Bamburgh beach, Northumberland

Things to do in Bamburgh

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With its majestic castle and stunning beaches, Bamburgh might be a small village, but it has lots to offer. Situated in the heart of Northumberland, Bamburgh is a popular destination throughout the year. If you’re looking for somewhere that offers history, culture, and nature in equal measure, Bamburgh’s waiting for you!

Here are some interesting things to do in Bamburgh on a day out. It’s only around half an hour’s drive from our nearby Haggerston Castle and Berwick holiday parks!

Bamburgh Castle

Bamburgh Castle
Bamburgh: a castle and beach to remember

Bamburgh Castle has 3000 years of history and was home to the Anglo-Saxon kings of Northumbria. It’s considered one of England's finest coastal fortresses! 

Once you’ve bought your ticket, it lets you into the castle and its grounds — dogs and kids under four years old get in for free. 

Even from the outside, you can see how Bamburgh Castle is one of the largest in the country. As you make your way inside, you can see just how grand the interior is with its wood panelling, large gold framed portraits, and sweeping rooms that take you deeper into history.

Admire the exhibit displays including coats of armour, statues, and artefacts. You’ll get to visit the hall, the armoury, and the oldest part of the castle that remains — its keep. 

On a sunny day, sit outside in the grass and overlook the rolling hills and coastline as you eat a picnic at one of the benches dotted around the area.

Castle Windmill

Castle Windmill

After you've looked around the castle and its grounds, head to the north end - you’ll find an old windmill built in the 18th century.

This fascinating windmill was used to grind corn to feed the poor people of Bamburgh. As you stand atop the hill here, you can take in the scenery of the surrounding area. It’s well worth a visit for photo opportunities!

Grace Darling Museum

Grace Darling Museum

We can’t talk about Bamburgh without mentioning one of the great Victorian heroines, Grace Darling. In 1838, she risked her life rescuing nine survivors from a shipwreck. 

That's why the Grace Darling Museum, run by the RNLI, is well worth a visit while you're here in Bamburgh. Inside, you’ll learn about Grace's upbringing and what life was like running a lighthouse. Learn more about the rescue that she’s famous for and why she’s known as a national heroine. You can view her personal items, letters, photos and artefacts from the rescue.

Entry is free and you'll find the entrance along Radcliffe Road in Bamburgh, not far from the seafront. There's parking close by in Bamburgh Castle.

Church of Saint Aidan

The church you see today was built at the end of the 12th century and stands in the spot of the old original wooden place of worship. The grounds are beautiful and a peaceful spot to walk around in any weather, with access to Grace Darling’s memorial. 

You can enter the church any day in the late morning to afternoon to view the history within its walls and marvel at the ornate stained-glass windows.

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Go for a walk

Go for a walk

Walk The Wynding 

Distance: 1.5 miles each 

Difficulty: easy to moderate, with some uneven ground and hills 

If you’re looking for active things to do near Bamburgh, try walking a trail! 

There are two routes you can follow from The Wynding; they’re each around 1.5 miles long and take you on slightly different journeys through the Bamburgh countryside. Make sure to wear comfy walking shoes. 

Public footpaths start from The Wynding at the Boathouse - you’ll see the turn-off for it as you come down this golf course road. Along either route, you’ll experience long, wild long grasses, views of the coast and the countryside that makes this area of Northumberland one of the prettiest. Both routes come out at the castle grounds.

Circular walk from Bamburgh to Budle 

Distance: 5 miles 

Terrain difficulty: easy to moderate, with some uneven ground and hills 

This time, the route starts at Bamburgh Castle. It's circular, so you’ll travel up to Budle Bay and end up back where you started. 

Start off at the castle car park and follow the coastal road to Bamburgh Moor. Here, you’ll find amazing geology, sand dunes, and rocky areas to explore. Look out to sea and spot Lindisfarne, or Holy Island! Once you pass Kiln Point, you can make your way to Budle. The footpaths will guide you back to the B road, which leads directly back to the castle.

Bamburgh Ossuary

Beneath the church of St Aidan lies a peaceful crypt for the people that lived in Anglo-Saxon Northumbria. Many remains have been found underneath the Dunes and the land of Bamburgh over the years, and this is their resting place. 

Descending the dark steps into the ossuary is a very unique experience. Discover more about the origin of these bones and learn more about how people may have lived in ancient Bamburgh. The rows of boxes you’ll see are where the human bones are stored.

Learn to surf with NE Surf

Learn to surf with NE Surf

For something a little bit different that celebrates the coastal town of Bamburgh, why not learn to surf? NE Surf offers surfing lessons with qualified coaches that are passionate about surfing the waves. 

With a beginner lesson, you can learn how to surf correctly in a small group and receive personalised instructions. Get started and experience the gorgeous scenery and a vibrant surfing community. You’ll be cresting the waves in no time!

Blacketts Gift Shop

Just opposite the church of St Aidan, you can find this gift shop located in the walled garden. 

You’ll find a mix of well-known brands and eclectic items made by local crafters, including candles, wooden signs, and toys. Perfect if you're looking for a gift for your favourite people back home — or as a treat for yourself! All items you see in the shop are inspired by Bamburgh’s history and culture.

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