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Let out your adventurous side
The three ropes on the climbing wall at Thorpe Park
The thrilling Jump tower at Marton Mere

Adventure activities

Let out your adventurous side

If you like to face your fears, our adventure activities are perfect for you. Jump off a 6 metre high platform and then race your family up one of our climbing walls. For the younger ones, try a 4x4 Off-Roader on its own adventure course.


Come and get your adrenaline flowing on our two-directional zip wire. Experience the breath-taking ride – who will scream louder – you or your kids?

  • 11yrs+
  • 50-100kg, Min. height 1.2m
  • 45 mins

Aerial Adventure

A fun-filled adventure in the sky. Climb up to the high platform and work your way around the challenging obstacles, keeping your safety line to hand as you watch your step.

Our courses at Golden Sands and Caister-on-Sea are multi-directional so you can choose how challenging you want it to be and it means you can try a new exciting route the next time you do the course.

  • 6yrs+
  • 45 mins - 60 mins
  • Min 1.3-1.5m tall with an adult on the course, 1.5m+ if alone.
  • At Caister and Golden Sands min. 1.2m tall

Climbing wall

Have a head for heights? Feeling adventurous? Our climbing wall will not only test your bravery, it's a great workout too. Build your strength, endurance and flexibility in this great activity.

Find out more about our climbing walls.

Leap of Faith

One small step for man, one giant leap for you! Climb the wooden pole ladder to the high platform, where you’ll need to summon a bit of courage to leap for the hanging bar.

  • 7yrs+
  • 45 mins

Mini Aerial Adventure

Get your little ones swinging and leaping on their own-sized Aerial Adventure. At just 1m off the ground, your kids will be challenged, not scared. You'll also walk the course next to them to give them extra encouragement.

Mini Crazy Climber

Let your little ones loose on the Mini Crazy Climber. In this session, just for 3-5 year olds, they’ll test their strength, speed and skill as they battle the bubble, honeycomb and spinning holds. How far can they go?

  • 3-5yrs
  • 30 mins

The Crazy Climber

Test your strength, speed and skill as you overcome the bubble, honeycomb and spinning holds to reach the top. No skill needed, just a little determination.

  • 6yrs+
  • 30 mins

The Drop and The Extreme Drop

Leap off the 6m high platform of The Drop to feel the thrill of free fall. The device catches you and floats you to the ground - just in time. If you can then face it, test your nerve on the 12m-high Extreme Drop.

  • 8yrs+
  • 20kg - 130kg
  • 60 mins

The Jump

Come and experience the thrill of The Jump. Take a jump into the air and experience free fall before landing on a soft giant airbag. Are you ready to jump?

Vertical Challenge

Climb, balance and swing your way through our mid-air high ropes obstacle course. It’s a long way down, but you’re completely safe with a harness and helmet.

  • 7yrs+
  • 45 mins

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