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Five reasons to book a break at our brand-new Skegness Holiday Park

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We’re delighted to announce that Skegness Holiday Park has become the latest stellar addition to the Haven family. Our third holiday park in Lincolnshire, the former Richmond Holiday Centre is just a stone’s throw away from you guessed it, Skegness!  

Adding to our array of holiday parks in a location close to this famous east coast seaside town gives our guests another great option for some memory-making time away with the loved ones.

2023 breaks at Skegness Holiday Park are now live, so you can now book via our brand-new park page. 

To set the scene, let’s go through everything that makes Skegness Holiday Park so special.

1. The experiences on park

1. The experiences on park

Skegness Holiday Park has all the ingredients for a stupendous staycation with all the family. There’s a magnificent swimming pool to jump into, a mouth-watering set of places to eat and a marvellous sports court to stretch the legs. The park is the perfect place for your pooch too, so head here and let your furry friend share in the memories that last a lifetime. 

That’s not the end of it either. There’s much, much more on its way with loads to be announced as we move closer to the 2023 holiday season.

2. The surroundings

A stay at Skegness Holiday Park gives you easy access to the town we’ve named it after. A holiday puts you and the family within touching distance of everything that makes Skegness great. Our accommodation is in a peaceful part of town, close enough to the heart of the action but a real retreat for a relaxing time away.

And at just a five-minute walk away from Skegness railway station, Skegness Holiday Park is one of our best-connected places and a brilliant choice for a holiday with sustainability and carbon neutrality at its heart.

3. The beaches

3. The beaches

It goes without saying that a Haven break is great for discovering the coast, and a 20-minute stroll from Skegness Holiday Park is all it takes you for you to delight on the dunes of Skegness Pleasure Beach. It’s one of the several unmissable attractions in the town, so we’ve made sure that our newest holiday park is close by. 

A short drive takes you to some of Lincolnshire’s finest coastline, characterised by the golden Gibraltar Point to the south.

4. The things to do

4. The things to do

Skegness is a regional centre for welcoming visitors, so it’s no surprise that the town has an incredible number of things to do that are sure to appeal to every generation. 

The entertaining pier is joined by attractions like Natureland Seal Sanctuary and Skegness Aquarium to provide experiences that aren’t just fun, but educational too. There’s everything you expect for a brilliant break by the sea, with awesome amusements and loads of rides to try out as well.

5. The history

Owned by the Williams family for more than 50 years, Richmond Holiday Centre has been welcoming guests for dog-friendly holidays and holiday homeowners ever since. All of us at Haven will build on this incredible hospitality as Richmond’s new chapter as Skegness Holiday Park begins.

How to book

2023 breaks at Skegness Holiday Park are on now live to book via the park page.

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