Sustainable UK caravan holidays at Haven

How to enjoy a sustainable UK caravan holiday

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If there were a list of trends that have grown since the start of the 21st-century, sustainability would be close to the top. With each passing year, climate change and our impact on the world we live moves even further up the news agenda and closer to our conscience.

Everyday actions and habits have been tweaked in order to protect the environment even further, with habits like the use of plastic or when to make a car journey changing rapidly. Much attention has been given to the idea of personal responsibility, with an individual’s carbon footprint cropping up in more and more conversations. It’s clear the way in which we holiday with our loved ones makes a big contribution to our yearly carbon footprint, with international travel a particularly costly step.

A Haven holiday is a fantastic way to cut down on this and still make those all-important memories. Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy, with our caravans, accommodation and parks each seeing their carbon footprint reduced by over 40% through energy efficiency measures. But there’s always more that can be done as a guest. Here’s how to enjoy an even more sustainable UK caravan holiday.

Choose a park that’s a little closer to home

Mother and son looking out from their caravan

With 37 parks located north, south, east and west in some of the UK’s greatest coastal spots, you’re never too far from a place that takes you away from the hustle and bustle as long as you please. The vast majority of the country’s population are within a two-to three-hour drive of our parks, keeping emissions minimal and making us the standout performer when it comes to sustainability and the journey to your destination.

When you get to us, you’ll be able to give the car a rest if you fancy and enjoy a magnificent range of bookable activities and entertainment if you’re on a Stay+Play holiday. A Stay package doesn’t necessarily need the car while you’re with us either, with many of our parks located right on the beach and surrounded by stunning scenery that creates a true sense of adventure.

Travel by train most of the way

Train running through fields

Our parks may be in some of the most beautiful areas, but that doesn’t mean they’re inaccessible. The bulk of the journey to us is usually possible via train from the UK’s largest towns and cities.

The rail network is fantastic for seeing a different side to the country on your way to us and beats the monotony of motorway driving hands down. Many family and group tickets save you shedloads on the National Rail website, and these are even greater when you book in advance. When you arrive at the nearest station to our park, hop in a cab. Many run on a hybrid model of fuel and electric. You’ll be reducing emissions as well as supporting the local economy and arriving at your Haven hideaway in style.

Educate the kids

Nature Rockz Firelighting

By choosing a holiday with us, you won’t just be escaping the stresses and strains of adult working life. The environment around our parks is one of freedom, ideal for the kids to roam, have fun and even be educated in the process. We've put our ideas to good use as proud members of the Wildlife Trust, a charity that looks after over 2,300 nature reserves, many of which are a short distance from our parks.

Our activities are a great way to get the next generation involved in sustainability. A Stay+Play unlocks bookings for Nature Rockz. These inspirational sessions are a constant hit with our younger guests and involve discovery of the local plants, wildlife and environment. We’ve also got Park Rangers available at all our parks to answer any questions related to local environment and the work we do to protect it.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Surfing at Riviere Sands

We’ve got beaches in abundance, picture-perfect countryside and fantastic walking trails nearby to help to discover all the glorious sights surrounding our parks. Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to abandon all aspects of a healthy, balanced lifestyle that’s also great for the environment. This option extends to our restaurants too, with an impressive range of vegetarian and vegan options for guests that have embraced a plant-based lifestyle.

Stretch your legs and see even more around you than when you’re travelling from A to B in the car. Bask in the summer sunshine or wrap up when it gets a bit chilly- either way our settings are fantastic for a foray on foot.

Bring or hire a bike

Bike hire

Whether its Olympic success, the lockdown lifestyle or greater awareness, all parts of the UK are seeing an incredible rise in people of all generations going for a ride on two wheels. Our park teams are spotting bikes around the place with increasing prominence. The coastal areas we call home are fantastic for a cycle, taking you to places even further away on an even greater number of adventures. There’s no better to way to get that breath of fresh sea air into your lungs.

A healthy number of our parks offer bike hire in association with Halfords. Bikes, helmets and bike locks for all shapes and sizes are provided so everything is hassle free and you can focus on the adventure at hand. The bikes are serviced regularly so you can take these for a spin with the maximum confidence. You’ll be doing your bit for sustainability too.

Stay with us!

Family cycling around a park

Ultimately, by booking a Stay or Stay+Play holiday with us, you’re on a clear pathway to making your holiday sustainable. Our parks have and continue to implement measures to limit our carbon footprint even further- we know there’s a hell of a lot more to do! You’ll reduce, reuse and recycle initiatives across all aspects our parks – putting sustainability at the heart of everything from our accommodation to our entertainment venues.