Swift Bordeaux, one of our luxury caravans

Luxury (Silver) versus comfort (standard Bronze) static caravans

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Our tastes and needs are unique, and the static caravan that suits one person may not appeal to another - that's why manufacturers offer an amazing variety of static caravan models. But with such a huge selection available, how do you choose?

To help, we group our static caravans into three grades: comfortable Bronze, luxury Silver and indulgent Gold. Gold is the top end of the range, but what do you get in a Silver caravan versus a Bronze caravan?

This article will help to guide you as we take you through the nitty-gritty differences between the Silver and Bronze models and fully explain what's so wonderful about owning a luxury Silver caravan.

Key differences in caravan features

What you get in each caravan is what really sets them apart from each other. Our luxury Silver range has models with appliances and features that you don’t typically see in our Bronze range. Think stylish free-standing furniture that you can move around to suit your family and lifestyle; fully integrated and full-sized appliances like fridge freezers to mirror what you may have at home, and king-sized beds for room to stretch out as you sleep.

Caravans in the Bronze range have fewer extras than a luxury Silver model, but the everyday essentials are certainly catered for, with a few bonus nice touches that might surprise you. Some have a convenient ensuite with toilet, a large bay window to let in lots of light, and even larger wardrobes for the fashion conscious.

Key differences in caravan design

Key differences in caravan design
The cosy lounge of the ABI St David - one of our luxury Silver models


Design is one of the big differentiating factors in caravans and one of the reasons why owners are willing to pay more for a luxury Silver caravan model. Caravan manufacturers take inspiration from the latest decor trends to create a contemporary space you’ll just love to show off.

The Bronze range are modern, pleasant looking and have a welcoming feel. A bit more of a blank canvas that you can add your own touches to, compared with the homely decor found in the luxury Silver range.


If you like to feel a breeze on your face, then a luxury Silver model designed with a front deck and doors that open wide may be on your wish list. Sitting on the sofa with the voile floating in the fresh sea air creates a very chilled atmosphere. And the extra space provided by the deck could be useful if you like to entertain, or if you have kids or pets.

The price difference between Comfort and Luxury

Your budget will be one of the most important influences on which option you go for and will be one of the biggest factors in making your decision.

As you can imagine, Gold caravans will have the biggest purchase price as the cream of the crop in terms of space, specification and size, and due to the size of the pitch they need, potentially bigger site fee costs too. Luxury Silver offers day-to-day essentials with many luxurious extras and price will be somewhere in the middle of the other two, with costs varying depending on the overall design and features included. Bronze is our practical range and therefore our lowest-priced caravans.

Our luxury Silver range benefits and features*

Luxury Silver models:

  • Spacious feel with a free-standing sofa and table

  • Fully integrated appliances

  • Ensuite shower rooms

  • King-size beds

  • Sizes range from 35-40ft long and 12ft wide

  • Centrally heated

  • Double glazed

Look through our luxury Silver models. 

*Features and benefits vary by model.

Our Bronze range benefits and features*

Bronze models

  • Our lowest-priced caravans are included in this range

  • They offer the best value

  • Practical models with core features

  • Sociable living areas

  • Tend to have static furniture maximising space

  • Sizes range from 35-36 foot long and 12ft wide

  • Centrally heated

  • Double glazed.

View our comfortable Bronze models

*Features and benefits vary by model.

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