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Why choose a self-catering holiday in the UK?

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With Haven holiday parks the length and breadth of the UK, and visitors from all four corners of the country, our UK self-catering holidays remain as popular as ever. Why are so many holidaymakers flocking to our coastal resorts and choosing self-catering accommodation as their preferred way to enjoy their visit? 

There are loads of reasons why our visitors return year after year. Here are some great reasons to have a staycation in the UK in a self-catering caravan, lodge, or apartment.

Why drive to the beach, when you can have it steps away?

Why drive to the beach, when you can have it steps away?

Most of our holiday parks lie within a 10-minute walk to the beach, from Scotland’s Seton Sands to Cornwall’s Perran Sands. Haven specialises in making the British seaside holiday dream come true. 

Why struggle to drive from cities and towns to the coast, only to find there’s no parking and the beach is overcrowded? Book one of our self-catering caravans and you’re already where the action is.

Broaden your food options

Broaden your food options

Our self-catering holidays give you plenty of choice for your meals. You can stay local with our on-site restaurants and cafes, visit the local villages or towns for quaint pubs and celebrated eateries, cook your favourite family meals at home, or even have delicious food delivered to your door using the Haven Serve app. Mix and match all of these options to make valuable savings you can use elsewhere. 

All our self-catering accommodation comes with fitted kitchens, and modern appliances including ovens, microwaves and fridges, making your stay a comfortable and convenient one.

Kids and dogs are always welcome

Kids and dogs are always welcome

On a family holiday you may need to find restaurants and beaches that welcome your dog, or need to scout out entertainment for your kids. We have all the above at our holiday parks and within easy reach. We also have dog-friendly accommodation options, with plenty of space for loved ones. 

Most of our main restaurants have designated dog-friendly areas, and our entertainment venues are welcoming for kids. There’s a wide range of entertainment and activities in our self-catering holiday parks too, from inflatable obstacle courses to evening shows, craft and art sessions, guided trails, sports facilities, and our heated swimming pools.

Save money and spend it where it counts

Overseas travel and hotel stays can be expensive, and rarely justify the money! Flights and train prices have risen significantly, and hotel rooms are only available at a premium, particularly during the school holidays. 

Hiring one of our caravans, lodges, chalets, or apartments is usually cheaper than hotel rooms. Plus, you get the benefit of fitted kitchens, privacy, reasonable check-out times and proximity to the beach. 

Because, at most, you’ll have driven a few hundred miles, or hopped on a train to one of our holiday parks, you won’t have spent hundreds, or even thousands of pounds on air travel either.

Self-catering is more comfortable

Keeping a young baby or large family in several hotel rooms at once can be awkward. This is a problem you don’t have with self-catering accommodation, where everyone has their own room, and these are connected by a shared hallway, just like your own home. 

You’ll have some shared communal space too, such as a lounge or patio area, in which to spread out.

Self-catering is better for the environment

Staying local, and holidaying within the UK helps reduce your family’s carbon footprint. Driving to the coast, rather than jetting overseas, means lessened CO2 emissions. Trains and buses are even lighter on emissions than flights or driving too. 

Cooking at home, at least for some of your visit, further reduces your carbon footprint. Enjoy our beautiful coastal scenery and pretty villages, guilt free!

There’s more to do on a rainy day

There’s more to do on a rainy day
There's so much to enjoy in the water at Seton Sands

When you take a hotel-based holiday, unless it’s a massive five-star resort, you won’t find much to do indoors during the day. Mostly, your hotel expects visitors to be out and about during daytime. They’ll usually want to clean your room after breakfast, and if it’s pouring with rain, you may not find a family-friendly refuge in a quiet hotel bar. 

When you take a self-catering holiday with Haven, you can spend a rainy day playing indoors or catching up with the football in our bars and restaurants. Or, you can go swimming at our indoor pools and enjoy entertainment in our dedicated venues, with shows for all the family.

Use your accommodation as a base

Use your accommodation as a base
Weymouth is full of adventures

Whether you’re with friends during the day, or touring local attractions in your car, you can return at any time to your self-catering property, with our park’s 24-hour security and access. Self-catering gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your holiday exactly the way you want it. 

All Haven holiday parks are situated within an easy drive of major coastal attractions, historic towns and villages, and inland beauty spots. We’ve curated lists of all the best things to do whilst staying with us, which include child- and dog-friendly options.

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