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Top 5 things to do near Golden Sands and on park

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There’s so much to do and see at Golden Sands Holiday Park! Boasting an Adventure Village and lots of outdoor facilities, with great links into the popular seaside town of Mablethorpe, we asked Golden Sands General Manager Lewis Zinzan to give us his top five things to do whilst on holiday here.

1. Get stuck in at the Adventure Village

1. Get stuck in at the Adventure Village

We've got the Adventure Village, which includes The Jump, the Climbing Wall, Aerial Adventure high ropes, Tank Off-Roaders and a Balloon Blast. There's also a Bark Yard dog park as well, so that caters for lots of families. And it's a central area to the park as well so that's definitely a big thing to do.

2. Enjoy the entertainment (and food!)

2. Enjoy the entertainment (and food!)
We love to sit in the sun and watch a show at Golden Sands

We've also got the outdoor stage and screen where we put on movies, events and entertainment. We have acts that come in as well so throughout holiday season we'll always have something on the outdoor stage. It’s all in a communal hub area with an outdoor bar, a Seaside Treats for coffees and ice creams etc. There's plenty to do!

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You've also got areas of the park where if you're looking for more adult entertainment, we've got an outdoor area by the Quayside restaurant as well. And there's a dog-friendly venue, the Ferry Boat Inn, where you're free to take your dogs in with you.

3. Take a dip in the outdoor pool

3. Take a dip in the outdoor pool
Make a splash on the park's twirly whirly outdoor flume

We're lucky enough to have an outdoor pool and flume here at Golden Sands, which is obviously a great place to enjoy a bit of the warmer weather if you get lucky. 

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4. Explore Mablethorpe’s sandy beaches

4. Explore Mablethorpe’s sandy beaches

We have beautiful sandy beaches here around Mablethorpe. There's loads of cafes and places to get drinks and food – it's a great place to enjoy the day. We've got a walkway to the beach from the park, it’s about a five-minute walk.

5. Take a trip to Queen’s Park

5. Take a trip to Queen’s Park

Queen's Park is a bit of a hidden gem in Mablethorpe. There's a boating lake, activities for young families and a splash pool as well.

What do you love about Golden Sands?

I think it's that you've got so many people on park that the vibe and the buzz of it all is brilliant. It keeps the team engaged and entertained. And no two days are the same on park! 

Overall it's just seeing families enjoying their holidays, and as a park we try to make sure that we deliver the best for them.

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