A water bowl will be provided for your pooch

Dog-friendly dining is now available at our parks

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Dogs have long been welcome at most of Haven's holiday parks, but now - to make your pooch's holiday even more perfect - well-behaved pups can now enter our restaurants, too.

Available in designated areas of our main restaurants only, furry friends can curl up by your feet as you dine at our parks, excluding Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset and Riviere Sands, Cornwall.

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    Great news for dogs and their owners alike, this new scheme will make sure restaurant guests visiting without a four-legged friend have plenty of suitable space too, as the majority of our dining space will remain doggy-free.

    We'll provide pups with a water bowl so that they can enjoy their own refreshment as you dine together at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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    You can visit the park's main restaurant - including the Brigs of Ayr in Craig Tara, The Garden House at Hopton, the Surf Bay Café in Perran Sands or our Mash and Barrel and Coast House venues, where your dogs will receive a warm welcome.

    There are a few rules to keep everyone happy and comfortable, including:

    • dogs to be kept on a lead at all times around the park and in the restaurant

    • paws to be kept on the floor and noses are kept off of tables

    • dogs must not be left unattended or allowed enter the kitchen or any other team only areas

    And if you really don't want to be seated close to a dog-friendly area, you'll be able to pre-book a table in a dog-free area of the venue.

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