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Top 5 things to do near Riviere Sands and on park

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Darren Hiscock is General Manager at Riviere Sands, Cornwall, and says the park is a fantastic base for exploring all that the region has to offer holidaymakers. Here are his top five things to do whilst visiting Riviere Sands. 

1. Learn to surf

1. Learn to surf

Our biggest unique selling point at Riviere Sands is surfing. We actually find that a lot of our guests return to us just so that they can have another lesson with Dean, who’s our dedicated surf instructor. We do get a lot of people that do rebook with us so that they can spend some more time with Dean and him take them through surfing again. 

2. Take in the views from The Bluff Inn

2. Take in the views from The Bluff Inn

Our restaurant, The Bluff Inn, is about a 200 metre stroll from the main park, and has absolutely stunning views. It has tables by the windows, a beer garden and outside terrace, all with that amazing view. It is truly beautiful. And the tide comes all the way in and all the way out, so it is truly stunning. 

Because of where the sun sets over St Ives, if you’re sat at The Bluff you literally look out onto the sunset. The pictures absolutely don’t do it justice but you do get people again who just sit at The Bluff outside waiting to video the sunset.

3. Explore the local area, from St Ives to Godrevy

3. Explore the local area, from St Ives to Godrevy

You come to Riviere Sands to explore. There’s a truly wonderful park and ride that goes from St Erth to St Ives, and the train you take goes up along the estuary and along a cliff view, so all your views are looking out over the sea and over St Ives Bay. 

In St Ives itself, there’s The Tate and the Barbara Hepworth Museum. And there’s the National Trust Godrevy site and lighthouse, the other side of the cove.  

Our front row vans have the view of St Ives all the way around to Godrevy the other side so the bit that sets us apart a little bit as well.

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4. Try out the Mini Aerial Adventure

4. Try out the Mini Aerial Adventure
This similar facility gives you an idea of what to expect!

Mini Aerial Adventure - a low ropes course for children - was added to the park in 2022 and is definitely one of the best things to try out on park.

5. Enjoy a pizza from Papa Johns

5. Enjoy a pizza from Papa Johns
Papa Johns: just one of the tasty venues at our Haven parks

We’ve recently had a new Papa Johns restaurant added as well which is a big thing for the park, and somewhere you have to try while you're on holiday here.

What do you love about Riviere Sands?

I’m from Cleethorpes originally so I moved my family 400 miles to down here, and the bit that I love the most is that I’m on holiday every day. And we do so much exploring and so much of the fun stuff, just like our guests. 

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