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Top activities on park for teens

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Haven is home to an abundance of activities that don’t just entertain. They educate and enthral young people, helping them develop the skills needed to tackle any challenge. Our parks are home to awesome experiences that give all the family those cherished memories to last a lifetime. With a Stay+Play holiday, our activities can give you moments that you’ll all be talking about for years to come. After all, we’ve all been there. You go away on holiday and do something simply unavailable in everyday life. Here’s our handpicked list of activities that will have the teenagers in the family off the sofa and itching for more staycations to the seaside. All that’s left to do is book your holiday and add your activities via the handy


Hafan y Mor Dragon Lakes Segways

Few things showcase the incredible rise of technology in the 21st-century like Segways do. It wasn’t long ago that Segways didn’t exist on our streets. Now, they’re ever present, and we’re not just talking the seaside. High streets up and down the country are full of people taking advantage of this modern mode of transport.

As Segway enthusiasts, we decided to roll with the times and bring these magnificent machines onto our parks for guests to have a go. In one of our bookable structured sessions, an informative instructor will take you through how to use one. You’ll be helped up onto a Segway of your own, and before you know it, you’ll be riding one as if you’ve had it for years. It’s brilliant way to get teens and adults involved in a fun-filled exercise together. Segway sessions cost only £16, and you’ll be given the chance to roam around the park.

The Jump

The Jump at Craig Tara

We’ve all been to theme parks. Remember that ride that lifts you high up in the sky before you suddenly drop? The g-force is unrivalled, giving you a rush of adrenaline that lives long in the memory. We’ve brought something similar to our parks in the form of The Jump.

Simple but scintillating, at The Jump you'll climb a fair distance upwards before jumping off our platform and landing into our HUGE airbag. It’s a great activity for teens and one that’ll definitely be leaving you wanting another go. The Jump costs just £10 and one of our fantastic team members is with you every step of the way.

Aerial Adventure

HM Dragon Lakes Aerial Adventure

Our parks are places where every day experiences go out the window and holiday memories are made. A sprinkling of something you don’t have on your doorstep always helps. Whenever we’re asked to recommend an activity for our teenage guests, our Aerial Adventure courses are always at the top of our minds.

This lofty challenge quite literally pushes you to new heights, giving you a great view of our parks and their stellar surroundings. The challenge is made up of several sections that take you from A to B as you’re harnessed. Tyres, ropes and zip wires are just some of the obstacles you’ll encounter. You’ll feel on top of the world as you navigate along the route, so if you’re heading on holiday, this one is an absolute must! Aerial Adventure prices vary by park, so enquire when you’ve settled on where you’re going for your Stay+Play holiday.

Climbing Wall

Hafan y Mor Dragon Lakes Climbing Wall Auto Belay

You can’t beat a bit of climbing. Few other activities test your upper body strength and concentration like a journey up the wall. A sport that’s growing in popularity, it’s featuring as an Olympic sport for the first time at Tokyo 2020, with its reputation set to grow in both urban and rural parts of the UK after it’s thrust into the spotlight.

Our climbing walls are a test of boldness and bravery as you assess your best way to the top. You’ll be harnessed from top to bottom, giving you the freedom to ascend as you please. Endurance and flexibility are at the heart of this adrenaline-fuelled activity. A session on the wall costs £12 and is hosted by one of park professionals.


Try Archery with us at Haven

Another activity that we associate with being away, Archery is one our favourites and immensely popular with teenagers that come to our parks with their family. Whether you consider yourself an expert with the bow and arrow or you’ve never even seen an archer in action before, our carefully considered sessions give you an experience that will leave you wanting another go.

A fantastic instructor will help you get your gear together and prepare you to fire some accurate shots at the target. You’ll have loads of goes and be hitting the bullseye in no time. We’ll also lay on a few entertaining games to spice things up. Each session costs £10 per person a whole host of our parks.