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Team building activities & events at Haven

Team building activities are a great way to get to know your colleagues. With so many different activities available, our team here at Haven will make sure you leave with amazing memories. We can offer your company something unique: a break full of fun and excitement. You’ll soon see your group start to relax.

Help your team blow away the cobwebs with a fresh sea breeze, and remind them how important simple pleasures are. There’s nothing more nostalgic than ice cream at the seaside. Why not give your team a work perk they’ll remember forever.

Types of team building activities

Do you need to motivate your team with some team building activities? Do you want more from your team meeting than sitting around a conference table? Could that training happen on the beach? Do you want to improve team relationships? We can work with you to organise a unique team experience that everyone will really remember.

Not convinced yet?

Here are 10 reasons why Haven could be perfect for your team building event...