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Top 10 Things To Do in St Osyth

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Tucked away near Brightlingsea Creek, St Osyth is a village hidden from the hustle and bustle of bigger tourism towns like Clacton and Walton-on-the-Naze. Despite that though, you and your holiday troupe will have lots of things to do in St Osyth!

With easy road connections to plenty of nearby attractions – and a fair few hidden gems just on Orchards’ doorstep – you’d best get ready to make some memories. Here are our favourite things to do in St Osyth.

1. St Osyth Beach Market

1. St Osyth Beach Market

A local favourite that’s become the talk of the town for tourists too, St Osyth Beach Market always tops the agenda of things to do in St Osyth.

Every Sunday, traders of all kinds gather on the coastline, selling everything from fashion and footwear to farm foods and films.

St Osyth Beach Market also often features carnival rides for the kids, as well as parking for over 500 vehicles – completely free! All the more cash to splash on your bargain-hunting – as well as hot food available onsite.

St Osyth Beach Market is 4.6 miles from Orchards.

2. Curve Water Sports

2. Curve Water Sports

The beloved St Osyth waterpark, Curve Water Sports, offers plenty of excitement. From kayaking and wakeboarding to kitesurfing and a fully equipped aqua park of inflatables and obstacles, this is one destination where you definitely want to bring your towel!

What’s great is that the activities at Curve Water Sports are suitable for every age and level of confidence. This St Osyth waterpark can keep youngsters exploring, while the more daring among you can tackle paddleboarding or mastering your oars.

Curve Water Sports is 1.9 miles from Orchards.

3. Strawberry Field Pet Play

3. Strawberry Field Pet Play

Why should only the holidaymakers with two legs have all the fun? Give your furry family member a treat too while you’re planning things to do in St Osyth by heading over to the nearby Strawberry Feld Pet Play area.

Designed with secure mesh fencing almost two metres high – and well-tended grass that’s comfy on the paws – every breed of dog is welcome here. Book the space for yourself from as little as a tenner for 55 minutes. Plenty of time to tucker out the pooch!

Strawberry Field Pet Play is 5.4 miles from Orchards.

4. Howlands

4. Howlands

Among things to do in St Osyth, getting back to nature is one of the easiest. Being a village hideaway means greenery is all around – and how about Howlands as the perfect example?

Boats bob on creeks and waterways cradling marshland islets, all just a stone’s throw away from your stay. Stunning in the sunshine and starkly beautiful on a cloudy day, Howlands should definitely feature prominently in your holiday snaps album.

Dogs are welcome at Howlands, as long as they’re well-mannered and kept on a lead. You’ll find plenty of other animals around too, including sheep and cattle grazing – as well as birds like skylarks, reed warblers and lapwings.

Howlands is 2.8 miles from Orchards.

Point Clear Bay

Point Clear Bay

No plans for things to do in St Osyth are complete without a day at the seaside! The St Osyth beach lifestyle is all about fish and chips, buckets and spades and flip-flops along the promenade.

Your stay at Orchards keeps you wonderfully close to one of the best St Osyth beach options around. Popular all year round with watersports enthusiasts, you’ll see jet skis and surfers tackling the waves at Point Clear Bay.

It’s dog friendly too – and seashells like oysters pepper the sand when the tide goes out.

Point Clear Bay is 0.5 miles from Orchards.

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6. Colne Point Nature Reserve

6. Colne Point Nature Reserve

Leave the crowds behind and prepare for a photogenic run-around with the kids at the beautiful Colne Point Nature Reserve. Tracing Ray Creek as it threads through meadows, flatlands and sandbars, sunsets here are a must!

However, keep in mind the shingle pathways here are best suited for experienced hikers and outdoorsy folks. The terrain is also rugged enough that no dogs are allowed onsite either – sorry Rover!

Colne Point Nature Reserve is 3.7 miles from Orchards.

7. Jaywick Martello Tower

Add a touch of history to the things to do in St Osyth at this local landmark. Jaywick Martello Tower is a defensive tower from the 1800s, complete with cannons at the top and stoic stone walls that have withstood the centuries.

Today, the interior of the tower is a fascinating museum of maritime history and local culture. In fact, you might just chance on a local art or crafts exhibition when you visit – and the view from the top is well worth experiencing too.

Jaywick Martello Tower is 7.4 miles from The Orchards.

8. Hasty’s Adventure Farm

8. Hasty’s Adventure Farm

From toddlers to teens, everyone loves animals. And from piglets to alpacas, Hasty’s Adventure Farm has got the lot!

Indoor animal barns are full of fluffy friends waiting to make your acquaintance, but so are big outdoor enclosures where critters get to stretch their legs.

Not only that, but this makes every list of things to do in St Osyth thanks to the onsite playgrounds, cafes and pedal go-kart course.

Hasty’s Adventure Farm is 5.7 miles from Orchards.

9. Funland Amusement Park

9. Funland Amusement Park

Grabbing teddies out of prize machines, pushing pennies along platforms and getting stuck into video game car races – what’s not to love? Funland Amusement Park is a strip of arcades with a few snacks and drinks to tickle your tastebuds.

Pile that fiddly small change into the machines for a chance at a prize, or get stuck into dance machines, racing games and zombie shooters. Things to do in St Osyth don’t always need to be quiet and tranquil!

Funland Amusement Park is 4.3 miles from Orchards.

10. Millers Barn Golf Park

10. Millers Barn Golf Park

How’s your swing? Whether you’re a dab hand or just learning your irons from your woods, Millers Barn Golf Park deserves a spot on any list of things to do in St Osyth.

Fairways here are broad, green and inviting – with a pay and play feature that means you don’t need a membership.

What makes this place stand out even more, though, is ‘footgolf’ – a game where you kick a football through a range of courses in as few kicks as possible! Will you score a birdie goal, or be just another bogey…?

Millers Barn Golf Park is 5.3 miles from Orchards.

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