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The benefits of buying a brand-new caravan

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Owning a static caravan provides the advantage of freedom and flexibility to travel at your convenience without the need to rent a caravan. Having a holiday home eliminates the arduous process of renting a caravan every time you want to go on a vacation, but the initial dilemma potential buyers find themselves faced with is typically whether to purchase a brand new or used holiday home. 

We provide potential buyers with the option to buy either new state-of-the-art static caravans or used homes. Both choices have their perks, but this article will concentrate on some of the most significant benefits of investing in a brand new caravan.



By opting for a new caravan, you can take advantage of modern materials and techniques that make life in your van even more comfortable. These might include features such as double glazing and more storage space. At Haven, our latest models come equipped with central heating, double glazing, and a 32" TV, while some caravans boast additional features such as a 22" TV in the master bedroom and a dishwasher. If you're someone who values the latest technology, purchasing a brand-new caravan would always be a sensible choice!

A wider range of options

As a caravan owner, you have a wider array of options available to you when considering a new purchase. You can even customise your caravan to meet your specific needs and preferences directly from the manufacturer. This allows you to invest in a caravan that perfectly meets your needs rather than settling for a second-hand option that might not be the right fit. New caravans can offer a broader range of layouts, trims, and feature options that are tailored to meet your specifications. With a used static caravan, you may have to compromise on certain features that aren't ideal. However, with a new caravan, you have the flexibility to get exactly what you want.

Potential income

Potential income

New caravans typically generate higher rental income since they are more appealing to holidaymakers, particularly those that come equipped with modern features. This is a testament to the fact that while purchasing a new static caravan may require a higher upfront investment, the overall costs may eventually balance out over several years of use.

Resale value

Should you choose to sell your static caravan in the future, a new model is more likely to fetch a higher price compared to an older one. This is particularly important if you have invested a substantial amount of money into your caravan and aim to recover some of those costs when you decide to sell it.


New caravans typically come with a better warranty than used ones. At Haven, for instance, we provide a five-year warranty for new caravans compared to a two-year warranty for pre-owned models. This gives you the assurance that your investment is protected, and any issues that arise can be resolved without incurring additional financial costs. You’ll have peace of mind that your new caravan is covered in case anything goes wrong.

Lower maintenance costs

Purchasing a new static caravan typically results in lower maintenance costs compared to an older model. Newer caravans are less prone to wear and tear issues, and they are likely to be more energy-efficient. This translates to lower energy bills for gas and electricity. Furthermore, due to their long lifespan, they have a reduced carbon footprint, actively contributing to sustainability by the sea!

Life span

Life span

The age of your caravan could restrict your options for holiday parks, as some parks have a policy that doesn't allow caravans beyond a certain age. Although this isn't an issue at Haven, purchasing a new caravan would still provide you with more time to enjoy it, as you'll be using it from an earlier point in its lifespan.

A well-maintained caravan can last for many years; in fact, it's not uncommon for static caravans to last for more than 35 years! Although buying a new caravan requires a larger initial investment, its longer lifespan means that you're unlikely to need to make another purchase for a considerable amount of time.

Ready to go

Despite the significant upfront investment required, a new holiday home is immediately available for use without any additional repairs or maintenance costs. Perhaps the best part of buying new is that you can start enjoying your caravan right away without any further admin or expenses!