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Make a splash!
Beach surf at Riviere Sands

Water sports

Make a splash!

For the daredevils: try your hand at Surfing and Lake Paddleboard Coaching. Or, for something more relaxed meander round the lake in one of our Pedalos.

Boat Adventures

Boat Adventures

All aboard! Become a mini skipper during your holiday, and with the help of your trusty crew, roam uncharted waters across the lake.

  • Suitable for all ages
  • 30 mins
Canoe Coaching

Canoe Coaching

This activity is a great way to relax and see some of the wildlife on the park while building your confidence in the kayak, moving around and reaching out. Our friendly instructors will teach you the basic canoe and paddling skills and you'll be able to put your new skills into practice.

  • 8yrs+
  • 90 mins
Lake Kayak Hire

Lake Kayak Hire & Coaching

Hire a kayak and using the double-bladed paddle to power you, explore the beautiful lake. Kayaking is a very relaxing activity and a great way to see some of the wildlife on the park.

Or you can join our friendly instructors for a fun, coached lake kayaking session. You’ll be taught the basic strokes – then it’s time to try them out. It’s a great experience being out on the water.

  • Two sessions available for 6-9yrs or 8yrs+
  • 30 mins
Lake Paddleboard Coaching

Lake Paddleboard Hire & Coaching

When someone hires one of our paddleboards there’s the sound of laughter and splashing in the air as they get to grips with this brilliant water sport.

Our instructors can also take you through the basics of paddleboarding. You'll learn some technical skills and it’s then time to hit the water. You may find you end up in the water a lot as you get to grips with standing up while paddling the board, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

  • Two sessions available for 6-9yrs or 8yrs+
  • 90 mins
Pedalo on the Primrose Valley boating lake


Drift slowly across the water in a pedalo! It’s so simple to control, you can go forwards, backwards, left and right. Everyone in the family is welcome, so zip up your jackets and get involved in some peaceful paddling.

  • 2yrs+
  • 30 mins
Sea Paddleboard Coaching

Sea Paddleboard Hire & Coaching

Can you see those people out at sea standing on water? Nope – it’s just people paddleboarding. Friendly and patient instructors will show you how to use the long paddle to propel yourself through the water as you stand at the same time. Or if you're already confident, you can hire one for your own adventure.

  • 10yrs+
  • 120 mins
Surfing at Perran Sands


Are you ready to impress with some serious surfing skills? Learn the basics on the beach before hitting the surf. Friendly instructors will be with you every step of the way on your journey to ride the waves.

  • 8yrs +
  • 120 mins
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