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Top thrill-seeking activities on park

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The seaside has been home to amusements for decades and our parks add more than a hint of adrenaline to the mix. Head for a Haven holiday and you’ll be able to thrill-seek to your heart’s content.

This lovely list of thrill-seeking activities is the sort of stuff that make memories that last a lifetime. They’re experiences that can be done as together as a family and are hosted by a friendly member of our park team every step of the way. Have a read of our favourites, get booking your Haven Stay+Play staycation and select as many activities as you please via via the handy

Aerial Adventure

Aerial Adventure

Aerial Adventure is the place to be on park for all things thrill-seeking. It’s a classic case of an experience you associate with a great time away, making those all-important memories that are talked about for years to come. The course is at the top of the tree, quite literally, when it comes to getting the blood pumping.

You’ll be pushed to new heights as you navigate the skies over our parks, giving you a fantastic view of the surroundings. Tyres, ropes and zip wires are just some of the obstacles you’ll come up against, with your harness holding you as you move from A to B. One of our amazing team members is on hand to talk you through everything as you take your position. Aerial Adventure prices vary by park, so when you’ve picked where you want to go, head for our experience page for a full list.



Adrenaline does exactly what it says on the tin. This awe-inspiring activity takes the classic zip wire in your local park to the next level. Suspended high above the ground, it’s a barrel of laughs for all the family and always has participants talking for days. You’ll literally get your adrenaline flowing with a ride that’s simply breath-taking - more than your average Haven breath of fresh air, that’s for certain! A friendly team member will get you geared up for this rip-roaring ride.

Height and weight restrictions apply with Adrena-Line. The activity is open to all those over the age of 11 and costs just £12 per go.

Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline

Bungee Trampoline is another activity that takes something we all know and love and raises it to next level, again quite literally! Trampolining is terrific, and this version will transport you high into the sky, affording all that are strapped in a magnificent view of the park and its surroundings. Safe to say, the adrenaline rush will also be in full swing.

Our professional park team member will help get you into the bungee cord, and then, it’s over to you to have as much fun as you can. A Bungee Trampoline session costs just £5 per person and is open to all weighing more than 19kg.

The Jump

The Jump at Craig Tara

There is always one ride at a theme park that’s like marmite. You either, love it or hate it. We think it’s usually the one that takes you high up into the sky before dropping you to the ground without warning. The Jump serves as our version of this!

You’ll climb up the steps to your position before leaping off the platform and landing on the huge airbag that consumes you at the bottom. It’s a brilliant activity for thrill seekers that will leave wanting another go. A jump coasts just £10 and is hosted by one of our brilliant team members.

Leap of Faith

Paint and Rhyme Time

Leap of Faith transports you high into the air, but you’re not only there for the view. You’ll be full harnessed as you ascend the legendary Leap of Faith ladder to the high platform. Your challenge is to leap across to the hanging bar suspended in the air. You’ll be spurred on by your park host and family as the moment of truth arrives. Either way, you’ll be left wanting another go at this tension-filled experience.

Leap of Faith is available for all over 7s to have a go and costs just £8. Size up the area yourself before you take on this brilliant challenge.