Will you strike out at Batfast?

Make your next holiday a hit: the new Batfast activity

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You'll be bowled over by the latest activity at Haven. Batfast is a new sporting challenge, tasking holidaymakers to go head-to-head against a virtual bowler.

This multi-sport augmented reality simulator allows you to try your hand at cricket, tennis or baseball as you play against the virtual bowler, server or pitcher. You’ll use real balls within the batting cage, and you can try out different difficulty levels if you want to test your speed and agility.

Available at five holiday parks, it’s an immersive experience with interactive targets that light up when hit, and a live leaderboard so you can prove yourself against friends and family.

This pre-bookable, 45-minute activity includes a total of 18 balls, six for each sport. You can also choose to play as a group in a round robin format – perfect for the more competitive families!

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The new activity is proving a hit with owners and holidaymakers alike, and is currently available for ages 6+ at:

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