Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove

Things to do near Durdle Door

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Located just 11 miles from Weymouth Bay and Seaview, Durdle Door is the ideal place to spend time with the whole family. Bring along the furry member too!

There are quite a few things to do near Durdle Door, making it a fantastic location for those who wish to enjoy long walks, sample amazing cuisine, and just relax. Here are some recommendations for those visiting this famous Dorset delight.

1. Walk along the beach

1. Walk along the beach

Durdle Door offers a pebble and shingle beach that is beautifully clean and welcoming. Access is via a footpath at the top of the cliff down to the waterfront. It's a bit steep of a walk, but caves and dunes are worth the exploration. It's possible to get into the water, though there are some steep shelves and currents to be aware of when you decide to take a dip!

2. Stay at Seaview or Weymouth Bay holiday park

2. Stay at Seaview or Weymouth Bay holiday park

Seaview and Weymouth Bay are heavily noted for their beautiful natural areas and expansive, rolling hills. For those who come for a visit, it has much more to offer, including Lulworth Cove itself. Perhaps one of the best experiences for families is the pool, of which there are both indoor and outdoor pool areas to enjoy. There are even areas designed for the youngest members of the family. 

Between them, there’s a huge amount to explore, including kart hire, den building, and bug hunting, as well as loads of options for food and drink. Both parks are places where you can make memories that last a lifetime!

3. Enjoy Rockley Park Holiday Park

3. Enjoy Rockley Park Holiday Park

Located just at the mouth of the Rock Lea River, Rockley Park is the perfect destination for the entire family and another one of our Dorset holiday park gems. It's close enough to Poole to make it a day trip, too. This harbour is filled with natural beauty, from the far-out small boats to the soft sand along the beach. Those who visit are sure to love the view, but there's quite a bit more to enjoy here, too. 

There's an outdoor play area that is ideal for smaller children. There's also an entertainment venue, a splashing pool, and lots of areas for walking trails. Engage in crazy golf, junior Segway tours, archery coaching, painting, and bungee trampolines, just to mention a few of the activities here.

4. Sample history at Lulworth Castle

4. Sample history at Lulworth Castle

Lulworth Castle is one of the best-preserved castles from its time. This 17th-century castle looks like a fairy-tale property, with beautiful brick and stonework and lots of green space around it. Damaged in the early 1900s, it's been restored and offers an excellent opportunity to learn and explore all that this period of time had to offer. Many of the interior furnishings are from that time period. 

There are things to do for most in the family, including a child's playground area. There are also a few areas for enjoying food and drink, so a picnic is a great idea! Tours are a fantastic way to learn more about this English Heritage property.

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5. Visit the peacefulness at Lulworth Cove

5. Visit the peacefulness at Lulworth Cove

Lulworth Cove is a true local treasure and one of the best things to do near Durdle Door. The cove itself is a beautiful natural cove with stunning blue water. It formed when the sea and river came together during the last Ice Age. The geology here and landforms are truly one of a kind. Of particular interest are Lulworth Crumple and Stair Hole. Many come for the views themselves, with panoramic visuals to take in. 

There's much to do here, from biking through the area to explore the cove and the 150 million years of history it represents. A walk along one of the many paths here is a brilliant way to enjoy the area.

6. Check out Monkey World

Monkey World is quite the unique location near Durdle Door. It's a monkey and ape rescue centre which provides both education for people of all ages and supports the rehabilitation and preservation of natural habitats around the world. For those that enjoy primates or want to learn more about them, this place is perfect! There are about 20 species present in the centre. The rescue and rehabilitation centre has helped 27 governments around the world to stop the trade of primates. 

The location offers ample opportunities to meet and learn about the primates and there are a range of opportunities to learn here, including on guided tours, special talks, and conferences.

7. Man O'War Beach makes for the perfect day

7. Man O'War Beach makes for the perfect day
Man O'War: gateway to the iconic Durdle Door

Following the archway from Durdle Door, there's a steep rocky area that takes visitors down along the coastal path to Man O'War. Whenever possible, plan a visit at sunset or sunrise to capture the beautiful scenery of the sky over the steep cliffs and open bay.

With ample history and the perfect location right off the waterfront, this is the type of experience that makes for a fantastic place to visit. From the rich coastline views to the ample history in virtually every scene here, there is something special to enjoy at every turn.

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