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Top 5 things to do near Reighton Sands and on park

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Kyle Gregory is General Manager at Reighton Sands Holiday Park in Yorkshire, and says the incredible views across the park is what most impresses visitors here, along with the park’s spacious size. 

Here, Kyle recommends the top five things to do when staying at Reighton Sands.

1. Visit the beach

1. Visit the beach
The park's beach train (subject to availability)

The best thing’s the beach, hands down. It’s incredible. There’s actually quite a bit of history there as well, some shipwrecks off the coast. The Hawkwood is the name of a local shipwreck and it’s actually what our restaurant is named after too. And then you’ve got all of the World War Two turrets and bunkers, some are still on the cliffs and some have now fallen all the way down the cliffs and onto the beach so that’s quite cool.  

We have direct beach access which can be a little steep, but we also run a beach train every 15-minutes – it's a carriage pulled by a tractor.

2. Play a round of golf

2. Play a round of golf

We have a 9-hole, full-sized golf course, and it’s reversible, so if you play it in reverse, it’s a full 18-hole golf course. It’s huge. And if you stand on the golf course, because it’s higher up than the park is, you can see from Filey all the way to Bempton, it’s a massive, brilliant view.

3. Visit Filey, Scarborough and more

3. Visit Filey, Scarborough and more

Generally speaking, people come here to relax and explore the local area. Locally there’s the Filey Bird Garden & Animal Park, and Scarborough Sealife Centre, they’re quite popular attractions.  

It’s worth visiting Flamborough and Bempton Cliffs as well. Flamborough’s just lovely. Bempton has all the wildlife, it’s full of puffins.

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Reighton Sands

Reighton Sands, Yorkshire

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4. Keep active at Reighton’s facilities

4. Keep active at Reighton’s facilities
The lazy river and water jets at Reighton Sands

We’ve got a swimming pool and a lazy river that adjoins onto the pool. We’re quite lucky in that even in the height of peak season we can accommodate most people.  

One of our newer activities is Footgolf. Apparently we have the largest Footgolf in North Yorkshire. It’s popular, and I know a lot of the team do it!

5. Relax and dine

5. Relax and dine
Sit outside with your drink for the ultimate holiday feel

The Hawkwood, our restaurant, is beautiful. Everyone that ever walks in kind of goes ‘wow, what a lovely restaurant’, and they don’t realise it’s twice the size really, because in the summer the outside area is so massive that it doubles in size. Dogs are allowed in a designated part of the restaurant, but that large outdoor area is under cover and heated, and that area is entirely dog friendly. 

We also have The ShowBar for entertainment. It is just a really really nice size ShowBar – I think our facilities are actually a good size for the park.

What do you love about Reighton Sands?

For me it’s the culture and the team, the views, the community and the feeling. I’ve worked at a few Haven sites over the years, but something happened at Reighton that made me fall properly in love with it. Just the views – my gosh – wherever you go on park there’s just these really really nice views.

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