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Things to do in Horsham

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Horsham is a traditional market town in West Sussex that dates back centuries. The town itself is a blend of the old and the new with historic streets encircling the vast Swan Walk shopping centre in the town centre. 

There are countless reasons why Horsham is a great place for a day out, not least among them being that our Haven Church Farm Holiday Park lies well within driving distance. At just 35 miles away, this is an extremely appealing spot with our guests for family days out. With plenty of activities available in Horsham, we’ve compiled this list of the best things to do in Horsham to give you an idea of what’s going on for you to factor into your plans. You can soak up Sussex's charming atmosphere in this town that lies along the River Arun. Stroll through its attractive parkland, pop into local cafes, and try some of the succulent cuisine available at the town market. 

Huxley's Birds of Prey Centre and Gardens

Address: Hilliers Garden Centre, Brighton Rd, Horsham RH13 6QA

Without doubt one of the best experiences available in Horsham, Huxley's is a garden and aviary home to a wide variety of bird species from owls, falcons, eagles, hawks, vultures, a kookaburra and a raven, among others. The gardens provide a spectacular background through which you can stroll through collections of tropical plants, tree ferns, the largest dahlia blooms you ever did see and even a Japanese water feature complete with bamboo.

Huxley is great for kids with plenty of interaction and educational experiences. Ensure you arrive for the 12-noon display and stay for the 2pm show as this is unique, and you and the kids will be able to get up close and personal with different birds and learn a few facts from the knowledgeable experts.

Go shopping on the Causeway

Go shopping on the Causeway

Address: Causeway, Horsham, West Sussex, RH12

The Causeway is one of Sussex’s most famous ‘original’ streets lined by old buildings and beautiful trees. The street boasts the magnificent Horsham Parish Church of St Mary the Virgin and the peaceful Memorial Garden at its southern end. It’s a great place to stroll, browse the shops and take in the historic atmosphere, making it one of the best things to do in Horsham. Be careful visiting at night as the Causeway is even rumoured to be haunted by its own ghost!

Horsham Museum

Address: 9 Causeway, Horsham RH12 1HE

Housed in one of the most impressive buildings on the Causeway is the Horsham Museum. The museum comprises a large and varied collection of artefacts relevant to the local area, collections relating to the poet Percy Shelley and his wife, Mary, as well as other objects and a small garden. Though it is largely geared towards adult visitors, there is also a section on dinos to keep the kids interested! Admission to the museum is free, but they ask for a donation, which is entirely reasonable given the quality of the exhibits you’ll find here.

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Horsham Market

Horsham Market

Address: 45 Carfax, Horsham RH12 1EQ

True to its name as a market town, Horsham upholds its traditions by hosting weekly markets at Market Square and Carfax on Saturdays and at the Bishopric on Thursdays. There’s a vast array of street food on offer with cuisines from all over the world from Thai to Egyptian and Burmese to South African and everything in between. If you’re lucky, you may be serenaded as you eat by the local independent acts which are often performing at the bandstand. Not just limited to food however, the market also has an excellent range, products, plants and gifts so you can go in search of a bargain.

Horsham Park

Horsham Park

Address: Horsham RH12 2DW

Horsham Park is a scenic green space of around 60 acres that was once the grounds of the grand old Park House. This popular spot is right in the middle of town making it a perfect and convenient place for picnics, barbecues and feeding the ducks. There’s no better place in Horsham to relax on a sunny afternoon. However, if the weather isn’t behaving itself then there are plenty of indoor options - The REC offers an on-site cafe and bar, tenpin bowling and laser quest games, while Pavilions in the park has multiple facilities including a gym, swim pool and a high ropes adventure!

Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Address: Warnham Rd, Horsham RH12 2RA 

Owned and managed by Horsham District Council, the sizable Warnham LNR is a 92-acre nature preserve on the edge of town. The reserve boasts abundant bird life, over 500 species of moth and more than 350 plant species. This is a beautiful place for birdwatching or simply just a casual stroll. Entry is only £3 per adult and kids are free - as is the parking! There are well-maintained paths which make it easy to navigate for visitors without damaging the careful conservation work which is ongoing. There is also a small cafe run by lovely volunteers and toilets available on the site. Altogether, Warnham LNR is a tranquil place to while away an afternoon and a haven for photographers. 

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