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Top 5 things to do near Orchards and on park

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It was a Haven holiday with his own family that made Orchards’ General Manager, Grant Ewens, want to work with holidaymakers.

Close to Clacton-on-Sea in Essex and with a range of facilities and activities on park, we asked Grant, along with Guest and Owners Team Manager, Gemma Mace-Clark, and Head of Experience, Wendy Rayner, for the five best things to do on your next holiday at Orchards.

1. Enjoy the outdoor pool

1. Enjoy the outdoor pool

Our indoor pool is open all season, but we also have a great outdoor pool, open late-May to August, weather permitting. It has a significant sunbathing area, it's right next to the complex, next to the bars and restaurants and entertainment generally, and it's got an amazing vibe. 

2. Take in the Live Lounge entertainment

2. Take in the Live Lounge entertainment

Our Live Lounge entertainment venue with its different acts every night, really rates highly with guests. The Live Lounge is great, and it’s quite large, with a 600 occupancy, so there’s plenty of room for everyone. 

It's also close to our arcade which has a mix of the newer games, including the ticket machines that kids love, but also with a retro feel and a sense of nostalgia, for adults, of when they were kids back in the day.

3. Enjoy the great outdoors

3. Enjoy the great outdoors
Enjoy a cycle ride alongside the beach

The park is a huge park with lots of green space, it's in a bay, surrounded by water. It's just a fresh, open environment where you can go and walk around the sea wall, take the dog for a walk, enjoy some quite pretty locations. You can stroll out and take in views over Brightlingsea Harbour which is the other side of the water to us. And that sea wall walk at sunset it is absolutely stunning.  

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4. Visit Clacton Pier

4. Visit Clacton Pier
View of Clacton Pier

Clacton Pier caters for everyone and it's iconic. It's got everything together in one area. So you've got all the fairground rides, a soft play for younger children, food outlets, there's bowling, there's everything there. And it's literally 10-15 minutes down the road in a car. It's actually got the address 1 North Sea which is quite iconic! I don't believe anyone comes on holiday to the park without going to Clacton Pier. 

The beachfront that Clacton Pier sits on is a nice traditional golden sandy beach too, or you can drive to Frinton-on-Sea, which is quieter with more of a village feel, and has a lovely beach.

5. Stop off at the local attractions

5. Stop off at the local attractions

Colchester Zoo is well worth a visit - it's massive, and it's a fantastic day out for families, about half an hour drive away.

There’s also Curve Water Sports which is less than a five-minute drive away, which has an inflatable water obstacle course. It's an absolute tonne of fun, a lot of our holidaymakers go to it, and it's actually a very well-run facility that’s open April to October.

Why do you love Orchards?

Gemma: As you drive down the hill onto the park it's like you're in a different place, and you can't put into words how it feels. It's just a feeling that you get down here and you're in like a little bubble.

Grant: For me, it's like no other job. I love doing this because we do a good thing, we make families and people happy and create memories that last a lifetime. 

Wendy: One of the things I love is as you arrive onto our park, you come down Point Clear Road, and you get a view of the creek and on a gorgeous summer's day and that sun is shining it puts a smile on your face. Then you come onto the park and you see an excited child running, dressed for swimming with a big smile on their face, and that’s what it’s all about.

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