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With our Holiday Home Letting Service, your home from home can be making money any time you're not there - which can go towards the site fees and running costs. Bookings, admin, cleaning? You won't have to deal with any of that if you choose to let your holiday home through us. We deal with changeovers, co-ordinate rentals and collect the money – so all you have to do is enjoy the extra income. You can feel reassured that we'll look after it like our very own, checking it after every visitor leaves. And a free carpet and upholstery clean means you know it'll be shiny and fresh for your next stay.

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Frequently asked questions

How often can I let my holiday home?

You can let from as little as one break to the entire season, it is totally your choice. If you would like to qualify for free Repair Cover Plan and free 2018 safety tests you will need to let for a minimum of 12 breaks, of which at least 6 breaks must be for peak dates. Minimum breaks are either 3 or 4 nights and 7 night holidays count as 2 breaks, peak dates vary every year but are usually from mid to end of July till the end of August.

Can I change my letting dates?

Yes, of course; you can change your letting dates online using the Owner Services website once you have access, or via your letting team. If you want to make any changes please let us know as soon as possible. A minimum of six weeks' notice is required to remove or change letting dates and changes are subject to any pre-existing holidaymaker bookings for your holiday home. If you wish to add additional letting dates we require seven days' notice and this is subject to demand as the dates may already be closed to letting.

Can I leave my personal items in my holiday home?

We kindly ask that you do not leave any of your own belongings in your holiday home while it's being let, just your standard inventory items. We cannot replace anything that is not on the standard inventory list. If you have lockable storage facilities under your bed or seating then you can make use of that at your own risk.

Can I leave mattress protectors on my beds?

Mattress protectors are considered personal items and should be removed prior to letting.

What safety tests do I need?

In addition to the gas and electric certificates and gas appliance servicing required by all holiday home owners, you must also have an annual Portable Appliance Test (PAT) certificate for all electrical appliances in your holiday home.

Will a holidaymaker bring a pet into my holiday home?

Pets are only accepted in specifically designated pet-friendly holiday homes. If you bring your pet to your holiday home and are happy for it to be designated as pet-friendly, please speak to your park lettings team.

What if a holidaymaker damages my holiday home?

Thankfully this isn't a common occurrence, but of course accidents can happen. If you have purchased or earned the Repair Cover Plan, you will be entitled to have the repairs carried out to furniture, furnishings and fittings inside of the holiday home absolutely free! We will just get on and do it. If there is external damage you will need to claim on your insurance for items such as windows, doors, exterior panels and decking. This is in addition to your free inventory replacement which is detailed above.