everyone gets the holiday of their dreams.

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