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The seaside is a place that sets your free and inspires us all to try new things. Our parks are home to awesome activities that’ll get those creative juices flowing.

Come rain or shine, these experiences are on hand not only to entertain but to educate all those that partake. Suitable for all generations, these artistic escapades offer something different on staycation, stimulating the mind of all young and old. We’ve whittled down our unrivalled set of creative activities into a shortlist showcasing our favourites below.

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Pic n Paint Pottery: part of Pottery Creations

Pic n Paint Pottery: part of Pottery Creations

Pic n Paint Pottery is quite literally the pick of the bunch. Hosted by one of our fantastic park team members, this indoor activity is a constant favourite amongst our younger guests. The great thing about this is that it can be done as a family, with everyone pitching in and having fun. Simply select a pottery item of your choice. There are animals, a heart, an ice cream-shaped box or an eight-inch plate to choose from.

Give your item some colour, we’ll pop it in the kiln to dry and then you can collect it a day or two later. You’ll have a souvenir to remember your Haven holiday!

Coastal Sand Bottles

Coastal Sand Bottles

Another great way to get out and experience something different with the kids, our Coastal Sand Bottle sessions are a way to connect your creative spark within this interactive lesson. Hosted by a friendly team member on park, you’ll be given a unique bottle to make your own. Fill the bottle with as many different types of coloured sand as you want, creating a work of art that’s more than worthy of a place on the mantelpiece.

You can even attach a label that can be designed yourself, making this a great souvenir to take back or even a gift for someone at home.

Sand Art

Sand Art is another creative activity that’s a hit with our guests up and down the country. After experiencing the stretches of sand for yourself on one of our nearby beaches, it’s time to put the natural specimen to use in a fun and interactive session that’s great for all ages to join in. Younger guests love the way you can sprinkle colourful variations on your paper and create your own work of art.

Once again, you’ll be able to bring your creation home, so you’ll have something to remember the family staycation for years to come.

Pic n Bobble Pottery

Pic n Bobble Pottery

Part of our Pottery Creations activities. Fancy yourself as a future artist? Pic n Bobble Pottery is just the thing to keep your skills up by the seaside. Head here for the chance to create a fun party animal using fun-filled foam clay. It comes in a range of vibrant colours, so you’ll be able to put your own stamp on it. The design possibilities really are endless.

With the clay drying so quickly, you’ll be able to walk out of this friendly session with your pretty pottery in your hand. It’s another great souvenir or gift for any holiday.

Precious Prints

Precious Prints

Part of our Pottery Creations activities. Precious Prints is a great way for all generations to come together and get their creative hats on. Hosted by one of our fantastic park team members, this is another activity that educates as well as entertains. Your kids can turn their footprint or handprint into a lion, tractor or butterfly which we then make into a ceramic gift that can be brought away with you. The smile on the kids' faces when they create their masterpiece is priceless.

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