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  • The great outdoors at Thornwick Bay

The great outdoors at
Thornwick Bay

Treasure the natural world around you...

We know that simple pleasures are the best. Which is why we want you and your family to get outside and make the most of our natural surroundings here at Thornwick Bay. Learn some essential survival skills, explore the park and the natural wildlife, or get creative and build a home for the birds that live on our park. Get together to fly kites, throw frisbees and find seashells. We have a nature trail, walking paths and plenty of routes to explore the park and surrounding areas by bike.
Our Nature Rockz activities will be led by one of our Park Rangers Elliot Banks who will be offering you even more opportunities to get closer to nature with fossil casting, guided cave exploration and plenty of green open spaces for kids to run around.
The great outdoors at Haven

Thornwick Bay is home to one of the biggest seabird colonies in Europe. Do you know your puffins from Kittiwakes? You will do after our Park Rangers take you to the Nature Reserve and coastal cliffs. See how many different species you can spot and learn about the feathered friends that also holiday with Haven.

Nature Rockz - Bush Craft

Den building: Find out about key survival skills, how to create shelters with only the natural surroundings at hand.

Fire lighting: Essential for any young explorer – learn the ways of the forest with a little help from our expert Ranger. Find out about key survival skills, how to light a fire with only the natural surroundings at hand.

Natural bracelet making: Make a bracelet using natural surrounds to remember your fantastic holiday by.

Water and wild foods: Learn essential survival skills from our expert Ranger. They’ll teach you all you need to know about water purification – so you’ll never be stuck without anything to drink ever again!

Nature Rockz - Get Creative

Grass heads: Come and make your own flower pot man. Watch as his hair grows and then cut it all off again!

Mini collages: Take home memories of our pretty park’s surroundings with our natures collage session.

Nest box making: With the help of our crafty Ranger you can build a home for those creatures that live in your garden.

Scrap heap create: Roam around our park with our Ranger to find clean, recycled materials to create your very own giant scrap heap animals.

Exclusive to Thornwick Bay:

Bow and arrow making: Learn which materials to use to make your very own bow and arrow set.

Cave art: Why not discover the wonderful sea caves and be inspired by the art of our ancestors. Then you can recreate cave art pictures on paper.

Dream catcher making: Try your hand at making your very own dream catcher to help create sweet dreams.

Fossil Casting: You can learn about the different fossils found locally and create and make fossil castings from plaster of Paris.

Nature Rockz - The Coast

Sand sculptures: Bring your bucket and spade to create a work of art in the sand.

Stone skimming: Perfect your skimming skills by the sea and you'll soon see your stones skipping across the water.

Exclusive to Thornwick Bay:

Fossil hunting: Learn about the fossils found locally and the creatures that once lived here. 

Guided cave exploration: Get close to the sea caves and learn about the geology and the erosive powers of the sea. 

Park Ranger tour: Take a tour with the Park Ranger and visit the Nature Reserve and coastal cliffs.

Nature Rockz - Park Safari

Birds and bird feed: Our clever Ranger can tell you all about the birds that visit and live on our park.

Ranger bug hunt: Creepy crawlies to beautiful butterflies – our brainy Ranger can teach you all about them in our guided hunt for mini beasts.

Ranger ramble: With our very own expert Ranger you can learn all about the wildlife that lives on our park and find out about the history and the heritage of the park itself.

Treasure hunt: Grab your crew and use the clues from our Ranger to help you find the items and solve the clues, will you find the ‘x’ that marks the spot?

Exclusive to Thornwick Bay:

Guided bird identification: Looking from our bird hides our Ranger will have you identify the differences between local birds.

Nordic Walking: The activity is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles. A perfect way to discover the coast.