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Top activities on park for adults

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We’ve been famous for our fantastic family holidays over the years, but we’re welcoming an ever-increasing number of adults of all ages that arrive without children.

Whether you’re from Generation Z, a millennial, baby boomer or a retiree, we have a whole host of Stay+Play activities that are suitable for grown-ups of all ages. It doesn’t even matter if you fancy exerting heaps of energy or relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. We have activities where you’ll work up a sweat, and others that help you relax and take in that great breath of fresh sea air. Some even allow you to do both. Regardless of what floats your boat, have a look at our handpicked list of top holiday activities for adults. Then, get booking and add your activities via the handy


Hafan y Mor Dragon Lakes Segways

Go back a few years and you’d be hard pushed to find a Segway anywhere, both in urban and rural places. Nowadays, you only have to walk down a busy high street to see someone strutting their stuff on this futuristic and personal mode of transport.

Such is their popularity; we’ve brought them to the seaside so you can have a go yourself. One of our fantastic instructors will help you up onto the Segway, and speaking from experience, this is much appreciated! All that’s left to do is lean in the direction you want to head in, and before you know it, you’ll be driving around like you’ve owned one for years. A Segway session costs just £16, and you’ll get to explore your park on these marvellous machines.

Kart Hire

Kart Hire

Put your pedal power to the test with a ride on one of our cool karts. They’re a great way to get around everything on park, bringing you a fun-filled experience that can be enjoyed together in our two-seater models. You’ll share the pushing power with a pedal each, whilst one of you takes on the steering. They’re a great throwback to fun-filled times as a kid and a brilliant way to let your hair down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Fancy a kart of your own? Hire a couple of our one-seater models and have a ride around all things Haven. If you fancy a break from walking and driving, you can take these off our parks and explore the surroundings. Pack a picnic and use the karts for a great day out! Double and single karts both cost £12 to hire for the day.


Fishing holidays at Blue Dolphin

With 13 lakes across nine holiday parks, Haven is the home of the fishing staycation. Our lakes are well stocked with a wide range of species to challenge yourself with. Coarse, freshwater and specimen fishing are the types that you can partake in with us, and if you’re stuck for space in the car, a bunch of our parks offer equipment hire to make sure you have what you need for a great day by the lake.

These magnificent bodies of water are in some of the most scenic parts of our parks, so whether you’re a beginner or a fishing afficionado, you’re guaranteed a good time. Fishing costs vary by park, and you can find out even more about what we bring to the trawling table on our dedicated page.

Bike Hire

Adult Bike Hire with Halfords

The seaside has always been talked about as a place you hop in the car or jump on the train to get to, but we think the best way to get around when you eventually get here has a clear winner. Jumping on your bike or borrowing one at one of several parks that offer bike hire is the best way to see the seaside in our eyes. Dotted up and down the country, Haven sites are in spectacular surroundings that are brought to life by a journey on two wheels.

We don’t shy away from safety either, with bike locks and helmets available so you can ride with confidence, whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or just a beginner. Adult bike hire costs just £12 for four hours and £20 for eight hours. Planning a steep journey? E-bike hire is also on hand. A ride on these costs £20 for four hours and £30 for eight hours.

Aerial Adventure

HM Dragon Lakes Aerial Adventure

We pride ourselves on our parks being places where you can enjoy experiences that you simply wouldn’t have the chance to in everyday life. These awe-inspiring and adrenaline-fuelled activities are where some of the best holiday memories are made.

Whenever we’re asked to recommend an activity that challenges and entertains, Aerial Adventure always springs to mind. This challenge quite literally pushes you to new heights as you navigate the skies over our parks. You’ll encounter tyres, ropes and zip wires as you and your harness move from A to B. Handy wooden beams are a great place for a breather. You’ll feel on top of the world as you progress, and when it’s all over, you’ll want another go! Aerial Adventure prices vary by park, so enquire when you’ve booked your break.