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Choose Your Holiday Home

Choose Your Holiday Home allows you to pick the exact spot that’s right for you on park. It becomes available when you’ve made a booking and can be added to your holiday right up until seven days before you’re due to arrive. 

Most bookings are eligible for this popular service, so expect to see an email from us if your holiday is for less than seven nights explaining all.

How do I book?

Step 1 Book your break and then log into your My Haven account and select Choose your Holiday Home.

Step 2 Explore the park map and view which holiday homes are available.

Step 3 Select your holiday home and confirm payment.

Start the ball rolling with our 2023 holidays now.

Let’s take you through the three ways Choose Your Holiday Home takes your break to the next level.

1. You can choose your ideal location on park

Image for 1. You can choose your ideal location on park

Many of our parks are action-packed places with a whole host of facilities dotted throughout. Choose Your Holiday Home allows you to pick a specific caravan spot that suits you and your loved ones. So, if you want a short walk to the entertainment, a stroll to a specific activity or just a stride or two to the places to eat, Choose Your Holiday Home can make this a reality.

Many of our guests also use Choose Your Holiday Home to get even closer to the beach, or other beautiful areas on our parks like lakes. It’s also a great option for a stunning view of the surroundings too. Whatever your preference, Choose Your Holiday Home gives you the options.

2. You’ll be able to upgrade your accommodation

Image for 2. You’ll be able to upgrade your accommodation

As great as booking in advance is, plans can sometimes change. That family member that was on the fence suddenly wants to come along for the ride, you fancy treating the loved ones to something extra special, or you spot something unmissable at your chosen park.  

This is what Choose Your Holiday Home is here for. It’s a brilliant way to upgrade your existing accommodation. You’ll spot a range of available upgrade options on our handy map, so features like an extra bedroom, ultra-sleek interior and stunning views are just a few clicks away. Choose Your Holiday Home is a one-stop ticket to an extra level of comfort.

3. You can share your location ahead of your arrival

Image for 3. You can share your location ahead of your arrival

Caravan holidays are brilliant for sharing space with the extended family and friends, so the option to tell them exactly where you’ll be on park in advance makes the arrival process faultless. 

Similarly, if your party is booking more than one caravan, use Choose Your Holiday Home to a secure a place close to each other at the park of your choice. It makes such a difference to be closer to each other during your time with us.

There are two ways to secure a spot close to your friends and family with Choose Your Holiday Home, depending on whether you or your friends or family are booking their holiday first.

If you're booking your holiday first, you can:

Share your location with your friends and family

You can share your location by sharing your name and the accommodation code in your CYHH holiday summary in My Account.

If your friends or family already have a Choose Your Holiday Home booking, you can:

Add your friend's existing booking in Choose Your Holiday Home

Ask your friends or family to share their CYHH location as above. Then, simply click the 'add friends' option at the top of CYHH and add their details to choose a caravan spot close to your friends or family at your chosen park.***

Choose one of these options and make memories that last a lifetime together. After all, the more the merrier!

Frequently asked questions

What parks are on Choose Your Holiday Home?
Choose Your Holiday Home is available at all of our parks except Far Grange and Celtic Haven.

Is this scheme open to all guests on park?
Choose Your Holiday Home is available on the majority of Haven bookings. Exclusions include:

  • 7-night bookings arriving on a Saturday

  • Dog friendly newspaper promotional bookings

  • A booking of more than 7-nights

  • 3rd party bookings

I am having issues accessing Choose Your Holiday Home
Choose Your Holiday Home is available to access anytime from March-October up to seven days ahead of your stay. If you are trying to access the platform within this time and are still having problems, please contact our park teams or use the webchat function to speak directly to our contact centre.

Why can’t I see what holiday home I am allocated into before I make a choice?
As our holiday homes are allocated on arrival at the park, we are unable to divulge this information ahead of your stay. If you wish to guarantee a particular holiday home, please use the Choose Your Holiday Home feature.

Need more help and support? View all Choose Your Holiday Home FAQs.

Please note:

^Towels are not included.

*Images, descriptions and video footage are illustrative. Accommodation specifications and designs will vary by model and from park to park.

**Choose Your Holiday Home is a service for guests to select your location on park, if there is availability in your chosen grade. There is a separate charge for Choose Your Holiday Home. Payment must be made in full, at the time of selecting and booking your holiday home, in order to guarantee your location on park and your selected holiday home. Location selection and upgrades are subject to availability. Adapted holiday homes are excluded from this scheme. Lydstep, Far Grange and Celtic Haven currently do not offer this service.

***Caravans are subject to availability. Choose from the vacant spots on park. We can't guarantee there will always be availability next to your friends and family.