Why go glamping in South West England?

Why go glamping in South West England?

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With immense popularity comes an abundance of choice. After moving from a little known, out of the ordinary concept at the start of the century even without a recognised name, glamping has moved to the forefront of hearts and minds geared towards a staycation.

The word ‘glamping’ only started to be recognised in 2005, achieving stardom in 2016 as one of the much talked about entries to the Oxford English Dictionary that year. Behind the scenes, the practice itself was on an unstoppable rise in the form of yurts, pods, safari tents, geo domes, supertents as well as many other quirky concepts that have joined the glamping family.

As climate change consciousness rose throughout this period, clamour grew for a sustainable, carbon efficient holiday without all the stresses and strains of jumping on a plane, often with little ones in tow. International travel restrictions at the start of the 2020s only sought to steepen the rise, and many places geared towards glamping have opened their doors to guests from far and wide.

The result has been a massive increase in the choice for the consumer. Newcomers and connoisseurs of glamping alike are now hit with an avalanche of options, and it can be hard to decide whether to stick with the same place or take a risk and go for something new. This predicament applies to both the type of glamping and the place.

With regards to the latter, we’ve centred our glamping focus on Cornwall and Dorset. Our guests come to these counties from all over the country to sample what’s undoubtedly our most unique form of accommodation. Some have been caravan loyalists their whole life, others have experience of glamping with other providers. What unites them is, their satisfaction with the way we do things, and the fantastic locations of our glamping offering. Allow us to explain why glamping is so great in South West England.

The picturesque places

Why glamping is great in South West England - The picturesque places

The South West can lay claim as the ‘home’ of the UK staycation. Cornwall and Dorset are constants in the conversation of a domestic break, and given the towns, villages and scenery that forms these coastal counties, it’s no wonder. Places like Newquay are just stone’s throw away when you choose a spot of glamping on the picturesque north Cornwall coast. Known as the UK’s home of surfing, beginners and experts alike head from glamping retreats to this coastal gem to try their hand out on the waves. Our Perran Sands park is the perfect place to sample everything great about the county.

A fresh breeze and seaside memories are made on a visit to Weymouth in Dorset. All things we love about the seaside are here, from amusements, to fish and chips and the wonderful whiff of vinegar and the salty sea air. Our park at Seaview is just a stone’s throw away. Further west, there’s the wonderful Rockley Park, located on the banks of the Rock Lea River not too far from Poole, another gem of the south coast.

The terrific things to do

Why glamping is great in South West England - The terrific things to do 

The South West is never short of things to do, whatever the weather, temperature or location of your glamping. Cornwall’s Eden Project is known by many as the eighth wonder of the world and ties in perfectly with a sustainable holiday in the area. You’ll experience a series of different environments and come away with an even greater understanding of how the earth supports our lives.

Dorset is home to a wealth of attractions, including Europe’s largest harbour at Poole, and the fantastic UNESCO World Heritage Site at Chesil. Cheddar Gorge is always worth exploring slightly further away in Somerset. Epic terrain and panoramic views await anyone that heads to this, one of the country’s great natural sites.

The beautiful beaches

Why glamping is great in South West England - The beautiful beaches 

The South West is nothing less than stellar when it comes to stretches of sand along the coast. The three mainstays of the region duel with each other for visitors throughout the year, possessing some of the greatest UK beaches between them. Cornwall’s offering is characterised perfectly by the beach at Perranporth, named after the lovely little village it sits on and just a few steps from our glamping at Perran Sands.

Durdle Door and its sand are up there with Dorset’s most famous locations, the iconic arch photographed by many a traveller. Sandbanks is another delightful Dorset hideaway just to the west of Bournemouth and with a ferry of its known to take even further along the unique geography of the county’s coastline.

The fantastic food and drink

Why glamping is great in South West England - The fantastic food and drink 

Home to ravishing restaurants and pint-filled pubs alike, the South West is a real hub of culinary delights. You’ll step out of your accommodation and be in a region enriched with food and drink, giving many a reason to visit just to fill their stomachs. The Watering Hole is a fantastic Cornish collection of treats on Perranporth Beach, offering wining and dining throughout the day in the vicinity of the glamping at Perran Sands.

There are several other gems just a hop, skip and jump away from Rockley Park and Seaview too. Both are also fantastic areas for a whole host of fresh produce that’s brought to life on your plate.

The perfect places to stay

Why glamping is great in South West England - The perfect places to stay 

There’s a huge variety of glamping experiences dotted up and down the UK. Not that we’re biased, but our Perran Sands, Rockley Park and Seaview parks are three of the greatest for glamping in the UK. Book a stay at one of these special places and see for yourself.