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UK group holidays and large bookings

With 37 glorious coastal parks dotted around the country, Haven's perfectly placed for getting loads of people together. Whether you're gathering up friends, family or colleagues, we've got somewhere that's fab, fun and not too far away. If you need to book 5 or more holiday homes then our Group & Event service is perfect. Booking a group holiday has never been easier.

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groups holidays and events at haven

What we offer

Group bookings

Whether you're enjoying a special celebration, or just simply like to travel in a group, Haven is a great place to come together. If you book 5 or more holiday homes together, you'll get our dedicated group and event service – and it can often mean savings too.

Team building events

Looking to reconnect with your team, strengthen the bond between you or just looking for a little downtime? We have loads of activities available, all of which are great team motivators and get all of you really working together.

Funded breaks

If you're part of a charity organisation and need support organising multiple caravans or breaks then our dedicated team is at hand. We can help you arrange holidays and even help you organise annual agreements if your charity is a year-round fundraiser.

A family having a bike ride through the woods

Just a snippet of what to expect at Haven

Why choose Haven?

Convenient locations

With 37 award-winning holiday parks, we can offer national coverage - easy access for all your party

Everything you need

A wide range of accommodation, facilities and activities - to suit all ages and requirements

Great food

Bars and restaurants with menus to suit all, plus lots of space to sit together

Enjoy time away with friends and family

Group celebrations and events

Our parks are just the thing if you're hosting a big family getaway. Our bars and restaurants, and all our facilities have so much room for groups – there's always space for one more chair. And you'll be spoilt for choice when you want to make new memories together. You can all pile down to the beach for sunny, sandy family photos, or learn a new game together, like archery or water sports – or just relax and spend precious time with each other.

What's the occasion?

Types of group events

Special celebrations

Special interest clubs

Special events

Quality time with your team

Team building activities & events

Team building activities are a great way to get to know your colleagues. With so many different activities available, our team here at Haven will make sure you leave with amazing memories. We can offer your company something unique: a break full of fun and excitement. You'll soon see your group start to relax. Help your team blow away the cobwebs with a fresh sea breeze, and remind them how important simple pleasures are. There's nothing more nostalgic than ice cream at the seaside. Why not give your team a work perk they'll remember forever.

Get a well deserved break to the coast

Funded breaks

Haven is the ideal spot for a charity holiday. With 37 parks along the coast, you're never far from a place to make new memories and recharge your batteries. Whether you know a family in need of a well-deserved break or are planning a special celebration, our team will offer help and advice from the day you book your holiday. Whether you'd love extra support or need additional carers, we're always on hand to help.

funded breaks at haven

Types of funded breaks

Individual holidays

Multiple accommodation

National charities

How we can support you

Need help arranging your event?

One-to-one assistance

A personal advisor to support you all the way from enquiry to holiday arrival

Just one booking

Keeping everything in one place with one payment, contact and all the details and requests

Experienced team

Administrative support and guidance - we've been looking after groups for years