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Our parks are packed with fun stuff to do so you won't want to miss out on the action. If you are planning a visit with school aged kids then we always recommend you book ahead. Activity Bundles are available anytime, they allow you to book and pay for activities in advance when the parks are busy. Activity Bundles are only sold in advance and are not available on the parks.  

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Activity Bundles

What are they?

An Activity Bundle allows you to plan and book activities before you go, so you can get straight into the action when you arrive. They’re best for when school’s out - it’s busier at the parks and activities can fill up quickly! A bundle of 10 activity passes is ideal for small families or short breaks, and 20 passes is better for larger families and longer breaks.

How much do they cost?

A bundle of 10 passes is £50 and a bundle of 20 passes is £100. You can only buy them up to 48 hours prior to your arrival – online or on the phone. You can still pay as you go for activities at the parks, but these will be subject to availability.

How do I book?

Add your Activity Bundle as an ‘optional extra’ when you book your break. If you’ve already booked, add a bundle to your booking by logging in to My Account on or call 0333 202 5250. You must do this at least 48 hours before arrival. Our ‘Haven What's On' app also allows you to pre-book activities and create your own personalised holiday diary. Pre-book your favourite activities so you can rock up and get busy. You have up to 24 hours before you arrive to allocate bundles.

Example bundle values

How many passes do I need?

Take a look at some of our popular Activity Bundle values as a guide:
Activity Bundle value 
Bike Hire (full day)3 passes
Kart hire (family) 3 passes
Paddleboard lesson3 passes 
Aerial Adventure Primrose Valley (6yrs+)4 passes 
Junior Segways2 passes 
Raft building 2 passes 
WaterWalkerz (5yrs +)1 pass
Learn2Swim (4yrs+)1 pass 
Turbo Paddlers (4-8yrs)1 pass

What can you buy with your bundles?

Here are a few activity highlights



Glide through the water and chase your friends around the pool.

Child on a Aerial Adventure course

Aerial Adventure

Brave the heights and enjoy a birds eye view of the park

Girl flying high on a bungee trampoline

Bungee trampoline

Bounce higher than you've ever bounced before

Swimming lessons


Get your kids water confident

Paints and hand prints on table

Arty Tots

Get messy, get creative

Girl looking at bugs in a container

Nature Rockz

Learn about the micro world around you

JGirl on a Junior Segway


Kids can ride on Junior Segways

Two children on lying on paddle boards

Paddle boarding

Take to the sea on a paddle board

The feathered end of three arrows


Shoot some arrows

Frequently asked questions

How many Activity Bundles do I need?

It depends how big your family is and how many activities you want to take part in. Our first Activity Bundle has 10 passes, which should be plenty for a short break. Our second bundle of 20 passes is better for a week-long holiday, or if you have 2 or more school-age children in your party. If you do need to pay for any extra activities over and above those covered by your Activity Bundle during your break, you can do so by visiting the Activities and Leisure booking desk. 

Where do I go to book and allocate my bundle?

You will need to do this online by logging into My Haven Holiday and you can also redeem your passes through the Haven app. If you prefer you can call us on 0333 202 5250. 

What if I miss the chance to buy an Activity Bundle before I arrive at the park?

If you don't manage to buy your Activity Bundle before you arrive, you may be able to book available activities on the park if there is availability. We do get busy though, especially around school holidays, and an Activity Bundle gives you priority booking.

Do I have to book my activity sessions at the same time as booking my Activity Bundle?

You can come back to book your sessions after you have bought your bundles, you do not have to book at the same time. However, we do recommend that you book with plenty of time to spare as activities get booked up. It's essential that you book your activities at least 24 hours before your arrival date. We do not offer refunds on unused Activity Bundles so its essential to get on the right sessions as soon as possible. 

Once you've booked your holiday and bought your Activity Bundle online, simply visit My Haven Holiday where you can see all of the activities and times available to book. You can also view information about activities on the park on our 'Haven What's On' app. 

What's not included in Activity Bundles?

There are just a few specialist activities like windsurfing, 9-hole golf and horse riding that are provided by external companies and will not be covered by the Activity Bundles. Please check park activity details for further information. Also Pic 'n' Paint Pottery sessions are not applicable and the bundles are only for activities and can't be used in shops, bars or restaurants on site. 

How many people can use one Activity Bundle?

Anyone on the booking can use an Activity Bundle.

How do I buy more?

Bundles are only available to buy up to 48 hours prior to your arrival, but you can buy individual passes on the park. 

Can I get a refund if the activity has to be cancelled?

Activity Bundles are non-refundable, but we will always aim to rearrange a session. 

If I don't use all the passes in my bundle can they be used for my next break?

Yes, but they are only valid for the 2018 season, you will need your booking confirmation of when the Activity Bundle was purchased to reuse your bundle.

Activity Bundle terms and conditions

Activity bookings

  • It is recommended that activities are booked and allocated prior to arrival at the park as we may have limited availability, particularly during busy periods.  
  • Activities are subject to availability and may vary from park to park.  
  • Guests must arrive 5 minutes prior to the start of the session as Health and Safety briefings are given.  
  • If you are late and have missed the safety briefing, for your own safety you may not be able to take part in the session.  
  • If you wish to cancel an activity, that's fine, we understand your plans change, please give us 24 hours notice and we will happily provide a refund.  
  • Unfortunately, if you miss your session we are unable to transfer you to another session or offer a refund.  
  • If the weather is bad and we can't run an activity for this or some other reason, we'll always offer you an alternative.  
  • The company reserve the right to cancel any activity at any time. Where possible we will transfer to another session or an alternative activity.  
  • The Team Member/Coach has the overall responsibility for health and safety of the activity and can stop the session or ask a participant to leave at any time. In this case, no refund will be given.  
  • Family Roller Disco: it is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to supervise their child/children.  
  • Bike & Kart Hire: the company reserves the right to hold entertainment passes as well as a deposit. Persons hiring bikes or karts will be held responsible for any damage caused and will be liable for all costs the damage incurs.  
* Age restrictions apply to some activities.

Activity Bundles

  • If you have purchased your Activity Bundle prior to arrival and you wish to cancel, please call Customer Services to discuss. Pre-purchased Activity Bundles are non-refundable on the park. 
  • Our Activity Bundles come in 10 and 20 passes. Some activities will require more than 1 pass per person who takes part.  
  • Activity Bundles can only be purchased up to 48 hours before arrival and are strictly subject to availability. The further ahead you buy your bundle, the better your chances of redeeming them for the activities you desire. If you forget to buy beforehand, you may be able to buy activities on the park on a pay-as-you-go basis, subject to availability.
  • Activity Bundles are non-refundable.   

Full terms and conditions apply