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10 reasons you must visit Wales

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From rolling hills to dramatic mountains, endless collection of castles and cascading waterfalls, there’s so much to see and do in Wales. And, with a rich cultural heritage to match, Cymru beckons visitors with its unique charm and diverse offerings. 

For those contemplating a retreat to one of our seven Haven holiday parks in Wales—Quay West, Greenacres, Presthaven, Kiln Park, Hafan y Mor, Penally Court, and Lydstep Beach—here are ten compelling reasons why this enchanting country should be at the top of your staycation list.

Breathtaking scenery

Breathtaking scenery

Wales is a visual feast, boasting stunning landscapes that range from rolling hills to rugged coastlines. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vistas at Snowdonia National Park, where towering peaks and serene lakes create a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable holidays. Discover hidden waterfalls, explore ancient woodlands, and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Rich history and culture

Rich history and culture

Discover Wales' rich history and cultural heritage through its mediaeval castles, ancient ruins, and charming market towns. Explore landmarks like Caernarfon Castle or Conwy Castle, less than an hour’s drive from Presthaven Beach Resort, each with its own tale of kings and knights. Stroll through quaint villages, where centuries-old traditions come to life, and witness the living history of this captivating land. 

Coastal beauty

Coastal beauty
Rhossili Bay: rugged and spectacular

With a coastline that stretches for an estimated 1,680 miles, Wales offers some of the most captivating coastal scenery in the UK. From the rugged western cliffs to the golden sands of Cardigan Bay, each shoreline promises a unique seaside experience. Explore hidden coves, watch the sunset over the Irish Sea, and feel the soothing rhythm of the waves along the pristine shorelines. 

Our very own Kiln Park, Lydstep Beach and Penally Court holiday parks are all situated in Tenby that’s famous for its beautiful beaches and has the dramatic cliffs of the Pembrokeshire coast within driving distance. Meanwhile, Presthaven Beach Resort in the north of the country spoils visitors with five miles of sandy beach.

Outdoor adventures

Outdoor adventures
The over water zip line on the Aerial Adventure here is the ultimate obstacle

For the adventurous at heart, Wales is a playground of outdoor activities. Hike through the Brecon Beacons, surf along the Gower Peninsula, or zip-line through the treetops in Betws-y-Coed for an adrenaline-fueled escape. The diverse landscapes offer everything from mountain biking to kayaking, ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds will find their perfect adventure. 

The best part is you need look no further than our holiday parks for your outdoor fun, most of our Welsh parks have plenty of activities to wear you out, such as the Aerial Adventure at Hafan y Mor.

Welsh hospitality

Experience the warm welcome of the Welsh people. Engage with locals in charming villages, savour traditional Welsh cuisine, and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture. 

From lively markets to cosy pubs, every encounter becomes an opportunity to connect with the heart and soul of Wales as you explore the fantastic towns that divide the rolling hills.

Discover breaks in North Wales

Presthaven self catering holidays

Presthaven, North Wales

4 nights from £49
Hafan Y Mor self catering holidays

Hafan y Môr, North Wales

4 nights from £49
Kiln Park self catering holidays

Kiln Park, South Wales

4 nights from £49
Quay West self catering holidays

Quay West, South Wales

4 nights from £49
Lydstep Beach self catering holidays

Lydstep Beach, South Wales

4 nights from £119
Greenacres self catering holidays

Greenacres, North Wales

4 nights from £49
Penally Court self catering holidays

Penally Court, South Wales

3 nights from £75

Unique entertainment

Unique entertainment
When it's showtime the lights and modern LED screens bring the entertainment to life on the Marina stage

Wales hosts a vibrant calendar of events and festivals celebrating its traditions and contemporary culture. Plan your visit to coincide with events like the Eisteddfod, showcasing Welsh music and poetry, or the lively Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts. 

Immerse yourself in the creative spirit of Wales through music, literature, and artistic expression. What’s more, you can get your fill of Welsh entertainment on site at Haven in parks such as Greenacres that plays host to a range of acts at the modern Marina Bar and Stage entertainment venue. 

Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve

Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve

For stargazing enthusiasts, the Brecon Beacons Dark Sky Reserve offers unparalleled views of the night sky. Experience the magic of constellations and shooting stars in this designated area, perfect for a romantic evening under the stars. 

Alternatively, join an astronomy event to get educational with the kids or simply lay back and marvel at the celestial wonders that light up the miraculous Welsh nights.

Swimming opportunities

Swimming opportunities
Little ones will love a splash in our pool.

Wales is home to ample clean Blue Flag beaches and freshwater lakes of Wales, for those who like a natural swimming experience. But for those days when the sun won’t come out to play, take advantage of swimming opportunities in the heated pools of our holiday parks, ensuring both relaxation and fun for guests of all ages, in any weather. 

In particular Hafan y Mor Holiday Park is a great draw for our guests with its famed Splashaway Bay, a pool complex filled with a four-lane slide, water features and flumes. 

Literary legends

Wales has inspired some of the world's literary greats, including Dylan Thomas and Roald Dahl. Visit places like Laugharne, Thomas's writing shed, or the Roald Dahl Plass in Cardiff Bay to connect with the literary legacy of Wales. 

Explore the landscapes that fuelled the imagination of these renowned authors and delve into the pages of their timeless works. 

Welsh wildlife wonders

Welsh wildlife wonders

Explore the diverse wildlife of Wales, from charming choughs along the Pembrokeshire coast to the marine life of Cardigan Bay. Whether birdwatching or seal-spotting, Wales offers a chance to connect with its natural wonders. 

Discover nature reserves, embark on guided wildlife tours, and witness the captivating biodiversity that thrives in this scenic country. 

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