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Things to do in Milford Haven

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In every building, shop, and attraction, you’ll feel the connection to the sea in Milford Haven. This was historically a whaling town and has one of the world’s deepest natural harbours. Vikings even wintered their boats here in the 9th century.  

The actual town wasn’t built until the 18th century, and you can see evidence of that in its quay, streets, and houses. If you’re visiting from our neighbouring Lydstep Beach, Kiln Park, or Penally Court holiday parks, there’s lots to see and do. From contemporary eateries to rugged coastal walks, here are some of the best places to visit in Milford Haven.

Milford Haven Heritage & Maritime Museum

On the waterfront, you’ll find the Maritime Museum, located in the town’s oldest building. Even the walls themselves have their own story, having been designed for whale oil storage in the 18th century and then revamped in 2021!

Inside, you can explore the exhibits and collections to learn all about how Milford Haven came to be, with information to read and listen to as you make your way around. Find out about the Nantucket Quaker Whalers, the fishing industry, and Milford Haven’s role in both world wars.

The museum is spread out over two floors so you’ll easily spend hours looking through the clothing and tools of centuries gone by. It’s run entirely by volunteers who have their own stories about the artefacts here and will love to tell you about their own connection to the town. There’s a recently installed wheelchair ramp and plenty of free parking dotted around the Waterfront area to make your trip even easier.

Hungry after your history lesson? Luckily, you’re on a thriving Waterfront with plenty of places to grab a bite.

Indulge your sweet tooth at Scott’s Sweet Shop

Indulge your sweet tooth at Scott’s Sweet Shop

If you’ve got a sweet tooth then you can’t miss Scott’s Sweet Shop, located at the beginning of Nelson’s Quay on the Waterfront. From traditional British sweets to special imported candy, this little shop has a huge variety to choose from, for little ones and big kids alike. They stock all kinds of seasonal goodies and boast over 300 jars of sweets! Just remember to save a few to take back home…

Milford Waterfront

Take a stroll down Milford Haven’s bustling waterfront area. For starters, it’s really easy to find parking, even when it’s busy, thanks to three free car parks dotted around the area. There are all kinds of attractions open year-round on the waterfront, from restaurants and cafes to shops and galleries.

Starting at the Museum end of the front, you can stop to take in the view of the dozens of yachts moored up in the marina. Walk along and you’ll find hairdressers, a clothes shop, and even a sumptuous chocolate shop, Trwffl, to buy sweet treats to take home for your family (and sample yourself, of course). The Crow’s Nest cafe offers a delicious array of vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free food — perfect if you struggle to find something to eat due to allergies or dietary preferences!

When you reach the corner of Nelson’s Quay, carry on down to Mackerel Quay. At the end, mouthwatering ice cream awaits at The Scoop ice cream parlour.

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Foam Restaurant

Foam Restaurant

There are lots of great places to eat around Milford Haven. But if you fancy relaxed vibes and an interesting take on classic food then Foam is your answer!

Foam is popular for its photo-worthy meals and chilled-out atmosphere. You can choose from breakfast, lunch, and dinner while you’re here, plus special seasonal offerings, too. The Full Fave breakfast is a modern full Welsh brekkie, plus there are options for ‘little foamies’ to enjoy as well. Whether you’ve worked up a massive appetite and fancy a belly-busting dinner, or you’re just popping in for a light bite, Foam has you covered — with panoramic views of the waterfront while you tuck in.

Milford Beach Activity Centre

Milford Beach Activity Centre

If you’re ready to get active while you’re in Milford Haven, head to the activity centre. It’s the best place in town to hire kayaks and paddleboards and experience a guided tour on the water!

Shoreline tours offer a unique look at Milford Haven. Experienced tour guides will take you around the estuary area in kayaks with all the safety equipment, training, and buoyancy aids you need. Choose up to four hours to really get into the history of the surrounding area — you will get to hear the stories of the Vikings that settled here, the fishing industry, the military connection, and the popular industries of the past.

If you’d rather go at your own pace, take a paddleboard or kayak out on your own within the safe area and have fun on the water! There are even family packages available for two adults and two children.

Gelliswick Beach

If you’re after somewhere more secluded than the main tourist attractions, you can find a peaceful beach just west of Milford Haven in Gelliswick. It’s a mix of sand, shingle, and beautiful countryside, where you can simply pack up the car with the kids and the dog in the back, park up nearby for free and go exploring. It's easy to get to via the road and fairly flat, making it ideal for strolls in most weather. Watersports are popular here, so if you’re lucky you may get to watch sailboat races!

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