Own a holiday home

Static caravan site fees

All homes have running costs; holiday homes are no different. So what's involved? Annual costs include site fees, rates, water, gas, electricity and insurance. These change from year to year, but we've used our experience to come up with estimates so you can get an idea.

Our static caravan site fees cover all park maintenance, landscaping, security and your use of park facilities. Your first year's fees (plus pro rata costs for rates, water and insurance) are included in the price of your package. And for a little more, we can add extra services like getting your place all tucked up for winter. We always let new owners know all the added running costs right from the start. You'll know exactly where you stand before you sign on the dotted line.

A look at the numbers

How much will it cost me?

Site fees for 2019 are included in the package price of all our new and pre-owned holiday homes, meaning you're able to spread the cost within any monthly finance payments.  

Running costsCosts
Annual site fees range from*£2,682 to £10,032
Average gas and electric£288
Average rates including water£572
Holiday home insurance£235 to £395
Average total running costs£3,777 to £11,287

*Site fee range based on 2018 and vary by park.

A view of some of our caravans in our Otters Lake development at Doniford Bay Holiday Park