Frequently Asked Questions

We know how important it is to make sure all your questions are answered so we have compiled a list of our most asked questions. If you have any more, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why should I choose Haven?

Haven is one of the UK’s leading holiday and holiday home ownership providers and we’ve been around for over 50 years. We offer fantastic service to our owners and amazing facilities – most parks have their own Owner’s Lounge. We invest millions of pounds into our parks each year towards our facilities, activities and landscaping so you can enjoy the best of the best. Choose from a park with loads going on or one that’s a little more laid back – we have parks to suit you and your family.

Can my friends and family visit me?

Yes – of course they can. As an owner you’ll receive 10 Privilege Cards each season which entitle you, friends and family to use all the facilities on park. Privilege Cards are specific to the individual and extra passes can also be purchased from the owners’ team.

How many months of the year can I enjoy my holiday home?

Each park varies slightly in the number of months that it is open to enjoy holiday home ownership. In general this is from March to November, but please check with the particular park for exact dates. Please remember that our parks cannot be used as a permanent residence.

Do I own the land?

No you don’t. You are buying a caravan holiday home with the right to occupy a pitch, providing you pay the annual site fees and abide by the park rules.

What do site fees cover?

Site fees cover security on the park, park maintenance, landscaping, refuse collection, grass cutting, use of the parks great facilities and activities and annual reinvestment. Not forgetting the top service from your owners’ and after sales teams as well as enjoying all the owners’ events and community atmosphere.

Are there any other running costs?

Other annual running costs, in addition to the site fees, include rates; water, gas, electricity, insurance and maintaining any security alarm. Full details are available from the Holiday Home Sales office. We also offer optional services at an additional cost, such as preparing your holiday home for winter.

Do I have to change my holiday home every 5 or 10 years?

No, not at all. Unlike many other operators, our owners can enjoy their holiday home for as long as they like, providing the holiday home is safe and well maintained. The initial licence period for the occupation of a pitch on the park is 12 years.

What security is provided?

We operate security surveillance and patrols around the park 24 hours a day. Our security team at the main entrance are well trained not to let youngsters out on their own or anyone in without a valid security pass. We also operate a security alarm system for owners to protect their holiday home, which is available at an additional annual cost.

Who do I ask if I want to know something or have a problem?

Your owners’ team are there to help you and will provide advice and information on the spot or arrange the help that’s needed.

Can we bring our dog?

Dogs are welcome* although we reserve the right to refuse certain breeds. If your dog stays in your holiday home it will affect the letting grade should you decide to let it with us^.

*Dogs are not allowed at Burnham-on-Sea or Lydstep Beach ^Far Grange does not offer a letting service

What happens if I want to leave the park?

If you no longer wish to be an owner with us, there are three options available to you to sell your caravan. Firstly, the park reserves the right of first refusal of the offer price. If you decide not to accept our offer you can then either sell to a third party buyer looking to purchase on the park or sell to a caravan trader. Or, you can make a gift of the caravan to a proven family member if you wish. Additional costs to consider include a disconnection charge from your pitch and if you have a veranda there will be a cost to dismantle it. Costs will be available from your Owner Services team.


Is buying a holiday home a good investment?

We believe buying a holiday home is a lifestyle choice for you and your family to make memories and spend time together. By letting with Haven^, you can spread the cost of ownership. However, because resale values will reduce over time, buying a holiday home should not be seen as an investment for the purposes of yielding an income.

^ Far Grange does not offer a letting service

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, either a minimum of £3,000 cash or 20% of the value of the holiday home, whichever is greater.

Is finance available?

Yes and if you’d like our help we offer a range of finance options, written quotations are available on request. These are subject to status.

Holiday Home Letting Service

Is there a way to help cover the running costs of my holiday home?

Yes, our Holiday Home Letting Service offers guaranteed income on the dates you let, plus a host of additional benefits such as inventory replacements and free carpet and upholstery cleans. With a dedicated team you will always have someone to talk to about your letting season. Alternatively, you can let privately.